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Best Apps for your Kids on Chromebook

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Chromebooks are fast, secured, and even cheaper compared to alternatives. But the most important factor which makes Chromebooks the best alternative is its parental control, which makes it a great device to get for children. So, here are some of the best apps you should install on Chromebook before giving it to your Kids.

Best Apps for your Kids on Chromebooks

1. Google Family Link

Google Family Link is the first app, you need to download before giving a Chromebook to your kids. It has a ton of features starting from setting the maximum timer for each app, bedtime mode, approving the apps they want to use, blocking out content which is not good for them and you can also get stats on their screen time for each app. The best part is, it works for both apps and websites they visit on chrome. So you can have overall control over their device.

Get Family Link for Parents 

Get Family Link for Kids

family link on Chromebook

2. YouTube Kids

YouTube is not for children who are 13 below. But YouTube has another app called YouTube Kids where it only shows the content which is totally safe for the child to watch. Moreover, you get additional benefits of controlling the YouTube kids app by install the same app on your phone and choosing it as a parent account. One of my favorite features is creating a daily timer for the kids and you can even increase the time for a single day whenever you want.

Get YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids home page on Chromebook

3. Streaming Services

Just like on YouTube, many streaming services like Netflix, Prime, Disney plus, etc have a parental control mode. You can just create a new profile and choose it as a kid’s profile. Just like on YouTube, you can control what kind of movies your kids can watch and also set the timer on them too. Netflix even allows you to password-protect profiles now, so that kids can’t see what others are watching.

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4. Games

Chromebooks support a lot of Games for you Kids as we have games from Android apps, web apps, and also Stadia. You can download the game they might like. With the help of Family link, you can limit their usage of games, so that they don’t totally get addicted. Some of my favorites are Beach Buggy Racing, Alto’s odyssey, Happy Friday that can be a great choice for kids.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

5. Lingokids Play learning app

Lingo Kids is kind of a learning app specially made for kids. It can be used to teach language, vocabulary, and creative provoking activities. It is ad-free and kid-safe service, but with the free version, you can only access 3 games. You can go to the premium version for $14/month to access all the 600+ games, offline mode, etc.

Get Lingo Kids

6. Coding for Kids

Programming requires a different kind of logical thinking. Now I am not suggesting you start teaching coding to your kids. But Coding for Kids is a kind of game which provokes the logical thinking to pass the levels. It doesn’t teach any language but helps to understand concepts like stacking, array, loops, functions, etc while playing the game. There are multiple levels with sub-levels involved in it. After each level, the solution for solving the games becomes bit different and difficult. But anyone above 7 years can easily enjoy the game.

Get Coding for Kids

coding for kids app on the Chromebook

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7. Exercise for Kids

Exercise for Kids is the most basic kid’s workout app. It has a total of 15 exercises complemented with an animated video illustration. You begin the exercises by simply tapping the start button on the home page. There’s a separate exercise section that provides benefits of specific workouts. Besides all of this, there is a simple BMI calculator and a calendar that reflects your child’s progress. But the only issue is most exercise apps are not optimized for the Chromebook’s desktop layout. 

Get Exercise for Kids

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8. Zigazoo

Zigazoo is an app similar to TikTok, but for kids. It even has videos related to science, arts, etc, but as they are also created by kids, it can be more fun to watch. But among all the apps listed in the list, Zigazoo doesn’t support keyboard interactions. And similar to Exercise for kids, Zigazoo also does not support desktop layout as videos itself are specially made for phones. But if your Chromebook supports tablet mode, this can be quite a great app to use.

Get Zigazoo

Wrapping up

These are some of the apps that are useful for kids and are also well optimized for Chromebooks. Among all of them, coding for kids and games like beach buggy racing are my favorites to suggest for any kid. Tell us what your kid likes the most?

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