8 Best Apps For Dyslexia for Android and iOS Smartphones

Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes it difficult for kids to read and learn new things. It is a condition that is known to be life-long but the good news is that there are ways to get past it, up to a certain extent. Even smart kids may have dyslexia so it has nothing to do with their IQ level or how smart they are. The good news is that there are dyslexia apps available for Android and iOS platform that will help your kids with this condition, enabling them to read and write better.

Results may vary but it is a step in the right direction. Go through the below list and try various apps to see which one helps you more and is best suitable for your unique use case. We hope it helps you in some way.

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Best Apps For Dyslexia

1. Teen & Adult Phonics Library

Popularly known as TAP, Teen & Adult Phonics Library is a popular app for kids with dyslexia. They have an online library of books that were specifically written for dyslexic kids with learning difficulties. After several requests, they recently released their official app on iTunes.

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The TAP app comes with different levels of reading styles meant for kids who are progressing through their dyslexic journey. Their is a decoding tool that will help your kid in understanding the cumulative phonics (CVC, CCVC, CCVCC, CV) progressively. To make reading more visual and easy, TAP has employed color coding to paras and margins. Additionally, you can turn off images and sound if that hampers the attention and focus of your kids.

The app is free to download and use with no ads whatsoever. An in-app purchase of $2.99 will unlock all the books available in the library.

Download Teen & Adult Phonics Library: iOS

2. ABC Reading Magic Series

ABC Reading Magic has a series of apps, five to be specific at the time of writing this article, that is geared towards children with learning difficulties like ADHD and dyslexia. Kids who have dyslexia face phonemic issues which is why ABC Reading uses tested phonemic methods to help him/her understand letters and sounds.

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Apart from stories and other written content, ABC Reading also comes with some games that are designed to help your kiddo understand the basic principles of blending and segmenting. ABC Reading apps are recommended by quite a few educational institutes across the world for dyslexic children who are facing learning difficulties.

Some of the content is free to use and you can unlock the whole library for a one-time payment of $1.99. There are no ads in the app.

Download ABC Reading Magic Series: iOS

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3. ClaroSpeak Plus

One of the most common complaints of children suffering from Dyslexia is that they are unable to read or sometimes make sense of letters. This hampers their learning speed. This is where ClaroSpeak comes in to the picture. This nifty little app uses text-to-speech feature to read text out loud. The good thing about ClaroSpeak is that you can import documents from a number of sources like cloud storage and even mails.

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You can also copy and paste any text from other apps to listen to it. A lot of students also use this app to dictate and check spellings before writing. So you are no sure about how a certain word is spelled, just speak it out loud. Other features include the ability to change font, layout, share, read webpages from browsers, and cloud storage integration.

The team behind ClaroSpeak have a number of apps in their portfolio that are targeted towards dyslexic students. Do check them out please. The app is free to use but additional voices and accents can be downloaded for $9.99.

Download ClaroSpeak Plus: iOS

4. Google Play Books

I know but hear me out. Google Play Books has one of the largest library of books on almost all topics under the sun and more are being added everyday. You can find both eBooks and audiobooks here. But the reason why it made the list is a built-in feature. Google Play Books comes with a text-to-speech feature which makes it easy to listen to all these books.

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All Android smartphones come with TalkBack, an accessibility feature but there is more. The app also comes with synchronized highlighting and annotation tools making it easy to not just listen but also learn new words, their spelling, and take notes. The app is free to download and use but eBooks are paid based on their selling priced fixed by the authors.

Download Google Play Books: Android

5. Learning Ally

Learning offers programs via their app that are specifically designed for children who have learning difficulties. They have an app for both Android and iOS platform. They have a team of skilled narrators who will read books to your kids. A great source of audiobooks that are designed for children.

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While there are other sources to buy Audiobooks and we have covered them in detail on our blog, Learning Ally audiobooks are more suitable for children who have dyslexia or other such condition that affects their ability to read and write.

Download Learning Ally: Android | iOS

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6. Ginger Grammar Checker

While most keyboard apps will correct your spelling and predict words that you might type next, Ginger takes things a step forward by also correcting your grammar. This makes Ginger keyboard app for Android a boon for students suffering from dyslexia.

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As you begin typing, Ginger will not interfere but will suggest words and phrases where it thinks that you are making mistakes. What’s more? Ginger supports both US and UK dialects and comes with an in-built translator with support for up to 50 languages. Ginger simply offers a better way to write. The app will cost you $4.99 and comes with no ads.

Download Ginger: Android | iOS

7. Phonics Genius

Phonics Genius will help your kids learn over 6000 words based on your phonic sounds. More words are being added with each update but this should be enough to get him/her started. They have done a good job of grouping these words together by phonic sounds making it easier and faster to learn them.

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Phonics Genius will allow users to group similar words together in lists so you can quickly go back to it in case you have doubts or need to refresh your memory. Each word has a flashcard and you can loop them to repeat at your own pace. There are no ads in the app and it will cost you only $1.49.

Download Phonics Genius: iOS

8. OCR Instantly Pro

OCR Instantly Pro will state of the art OCR technology to convert the image to text. This makes it an ideal app for dyslexic students who have to deal with a lot of hard copies and documents. You will simply scan text to grab it and the app will then use TTS or text-to-speech to read it out loud to you.

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The good thing about this app is that it also works offline you don’t need an active Internet connection to make it work. Just scan it and hear it. The only caveat in OCR Instantly Pro is that at the time of writing this guide, it is unable to scan and grab handwritten text. Maybe in a later update.

The app is free to use but you go for the pro version, you can convert images to PDF, save them to SD card, and get support for multiple languages.

OCR Instantly Pro: Android

Wrapping Up: Best Apps For Dyslexia

There are quite a few apps in the market for children with dyslexia that target different areas like teaching phonics, help write, learn new words and their spellings and pronunciation, keyboard apps, audiobooks. We have tried to cover all of them here but if you know of any other app, please do share in the comments below.

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