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5 Best Call Forwarding Android Apps You Should Try

by Karrar Haider
Best Call Forwarding Android Apps

Call forwarding is a great feature to forward calls to another number. If your phone has a low battery or you need to receive calls on your home or office phone instead, then call forwarding will immensely help. However, it can be a little difficult to enable call forwarding on your phone and you also have limited customization options.

Thankfully, there are many call forwarding apps available on Google Play Store that will make the call forwarding process painless. To help you find the right call forwarding, below is the list of 5 best call forwarding apps for Android.

Note: These apps will only make it easier to set up and use the call forwarding feature offered by your carrier. They cannot allow you use the call forwarding feature if your carrier doesn’t offer it. Additionally, call forwarding charges will still be applied; contact your carrier for further information.

Best Call Forwarding Android Apps

Best Call Forwarding Android Apps

1. Call Forwarding

A simple little app to forward calls to any number you like. All you need to do is select your carrier from the list and then enter the number to where you would like to forward the calls. There is a forward button that you can use to start or stop forwarding calls. The app remembers the last number you forwarded calls to so you could easily select and forward calls when needed.

In case your carrier is not in the list, then select “Custom” and provide the call forwarding codes of your carrier (MMI code). You will have to contact your carrier to get these codes. Once all set up, you can start forwarding calls using the usual method. Call Forwarding also has a widget to quickly let you activate or deactivate call forwarding.


2. RedirectCall

An easy to use call forwarding app that comes with a handy delay feature to schedule call forwarding. Once you have set up the call forwarding MMI code, RedirectCall allows you to choose any number from your contacts to forward calls to. The app gives you complete control over when you would like to forward calls. Simply select the time after which it should redirect calls and the app will automatically redirect the calls.

RedirectCall is free to use, but you will have to upgrade to pro version if you want to select numbers from your contact list and remove ads.


3. Remote Call Divert

This isn’t actually an app to set up call forwarding, instead it a remote to enable call forwarding remotely. Once the app is installed, you will have to create a password and provide call forwarding code of your carrier. Now, to remotely enable call forwarding, you need to send a text to this phone containing the password and phone number where you would like to forward calls.

The text format is something like this; “divert on (your password) (call forwarding number)”. The app will verify the password to ensure you are the one who is sending the text and forward the calls to the given number. I believe this will be a great option for people who frequently forget their phone behind or have multiple phones/numbers and don’t have active access to them.


4. Automatic Call Forwarding

This is a rather new player in store, but it definitely offers promising features. Similar to other services, it allows you to set up call forwarding numbers and use your carrier’s MMI code. However, its main purpose is to make the call forwarding process automatic. Taking advantage of Wi-Fi available everywhere, this app identifies where you are and toggles call forwarding ON or OFF.

You can specify Wi-Fi networks that you connect to and set whether to enable or disable call forwarding when you connect to those Wi-Fi networks. For example, you can tell Automatic Call Forwarding app to disable call forwarding as soon as your phone connects to your home Wi-Fi. Now whenever you will come home, call forwarding will be disabled automatically.


5. Simple Call Forwarding

This is a paid call forwarding app ($0.99). Most of its features can also be found in the free apps listed here, but there are good reasons to pay for it. First and foremost, this app is actively updated while most of the apps in this list are not being updated or the updates are very infrequent (over 2 years that is). Furthermore, its carrier list is more extensive so you may not have to deal with manually setting up call forwarding.

Simple Call Forwarding offers a widget to quickly enable or disable forwarding. You can also forward calls based on a response, such as unreachable or busy. Additionally, it is perfect for newbies as it completes most of the steps automatically.


Wrapping Up

If you are serious about call forwarding, then Simple Call Forwarding ($0.99) will be a good investment. It is over 3 years old and still receives updates, so you can say it’s reliable. However, the new Automatic Call Forwarding is a good app as well if you want to make the process automatic.

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