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8 Best Apps to Use an Old Phone as a Security Camera

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Do you have an old Android phone lying around? Then you can use the below apps to turn your old phone into a security camera. This will save you some money on CCTVs that can be expensive. On the other hand, you will have to keep the old phone in charging all the time which can reduce its battery life and heat the phone.

Apps to Use Old Phone as Security Camera

Each app has its pros and cons with features suitable for specific needs. Check out some of the best apps we have rounded up and install the ones that suit your need. Let’s get started.

1. Haven

Haven is an app from Edward Snowden, the guy who released documents about the government’s secret surveillance programs. This app is all about motion, sound, and shake detection. You can configure the sensitivity in the setup process or go to settings to change them anytime. Apart from that, it is a minimal app with few options to tweak like storage path, sensitivity, alert messages, etc.

Footage recorded with Haven

It only stores the footage when it detects anything helping save precious storage space. It’s an open-source app but does not support cloud storage. But you can check out the footage remotely from the TOR browser using the custom link. Note that the phone and your remote device should be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Download Haven

2. Alfred Home Security Camera

This is a feature-packed multi-purpose app and can be used in multiple ways from home security, business use to pet monitor and baby monitor. The main advantage of this app is that you can use the remote device to talk in real-time. So, it can be better at front doors and also as baby monitors.

airing another phone with Alfred

Though it is feature-packed, most of the features are only available in the premium plan. The free version is filled with ads and even blocks small features like zooming. But for $3.99/month, you get unlimited cloud storage for 14 days, motion detection, 2-minute long video recordings, etc.

Download Alfred Home Security Camera

3. Make Your Old Phone a Home Security Camera

Yes, Make Your Old Phone a Home Security Camera is the name of the app, also called SeeCiTV. Comparatively, it has the easiest remote device setup. Just download the app on both the camera and remote device and log in with a Google account. Click on the Camera icon at the top right corner of the camera device and the other device will automatically recognize it as a remote device.

Settings you can tweak with SeeCiTV

Additionally, you can set the pin to access the camera, use Google Drive as cloud storage, have granular control over video resolution, etc. It does not support motion detection but provides periodic monitoring features that record random videos and images to save space. My favorite feature is that the camera device is turned off making it hard for anyone to notice.

Download Make your Old Phone a home security Camera

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4. Baby Cam

Baby Cam is a professional app designed for monitoring a baby with helpful features like the ability to play lullaby songs, speak to baby from the remote device, receive alerts when baby starts crying, take occasional images and videos from the remote device to store them as memories, etc.

Using BabyCam as a parent device

The app uses Chromecast to view the live feed but both the devices have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi. The app has ads but can be removed with a one-time payment of $3 which is totally worth it.

Download Baby Cam

5. Athome

Athome has one key advantage which is that it can detect faces, so you can set face recognization for everyone in your home. It will notify you along with the name of the person when they reach home. You can also set such that it will ping you only when it detects a stranger and not when your family members walk across the room. Unlike other apps to use an old phone as a security camera, there is a group view option where you can view up to 4 cameras at the same time.

Ads on Athome app

But the app is filled with ads and spoils the complete experience. You can go ad-free for $1.99 which is a must to use the app in peace.

Download Athome

Download Athome Remote Monitor

6. Manything

It is a motion detection app that also allows setting up motion detection zones. So if you are setting your camera at the door front, Manything won’t ping you every time when someone passes by on the road. Instead, you can set the detection zone in the camera and the app will only ping you when it detects motion in the specified zone. It is not as robust as advanced security cameras but works.

Settings up as a Viewer in manything app

Manything doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. But it offers a clean service with features like cloud storage for a reasonable price.

Download Manything

7. Warden Cam

Warden Cam lets you connect to as many phones as possible. While most previously mentioned apps have a limit of around 4 cameras, Warden Cam can cover your entire home. However, it’s completely unpractical to use old phones as security cameras when you are using them on that scale.

Checking the footage of motion detected video

On other hand, it also has all the features you expect from motion detection to alert users. You also have the ability to turn on and off each camera remotely which isn’t a common feature.

Download Warden Cam

8. Upload Cam

Upload Cam takes photos or records videos that can be uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox. The difference is that you don’t need to upload it manually, they will be uploaded right away. In fact, videos will get uploaded while you are recording the video itself. So if someone interrupts the recording, the video you have recorded until then will automatically be uploaded.

All photos uploaded with the Upload Cam app

You will need the pro version that costs $1.49 dollars to take videos, upload the files in a specific directory, take photos in full resolution, etc.

Download Upload Cam

Wrapping up: Use Old Phone as Security Camera

Each app has its own pros and cons, while one app concentrates on being minimal and secure, the other has more features like live talk, motion detection, etc. I personally prefer Haven as it is easy to use and can get the work done for me. You can check out the app that suits your needs. 

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