Best Car Apps for Android and iOS (2020)

Owning a car brings a lot of responsibilities. There are several recurring tasks like tracking daily costs, common expenses, etc, that you’ve to keep in mind to get your vehicle up and running. While you always have the option to keep a pen and a writing pad in your glove box, you could use an app that not only keeps a database but also eliminates the chance of losing any documents.

So without further ado, here are my picks of the best car apps for Android and iOS you can install right away.

Best Car Apps

1. Drivvo – Car Management

Everyone who owns a car needs to go through the same drill. You need to keep a track of refueling, expenses, services, and reminders. Drivvo is a complete management app that helps you keep a track of all that and is available on both iOS and Android. When you first open the app you’re greeted with pre-loaded options for company and model number of the car. By selecting the add button, you can add refueling, expenses or service details. All these features ask for some basic information like the date, time, location, odometer, etc. You can also add a custom note if you like.

Talking about reminders, you can not only set a one-time reminder but also repetitive reminders in terms of kilometers for certain services that have a life cycle, for example, changing the coolant or renewing insurance. There is also an option to save your favorite refueling and car wash location. Unlike Google Maps which just shows the location of the pump, you can see the fuel costs in real-time. Chances are you’ve multiple vehicles, so you can feed them all in and make independent timelines for all.

You can also add your license number details and also an expiry date to get a reminder beforehand. While I can’t upload an image of my license, I hope this option comes in future updates. There are ads in the free version, upgrading it at $5.99/annualy, will remove ads and also enable exporting data in excel.

Get Drivvo on iOS | Android 

2. Simply Auto

There are a few important documents you should always have in your car. Be it the registration certificate, insurance papers or even your driving license. Having an app that lets you upload all that in the app will make it a better choice and this is where it gets ahead of Drivvo. You use the app’s dashboard to add refueling, service, expense, and trip. You can either type or speak to fill in values. There’s also an option to add or remove individual fields and pre-filled details. In addition to that, it can detect automatic location while adding trips or track it via GPS. You can add make and model of the vehicle but they’re no preloaded company options like Drivvo.

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There’s a stats and chart section, which has all the details you need. For example, the total distance you’ve covered, service costs and other expenses. You can find the fuel details like fuel efficiency, cost per fill-up, fuel cost a day in the same section as well. In case you hate looking at numbers, you can choose to see graphs instead, with an option to manually punch-in the time period.

While you can backup your data on could and sync it with multiple devices to backup receipts, add multiple drivers and access to data on the website, you need to have the pro version which comes at $5.99. 

Get Simply Auto for Android | iOS

3. Fuelio

The app is now a product of Sygic which was the first company to bring navigation to iPhones. Although it has the same feature of finding nearby gas stations and details about the fuel prices, the trip calculator feature is something that is different from others. You can calculate the total trip cost by adding minor details like total distance, price, and consumption.

The main section which is in timeline form is the same as Drivvo and lets you add new costs, reminders, and refueling data. It also has an option to upload pictures of your receipts and can add insurance reminders as well. In terms of stats, you have a mileage log, fuel consumption charts, monthly cost data, etc. You can also choose from multiple themes including dark mode.

Get Fuelio for Android

4. Fuelly: MPG & Service Tracker

If you own not just cars but multiple vehicles like a motorcycle, trucks, heavy equipment, or even an ATV, this app might solve all your problems. You start by adding the type of vehicle you own.  It has a premade list of all the transport options segregated year-wise. You can add a new vehicle manually in case it’s not there in the list. Moreover, you can add fuel-ups, service, reminders, and notes from the home screen. When you add more refueling, it shows the latest fuel efficiency data in a pop-up which is very useful to know the car’s performance.

In addition to that, you have a vehicle info section where you can see an overview of your driving style, total fuel, service costs, fuel efficiency, etc.  The app isn’t tweakable in terms of UI and is very to the point. So if you don’t want any extra fuss, this app can be one of the best car apps for iOS.

You need a pro version to add pictures of insurance card and other receipts which you can get at $6.99 annually.

Get Fuelly for iOS

5. Find Parked Car

Have you ever parked your car somewhere only to find out later that you’ve no memory where you parked it? While there are apps which can help you do so, why not save the space and use the native map app to find the location of the car. If you have an Android-based phone, Google Maps has a feature built-in.

Google Maps Method 

  1. Open Google Maps and click “Search destination” at the top.
  2. Tap your current location which is the “Blue Dot”.
  3. Then tap “Save your parking”.

This will save the parking location until you manually remove it. By tapping on the location you can share it with others, modify it, add parking notes and even upload pictures.

Maps in iOS Method

You can either do it on Google Maps for iOS or you can simply use the native Maps app.

  1. Open the Maps app, tap the search bar and tap on your location in “Blue Dot“.
  2. Click on Mark My Location, which will add a red pin mark.
  3. The marked location will be pinned to the search so you can simply click to view the directions.

One Plus Parking Feature 

OxygenOS has kept the simplicity of stock in addition to some added features. Here’s how to do it.

  • Swipe to access the shelf side.
  • Enable Parking Location from Life Services section.
  • You can either select “Take a Picture” to take a picture or “Mark Location” to save the location.
  • Clicking on navigation will redirect you to Google Maps from where you can follow the directions.

While you don’t need a dedicated app for this function, you can get Find My Parked Car app for iOS and Android alternatively.

6. DIY Car Repair

DIY Car repair is an app that helps you not only repair but maintain the car as well. Imagine you’re stranded somewhere and the possibility of finding a mechanic is bleak. Rather than panicking, all you have to do it simply open the app and follow the instructions. Not only that, there are tips on keeping your engine healthy, increasing your car’s battery life, changing a type, etc. It’s written in plain text and all the tables of contents are given on the main page. You can also use the jump-to option to skip to the content you like.

While this app has limited information, if you’re really curious you can check here for more advice and how-to videos for your car.  So, before these small issues become too large to contain. Do it yourself!

Get DIY Car Repair for Android 

7. Torque Pro App

Well, now that I’ve already told you the apps that you need to manage your car, how about using an extra screen in addition to your dashboard and get realtime diagnostic for your car? You can install Torque Pro App but you’d also need OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) devices which is cheap and readily available.

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While you get basic details like speed, rev-meter, fuel gauge, etc, there are many parameters that car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) keeps in check for optimal engine performance. This is where apps like Torque Pro comes in. After you’re done installing the components and firing the app, let’s look at what it can do. The app has a lite version that displays real-time information as you launch the app. If you get the pro version at $4.99,  you can get additional features like fault check, a map view, test results and more. The app also has seven swipe-able displays that can hold multiple virtual gauges including dials, graphs, digital displays, etc. Users can export data to a spreadsheet or in a KML format that can be imported to Google Earth.

So, if you’re looking for real-time data on horsepower, speed, CO2 emissions, warning when a component overheats and of-course torque, this app won’t disappoint you.

Get Torque Pro App for Android | iOS alternative

Closing Remarks

So don’t wait to run into a problem rather keep a track and manage everything with these apps, so your next road trip is utterly smooth. These are also great apps if you have a private mechanic and you don’t get reminder calls from the company. You can feed in all the details like date to change fluid, tire alignment, part changes in these apps. If not that, with the DIY Car maintenance app, you can do most of these refinements yourself.  So like a plant needs regular trimming, manure, and water. Your car needs some love as well. I hope you found your option out of my picks from the best car apps for Android and iOS. If you have any suggestions, do leave a comment!

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