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Best Apps for Cyclists on iOS & Android

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Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or you’re just starting out, besides having a bicycle that fits your needs, you also require other things. For example, an effective way to log your everyday rides, regular maintains of the bicycle and replacement parts and also a bit of know-how on how to repair a bicycle. Well, believe me, its not a hard task to master all that. All you need are a few apps and you can take your cycling to the next level. If you fear going out due to the pandemic, there is a cycling app that lets you enjoy it indoors too. If you want to find out all about that, Here are the best apps for cyclists on iOS & Android.

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Strava is the one app which you’ll find in every cyclist’s phone. It not only is specific to cyclists but if you’re a sportsperson you can choose from other sports as well, such as running, hiking, canoeing and many more.

In terms of basic functionality, you can record basic data like speed, distance, elevation, etc. The best part about this app is it’s a large, minimal interface which is great if you’re looking to hook it up the handlebar and use it. Besides that, you have monthly challenges you can participate in, view routes and also upload a route manually from your computer and enjoy custom routes. It also has a built-in map correction which helps you get more accurate data when GPS signal is lost.

You can only use the app after signing up, with Facebook, Google or your Email. The app is free but to unlock new routes, advance performance metrics, etc. You need to subscribe to Strava premium for $7.99/month.

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Apps for Cyclists

2. Zwift Companion

The current pandemic has pushed a lot of cyclists to remain indoors. While you can take it as free time, another option is to keep yourself motivated with a virtual training programme which is just like real-life cycling.

It’s a trainer game which can be linked to your computer, smart TV or phone and give you a virtual riding environment where you can take part with other cyclists as well. You can choose between virtual worlds, like New York, London, Watopia and compete against other Zwift racers. In case you want to simply build up your strength and agility, it contains specific training sessions designed by professional coaches.

The app comes at around $14.99 a month which you can cancel anytime. Also, you would require turbo trainers such as Wahoo Kickr or Tacx Neo Smart which mimics the cycling in real-time.

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Apps for Cyclists

3. Race Ready

As the name suggests Race Ready is an app which is targeted towards cyclists who want to get into professional track racing. It’s a one-stop for keeping a track on all the upcoming races across the USA.

The app allows you to view race calenders and search cycling events in your own state or anywhere across the country. On top of that, you can also find the relevant register links for the race, so you don’t have to manually search for it all over the internet. You can filter results according to your gender, age and category, along with details on the number of registrations for each category.

So, now that you have all the details about the race and also other things like past results, the weather forecast on race day, race summaries for pre-registered racers, you can enjoy and invest time in preparing for it in a more planned manner.

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Apps for Cyclists

4. SF Cycling News & Videos

If you’ve always wanted a place that was dedicated to just cycling news, this app has to be the right package for all the info plus a lot more. Confused what I’m saying?

The app brings together news summaries from a lot of varies sources from news, magazines, blogs, etc. Not only that, but you can also personalize your home feed with the topics you like by following a certain topic. The app allows you to save content offline, so you can read it at ease later. If you think reading news is all boring, the app also has curated videos about cycling, tips and tricks, race results and gear reviews.

The app is free, but if you want to remove ads, you can get the pro version at $2.99.

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5. Bike Fast Fit

A poor riding position can make your next bicycle ride turn into a long struggle with back-related issues when you come back. So, if your nearest bicycles shop is shut because of COVID and you want to do it yourself this app is for you.

It helps you set-up the bike seat, the saddle and handlebar height, using just your phone. It essentially uses your phones back camera and captures a video from either the front angle or the side of your bike and records the rider’s position in motion. It uses industry-standard measurements like arm angle, foot angle, shoulder angle, bike measurements to show you the reports. You can also generate a detailed report of these measurements and email or share it using a Google Drive, Dropbox or Apple iCloud.

The app isn’t free and comes at $4.99. To put it in perspective, by setting it up yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars, so the cost pays itself once you get the hang of using it.

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6. Pro Bike Garage

If you’re using Stava which is the first app I suggested to track your bicycling every day. This app will add to it functionality by proving you details on when a bicycle component requires maintenance or replacement.

It works in tandem by integrating the tracker with Strava and analyses how long each component last and notifies you in regular intervals. You can also register components like a fork, chain cassette, brake rotor in the components section, and also add one more bikes in the app.

This is a great way to know beforehand when you need the next type of replacement or change the brake pads. The app is free and doesn’t feature any ads which are great.

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7. Bicycle Maintenance Guide

If you cycle a lot. You must have already set up your bike according to your height, making sure that the tyre pressure is on point and other important aspects. However, when you venture out, you can also keep a repair toolkit handy and use this app to learn about the basic repair options.

The app has simple instructions, illustrations and video guide which you can follow to understand how the basic parts work. With a better understanding of these, you can also adjust the parts and repair if any part malfunctions or needs replacement. Some of the instructions include removing and installing new components, repair without the use of tools, diagnose faults etc.

The app isn’t free and you have to shell out $3.5 to buy the app. But since it has over 4 hours of professionally shot HD videos, it’s the most comprehensive guide you’ll need.

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Closing Remarks

Frankly, Strava is a great choice if you’re a beginner. It captures your daily rides, so you can easily keep a track of your progress. All the other apps I mentioned like repair tool, setting up a bike are great to improve your overall as a cyclist. But if you ask me, I’m saving up to but a turbo trainer so I can use Zwift and hook it up with my TV and enjoy cycling on various routes all over the world.

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