7 Best Calculator Apps for iPad Without Ads

iPad is one of the best student tablets out there with decent hardware specs and up to date software, however, it lacks a very basic tool, a Calculator. It is disappointing to see the missing calculator app for iPad and third-party calculator apps haven’t made it any better. Most of the third-part calculator apps on iPad are filled with annoying ads. The calculator is a basic utility and most people don’t use it often but that’ no excuse to skip it. We have compiled a list of Best Calculator Apps for iPad without Ads.

Do you know, there’s a basic scientific calculator built-in your iPhone, just rotate your iPhone to landscape mode to access it

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Best Calculator Apps for iPad

1. Siri

So maybe technically Siri is not an app but it does listen to your commands and if you ask it to solve a basic mathematical problem it generally does it with ease.

Siri uses the famous Wolfram Alpha engine to identify the equations, solve and present the results in less than 10 seconds (depends on complexity and speed of network connection).

What can you do with Siri calculator?

Siri has the ability to basic math calculations on its own. You just have to press the home button for more than a second, Siri just pops up and waits for your commands. It can also compute more advanced math problems using Wolfram Alpha engine but that is limited by Siri’s ability to actually recognize your query and compute it.

Pros: inbuilt, no additional download required, works with voice

Cons: limited to basic calculations, requires internet connectivity, can’t use it in library or classrooms

2. Spotlight: best-inbuilt calculator for iPad

Siri is good for some basic calculation but you can’t use it everywhere, sometimes you have to be quiet and sometimes there’s too much noise, that’s where Spotlight comes in.

Spotlight, provides an easy way to find apps and stuff in your iOS devices. And guess what, you can also use Spotlight for some basic and advance calculations on your iPad. And best of all, it doesn’t require an active internet connection like Siri.

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What can you do with Spotlight calculator?

Swiping down on the home screen pulls up the spotlight, you type your math problem and Spotlight computes it instantly and displays the result in the box.

You can solve basic mathematical equations and problems like conversion, simple arithmetic, and algebra with Spotlight. It, however, can not compute fractions.

Pros: solves math problems efficiently, doesn’t require internet access.

Cons: not very intuitive for complex calculations

3. Calculator Plus: best free calculator for iPad

What does one look for in a calculator app? Ability to solve basic math and hopefully no ads that take up a portion of the screen. Calculator Plus is the answer to all the iPad users’ pleas. It is the most basic calculator app on the Apple Store with the only basic features.

It works swift and the UI is clean, thanks to lack of ads. You can do long strings of calculations without losing the track of the order because it displays the sequence on the top which makes it easier to use.

Even though it is a great app but it does not have advanced features like log, trigonometry, exponents, and roots.

Pro: Light and Clean

Con: only basic calculation is available


4. Pcalc lite: best scientific calculator for iPad

Now we have the basic apps sorted, but what if we need more. Students with advanced algebra probably use calculators more than anyone else and they deserve an app that offers them a calculator which solves their trigonometric functions and logs. Pcalc does is its job and offers advanced functionalities like sine, log, exponents, square, square roots, etc.

It has a few constants values which is a plus if you need a reference.

What’s missing?

Pcalc Lite is an advanced scientific calculator with most of the features but it is very hard to keep track of the functions used. It would have been much better if it had an option to display all the previous functions used in the calculation for ease and to avoid confusion. This feature is available in the pro version.

Pros: works on all iOS devices, even apple watch, supports all sought of calculations – simple to scientific

Cons: no option to view previous calculations with long and complex problems.

Download: Pcalc lite

5. MyScript Calculator: best handwriting calculator for iPad

We all can agree despite all the achievements in technology which has brought us away from pen and paper, nothing beats the natural way of writing. Including all the features from the above apps, This app has a very interesting input feature, you use your finger or the Apple Pencil to write down the equations on the screen, it recognizes the shapes and converts them to digital inputs and computes it for you. The result is then displayed and stored for any future references.

One little key design feature, when enabled discourages you to use the dot (.) symbol as a multiplication symbol and x is used instead. Dot is kept as a decimal point to avoid confusion. It also displays the result automatically which can be turned off if you have a long equation to solve.

Other features include Palm rejection to prevent accidental touches which may be registered by the app, left-handed input which is considerate of developers to think of left-handed people, Apple pencil only option is useful if you prefer writing with a pencil instead of using your fingers.

Pro: Use handwriting, could do wonders with apple pencil

Con: Does what it claim

Download: MyScript Calculator

6. PhotoMath: best photo calculator app

Now we’ve covered writing with a pencil on the app to solve problems but what if your textbook has long equations and you need to practice for the test? PhotoMath is a life saver when you wish to solve long equations because it does the hard work by capturing the entire problem through the camera and process the image and look for possible mathematical formulas. It does it efficiently so. We didn’t face any problem with the speed and accuracy of the results.

PhotoMath is excellent if you don’t want to manually enter long equations into the app to get the solution.

Once you have the app installed, open it and simply point your camera toward a math problem, Photomath will magically show the result in the bottom of the screen. And the best part is, it also gives you detailed step-by-step instructions.

Pro: Useful for solving printed problems easily.

Con: Accuracy depends on your handwriting.

Download: PhotoMath

7. GoodGrapher: best graph calculator app

Graphing calculators are very powerful in calculating long equations and plotting them on the Cartesian plane. Good Grapher is a notebook style calculator where you can solve the equations which are displayed on the notebook page. In this app, you get a couple of plotting options like 2d plotters and 3d plotters. You can solve polynomials up to 3 variables. You can also share the plotted graph with other people or use it for your homework.

It has a scientific calculator on the main screen where you can compute all the functions which are displayed like a notebook which is useful for keeping a record. You plot graph by tapping the options button on the top left and selecting the option of either 2d or 3d graph. It also has an inbuilt MathSolver which lets you solve polynomials, you enter the constant values of the corresponding variables and it displays the result.

Pros: Advanced features for complicated problem solving and graph plotting

Cons: Less space for buttons and normal calculations

Download: GoodGrapher (Free)

Honorable Mentions

CalcTape Paper Tape CalculatorIt is a tape-style calculator which keeps the result on a digital paper. For a look and feel of the tape calculators used in retail stores, this apps takes the spot.

Electrical CalculatorThis app is very useful if you wish to convert voltage and power and current. It has an option to calculate the resistance of a resistor using color-coded rings.

Unit ConvertorIt is a conversion app that lets you convert mass, velocity, gravity, time, etc.

Best Calculator Apps for iPad

Final Thoughts:

A calculator is a utility tool which should come built in with the OS. There are even better options available. We reviewed a few Calculator apps for iPad without ads. Each app has its own audience, it is fair that we suggest our picks. For basic calculations, Calculator Plus is a good choice as it has no unnecessary features to distract or confuse the user. Pcalc Lite would come in handy when you have a ton of homework and don’t have your Scientific Calculator around to solve all those trigonometric functions and logarithmic equations.

Myscript Calculator is a very intuitive app that lets you use your iPad like an actual notepad. It is useful for people who like the look and feel of writing their own equations down instead of typing. PhotoMath is for people who would want to solve equations printed on paper by recognizing through camera and image processing.

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