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6 Best Apple Watch Workout Apps to Train Harder in 2020

by Arjit pratap singh
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Your Apple Watch comes with an inbuilt workout app (the Activity app), but as its name suggests, it’s just an activity tracker. It only keeps a log of your daily activity and fails to provide an insight into exercises. And when it comes to workout, it covers basic exercise such as walks, runs, cycling, etc.  No abs or full-body workout.

However, if you are like, who is interested in a more advanced workout app for Apple Watch, that will guide you through your workout sessions with animations, voice narrations, and haptic feedback, etc, then this guide is for you. Let us begin.

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Best Apple Watch Workout Apps

1. Seven

Seven is a popular app that won’t require you to join a gym due to its focus on equipment-less workouts. All the workouts can be performed at home itself and are designed to be under seven minutes, hence the name. The app is best for people who just want to be in good shape, especially women.


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The app interface on the watch has direct options to start a workout session of your choice. You can start with a full-body workout or a random session and the on-screen trainer will start guiding you with the help of voice and animation. The options are so detailed that you can choose the volume level of announcements within the app and it won’t affect the main volume of your Apple Watch.

The phone app can be used to prepare custom and favorite workouts which add on to your Apple Watch automatically. The customizable workouts can be selected according to different body parts as well. Additionally, you can also change the trainer’s voice from the iPhone app.

Download Seven – 7 Minute Workout (free, $10)

2. Fitness Point

The next app on the list, Fitness Point is a workout app that lets you tailor a workout plan according to your needs. It has exercise routines for every muscle group and you just need to add those to a new plan and you’re good to go. The app contains an exercise that requires equipment but you can still find enough exercise if you’re planning to work out from home.

fitness point app

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Once you create a workout plan, it automatically gets synced to the Apple Watch and if you allow, the data is also synced with the health app. The Apple Watch is great for keeping track of sets completed and time elapsed so that you don’t have to pull out your iPhone again and again to log the details.

Fitness Point is a free app with a limited number of exercises available for free but you can get the pro version and unlock all the exercises for around $5.99.

Download Fitness Point (free, in-app purchases)

3. Freeletics

Freeletics is not so free and the coached package comes for a price. The free version has limited but offers a good basic workout schedule. The app is not a stand-alone app and every workout has to be initiated from your iPhone app.


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The app interface on your Apple Watch is literally blank and works only when a workout is started on your iPhone app. Once you initiate a workout on the phone you’ll see a timer and counter on your Apple Watch screen with sound and haptic feedback.

The iPhone app, on the other hand, seems very professional and offers different workout schedules ranging from body parts to exercise types. The app also provides great visuals while the workout is in process and a detailed video within the selected workout will explain to you the perfect form for the exercise. The app can also inform you about possible parks and jogging spots near you if you allow it the location permissions.

Download Freeletics – Workout & Fitness (free, in-app purchases)

4. Keep Trainer

Keep Trainer is a voice-guided workout companion app for your Apple Watch. The app can be used with and without your iPhone so yes, it’s a stand-alone app as well. The Apple Watch app announces the exercise name and repetitions so you can perform a workout in a given time frame.

Keep Trainer

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The app interface on your Apple Watch shows the current day’s training plan on the home page and workout and challenges on the subsequent pages. It does pretty well in full-body workouts as well. When you select a multi-exercise workout the app gives you a written list of the exercises right on your Apple Watch screen.

The iPhone app has even more to offer. You can join the app’s own community and follow other members to see what workout schedules they follow. You can also customize your daily plan by selecting your choice of a program according to your aim. There are even multiple weekly programs that can be unlocked via app point or bought from real money.

Download Keep: Fitness &Workout Trainer (free, in-app purchases)

5. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is a partially stand-alone app which means you’ll have to initiate a workout on your iPhone app while it will continue to guide you through the session on your Apple Watch app as well. The app on your watch uses voice guides to help you through your workout.

Workout Trainer

The Apple Watch app has little but no interface and the operations have to be managed from the iPhone app. The iPhone app has multiple tabs like programs, workouts, community, and trainers. You can choose a specific workout program like weight training or endurance training etc that focus on similar exercises. You can also choose a specially designed workout for your fitness style.

Download Workout Trainer: fitness coach (free, $20 yearly)

6. Results

Results is again a stand-alone app for your Apple Watch and won’t require you to use your iPhone except for activating a training plan. The app again comes from Runtastic which practically now means Adidas since 2015, hence the premium design of the iPhone app.


The app interface on the Apple Watch shows active training plans and standalone workouts. Standalone workouts can be directly initiated from the watch app itself and they include warm-up, stretching, power up, fat burn exercises, and much more. A personalized 12-week training plan has to be set from the iPhone app but is only available for a price. Other features on the iPhone app include workout collections from Adidas and how-to videos.

Download Results Abs Workout (free, in-app purchases)

Workout Apps for Apple Watch

Phones have been a running companion for a long now but smartwatches and fitness bands have taken over those bulgy arm-strap phone cases. It’s about time that these smart wearables take over the work out sessions as well. To get started you can choose a basic fitness app like ‘Seven’ and if you happen to like it, maybe you can upgrade to one of the paid apps and join a gym. Go ahead, try these out and let me know your personal experiences in the comments below.

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