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Best Apps for Infants on iOS & Android

by Vaibhav

Not just adults, even babies are glued to phones. Flashy screens, music, and being able to constantly tap and interact with the touchscreen has opened pandora’s box for the little ones. Today I’m going to talk about the best apps for infants on Android, which includes easy to play games, puzzles and even some apps which might be helpful if you’re a parent. If you’re specifically looking for parenting app, make sure to check out the link below. Let’s begin.

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1. Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation

Newborns’ have a very limited colour perception. Moreover, infants love to look at high contrast images, black and white patterns, which not only soothes then down but also help them focus. The Mommy Saver app works exactly on the same lines and has high contrast interactive games, such as stripes, white circles, fireworks and more. These games also feature classical background music which may calm the child down along with frequent game changes.

The has limited free games, however, if you want the entire game list along with unlimited screen time, you can upgrade to the plus version for $1.4. Check out a similar app for iOS.

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Best Apps for Infants

2. Baby Games

Baby games have to be super-simple since they can’t emote or process complex ideas. Hence, this app provides you with multiple basic games within one app. It contains games like first-word, which is great to tutor children. It uses pictures and sounds of birds/animals to teach so that the baby remains curious. Then there is also a virtual phone game with colorful buttons as a dial-pad. Simply tapping them will let your baby make a fake phone call with recorded animal sounds. Other games include Pop ‘n Play, Fireworks, Music Room, etc.

The app is made under the #PassionProject, it’s completely free and doesn’t contain any ads

The app also has an on-screen digital password for settings so only an adult accesses it. You can maintain multiple child profiles, download app assets, tweak sound/music settings, etc. Here’s a similar app you can try for iOS.

Get Baby Games

Best Apps for Infants 3. ChatterBaby

If you’re a new parent and you often get confused about what you’re baby is trying to say when he cries. You’ll be surprised to know that each sound has a specific meaning. For example, if a baby cried and makes ‘N’ sound. It can be Ne, Nee, Nih, Nea which means the baby is likely hungry.

You can learn more with this short video from one of Oprah Winfrey interviews

The app requires your e-mail, gender of the baby and date of birth to begin with. The app has a record button right on the home screen which you can tap on to record a shart bit of baby’s cry. It takes a few moments to calculate the results and tells you whether the baby is hungry, feeling fussy or is in pain. You can also improve the AI prediction by selecting whether the baby stopped crying after solving the issue the app predicted.

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Best Apps for Infants

4. Baby Pics

When I was born, smartphones weren’t a thing. But now you can almost document every second of your baby’s day easily. It not only helps make memories but is also useful to know the growth. I know you can take a picture from your camera, however, having them in one place makes it better organized. Moreover, with this app, you can add artwork overlays to mark moments and milestones in your baby’s growth. You also have the option to add texts, change the typography, write names, dates, measurements, etc.

The app comes with a 7-day free trial after which it costs $6/month.

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5. Mozart for Babies

Putting a child to sleep might be the hardest job for parents and if your baby doesn’t fall asleep even after long lullaby recitals, then Mozart for Babies might help you. It’s an offline music app that contains a variety of soft, ambient lullabies which create a perfect nocturnal environment. Besides lullabies, the app has a sleep timer, which which you can set to stop the music after a specific interval. It’s an offline application, so you don’t need the internet once it’s installed.

The free app has few banner ads at the bottom. You can buy the app if you wish to remove them at $1.99/year.

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6. Bambino

If both parents are busy and there is no friends or family available to take care of your child, finding a babysitter is the best bet for you. Bambino is one of the few top-rated apps in the market. The baby-sitters can be relied upon as they are recommended by your friends, family or closed ones. You can easily connect it with your Facebook account and browse the favourites section to check out sitters who are serving your friends. Unlike local finds, who bargain after they show up taking advantage of your vulnerability this one has standardized pay rates and fluent in-app payments. Lastly, I suggest reviewing the sitters, so other parents on your list can also benefit from the services.

Here is a detailed guide about babysitting apps which will help you decide better.

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7. Baby Monitoring 3G

Now that you can easily get a baby sitter, for the extra added safety and protection for your child, I highly recommend using a monitoring device that keeps an eye on your baby even when you’re out. The app is available on most of the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It’s very easy to set-up and streams video in High quality over both Wi-Fi and cellular connection. If you like to keep a log of your baby’s sleep, the app also features an activity log which monitors the activity, i.e, when was the baby awake, asleep, etc. One of the major concern that can break the monitoring is a low battery on the baby station. When that happens app notifies you so you can take necessary steps.

You can buy the app for $4.99 or use the trial version which gives you all features with a time restriction of 30 minutes. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide which can help you convert your iPhone or iPad as a baby monitor.

Get Baby Monitoring 3G for iOS | Android 

Closing Remarks

So these were few apps which I feel are best for infants on Android. I’m not a parent so my first advice would be to try and see which app works for you. If you ask me, Babmibo and Baby Monitoring 3G are apps which will help you without fail. Moreover, if parents are busy individuals, it’s a great way to always feel loser to your child. Besides that, you can also check out apps that are must-have for parents.

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