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Best Beatmaking Apps for Android in 2020

by Vaibhav

Whether it’s Eminem or 50 Cent or the classic rock ballad by Queen, We Will Rock You, all have a strong beat that draws closer to the audience. This surge in popularity has brought many users to learn beat-making and what’s better than using your phone as a beat generator rather than investing in heavy equipment?  So, if you’re eager to learn, here are the best beat making apps for Android you should try right away.

Best Beatmaking Apps for Android

1.  Rhythms Learn to Make Beats

If you are a complete beginner, this is the app for you. Rhythms Learn teaches beat music with over 200 lessons and multiple sound packs. Once you’re confident, you can also test your skills with the Live mode in the app. Each lesson shows you your performance by telling you the accuracy, missed beats, and wrong beats. Remember you can’t move to the next tutorial until you pass the present level.

The app has a free version that will suffice for most, however, you can also update to the premium version for $4/month with a 3-day trial which gives you more lessons and removes ads (which I didn’t come across).

Get Rhythms Learn to Make Beats  for Android 

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2. Drums 24

Drum Pads 24 are the best way to create a beat if you’re a beginner beat maker. The app has the same 24 pad UI, which is spread across 12 pads on one screen. You can easily interchange this 12 pad set with a tap. The best part about this app is that you can load your own sounds in the pad either by recording it or by adding audio from your local storage.

My fav beat artist Moskvin uses this app and I’m sure this video will inspire you to make more beats

Like I said the app has tons of pad presets which you can get, however, the majority of those sounds packs are in the premier version which comes at $10/month. This also removes banner ads at the bottom.

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3. Beatonal

While Drum 24 is mostly about making pure beats, if you’re looking for a beat maker where you have specific sections for adding bass, chords, and lead as well, you can end your search here. It has very easy to start the beat section with pre-made scales which you can change by hitting the knobs in the app. You can also click on individual beats and increase/decrease their volume, to give it more human sounds, just like professions DAW software. In addition to your mobile, if you work on PC, you can sync it with Ableton Link and use USB to play live on your PC.

The app’s premium version which comes at $400 which unlocks everything inside the app such as drum samples, various effects, and filters.

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4. Beat Machine Audio Sequencer

Beat Machine Audio Sequencer takes beat making up a notch when compared to Beatonal. Rather than focusing on automatic scales for individual sounds, you get more granular cum modular control right on the home screen. You can easily organize beat patterns in the sequence and modify note length and note scale. All app controls are either on the screen or the sidebar which also has the effect section. You have an array of effects like lowpass filter, chorus, echo, reverb which you can add to rows in the beat pattern maker.

At any given point in time, if you get tired of making beats or run out of ideas, use the generate option to automatically fill up the beat pattern space with sound elements to fill up space.

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5. BeatStars

Most of the rappers you listen to know days, hardly ever produce their own beat. It’s mostly someone else producing a neat for the rapper, while he writes the lyrics on them. Similarly, you can stream and find any instrumental in the app. Let’s say you like the beat, you can check the price and buy the instrumental. The app shows you the cost per track to the right of the song title. You can also select between various in-app purchases. For example, a $200 purchase gives you unlimited stream and unlimited distribution rights, etc, while a $40 purchase would restrict your streaming time and the number of distributions.

All the top-grossing tracks can be found in the Top Charts section which you can filter by genre, i.e, hip hop, rock, electronic, etc.

Get BeatStars for Android 

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6. Rap Fame

Since most of the beat-making and beatboxing revolves around making rap songs, the majority of you might be looking to something that might help you not only find good music for rap but record it as well. This app solves both problems. It has a vast database of free heavy beat tracks that can be used to write a rap on. You don’t need an extra app for that, as this single app can do the playback, record you, and also has a notes/lyrics section. So this way you can listen and write without exiting from the app.

Although the app is free, some beats are not unlocked for which getting a free version for $6 might come in handy.

Get Rap Fame for Android 

7. Dragon Drum Machin

If you love vintage sounds that are glitchy along with technical flaws, you should surely have a look at this app. It has a sequencer that can be used to feed in beat sounds like, snare, hi-hats, etc. Since each sound has its own independent filters, you can apply different filters to all of them and experiment with the sounds. The app also features a global effect control option which when applied filters the master track. You can use filters like tape distortion, bit-reduction, etc.

The app is free to play around with, but on the downside, you need to upgrade for $2.5 which enables you to save the project.

Download Dragon Drum Machin

8. FL Studio

Since there is no free version of FL Studio that you can play around with, I suggest you look at all the other apps in the list above first. If you’re successful in making decent sounding beats, FL Studio is a powerhouse that allows you to make a beat in any genre you want to.

You get high-quality drum kits, loop beats, and a robust step sequencer if you want to program your own drums. Since it’s a full-fledged DAW in your palm, you can also take advantage of adding effects to each track individually. Easily save all your projects and share them over WiFi with other platforms whether it’s iOS or Windows. The only thing you are likely to lose is $4, which is the cost for the app.

Download FL Studio 

Closing Remarks

So these were few beat-making apps that can help you get a headstart in making beats. My favorite app hands down id Drum 24. It not only has a vast section purely dedicated to beats but since you can use it along with the Rhythm trainer app, it makes the package all the more fun and challenging. Beat Machine Audio Sequencer is an alternative, that works superbly with its filters and pattern like a beat composer.  If you stumble upon another great app, do leave it in the comment below.

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