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Best Apps and Services for Wheelchair Users

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Both Android and iOS have been developing a lot of accessibility features right inside their operating systems like a screen reader, changing touch sensitivity, etc with a lot of visual and hearing enhancements. Apart from them, you can install apps that increase the functionality of the phone and make it accessible to everyone’s needs. Here are a few apps and services that Wheelchair and immobility users can take advantage of.

Best Apps and Services for Wheelchair Users

1. Wheelmap/ Google Maps

Wheelmap is a maps app that is specially made for a wheelchair user, it will show you nearby places that can be accessible by wheelchair users. You can search for restaurants, theatres, etc that don’t have steps. It shows more in-depth information about that place including parking places, restrooms, etc. It shows different symbols for the places to show that they are fully accessible, partially accessible, or not accessible.

On the flip side, Google Maps recently rolled a feature where it shows places that are accessible for wheelchair users. Comparing to Wheelmap, Google Map is updating its places fastly.

Install Wheepmap (AndroidiOS)

wheelmap screenshot

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2. Medication reminder and Pill Tracker

Medication Reminder is one of the best apps to remind you about the medication. It has a lot of control than many other apps like you can set different timings on the weekends, option various types of medication like pills, injection, tablespoon, units, puffs, etc, and also has a lot of control over the alarm.

The best part about the app is it is not just to remind you about the medication, but you can also set reminders for activities like exercises, symptom checking, and for various measurements like blood pressure, weight, heart rate, etc.

Install Medication Reminder (AndroidiOS)

medication reminder

3. Physiotherapy Exercises

Speaking about exercises and physiotherapy, Physiotherapy exercises is one of the great apps as it not just concentrates on exercise that helps to give the movement than to make you fit. You can just choose the exercise which suits you and continue that series as you like.

This is definitely not a great looking app, but considering the exercises and physiotherapy angle in it, it is one of the best apps.

You can also check out wheelchair exercises, but the exercises on the app are extremely limited to 5-6. But they are specially made for wheelchair users.

Install Physiotherapy Exercises (Android)

physiotherapy exercises

4. Push Tracker

Push tracker is an app that tracks the distance you traveled daily. It gives users customizable ways to control their SmartDrive, track its impact, and gain insights to improve their health. SmartDrive advances daily mobility for the manual wheelchair user. The PushTracker app produces and delivers activity statistics designed to promote optimal mobility health for the manual wheelchair user. Track distance pushes and coast time in order to increase coast time and decrease pushes – leading to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Install (AndroidiOS)

push tracker

5. Google Home or Echo Devices

Google Home and Amazon Echo devices help users to speak and control smart home devices. They can call, send a text, book an uber, switch on and off lights, etc without anyone’s help with just their voice. This helps them to take care of themself for the most part. As companies are developing the functionality of devices each and every year, you can expect more and more features in the coming years.

6. Action Blocks

Action Blocks is an app that makes Google Assistant a bit more accessible with the help of widgets on the home screen. This app lets you create custom Google Assistant commands as widgets. So if you want to switch on the lights in the room, you can create a custom widget with Action Blocks that lets you switch on the light when even you press on the widget. This is a lot more helpful for the people in wheelchairs as they don’t need to move to control or even speak out loud every time.

Install Action Blocks (Android)

action blocks

7. Tecla

Tecla is an all-in-one accessibility device that helps people to move, communicate, and even use computers and phones for the people who cannot move hands or even speak. This gives them access to many services on this list though they cannot use them on their own like Google Assistant.

Tecla makes personalized wheelchairs and places the switches depending on your motion. They have 7 types of switches and you can check out this article to learn more about their adaptive switches. And their service is available in many countries including the USA, Canada,  India, England, Australia, Japan, and the entire Europian Union.

Checkout Tecla

8. Uber/Lyft

Both Uber and Lyft provide accessible service for Wheelchair users. UBER also has specially designed cars that help to get into the car in the wheelchairs. All you need to do is book a WAV UBER, and UBER sends you a wheelchair accessible vehicle. WAV drivers are certified by a third party in safely driving and assisting people with disabilities. You are also allowed to bring companions or even pets with you.

As of now, Uber WAV is only supported in Bangalore, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, DC. Even though you are out of these places, you can still use Uber, and drivers will make their effort to make your travel safe and easy.

Install Uber(AndroidiOS)


9. Mobility Works / AutoMobility

This is a service that coverts your car in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. You can convert the vehicle accessible for the front seat, middle, back, or even for the driver seat. They remodel the controls of the car to entirely access with hands. Mobility Works has its service in more than 90 locations in the US. Whereas Automobility is available in multiple places in Australia.

Checkout Automobility 


Which are the Best Apps for Wheelchair users?

You can use all the above apps in various situations according to your needs. And there are also services like Tecla which helps to use the technology and other apps even for the people who can’t use hands and speak. Services like Uber helps to transport and Google Assistant and Alexa can get things done in your home with just your words. If you have a favorite app that isn’t listed above, let me know in the comments below.

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