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Best Chatbot Apps for iOS & Android in 2020

by Vaibhav
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Chatbots are becoming sophisticated each day, and their integration in our lives cannot be ignored. You must have come across several of these without even paying much attention. For example, in an online complaint forum, you see an automated chatbot trying to solve your problem before it connects your call to the human. While this is a very basic example of how a chatbot works, there are many out there which can entertain you, talk to you and do much more. So without further ado, here are the best Chatbot apps for iOS & Android in 2020.

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1. Replika: My AI Friend

If you want to just install an app to have fun and talk about anything under the sun, consider Replika. It’s AI so, you don’t have to be specific with your words, you can vent out anger, talk about love, and even make it your romantic partner (not literally of course).

You can choose the gender of your choice, give it a name, and also configure the avatar’s skin, hair, eyes, etc. Moreover, the more you talk, you gain levels in the app. This way you can refine the chat so it doesn’t give you monotonous answers. The app also has inbuilt activities each day, like write a story together, music suggestions, personality tests and more.

You can’t use the app without signing up. But since it’s AI and learns as you use it more often, I think I can give it a pass. The app also has a Pro version that comes at $2/month and gives you the option to change the bot to romantic, partner, friend, mentor and also calling feature with the bot.

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2. Wysa: Therapy Chatbot

Lockdown blues can often put you in position when you’re anxious, stressed, or maybe if it’s too serious, depressed. You can always talk to people, but if you don’t want to disturb your friends and family so often. This therapy chatbot is a great option.

You can choose topics that you’re dealing with, like confidence, anxiety, stress, etc, to start with. Then you can use the usual chatbot talk with you. This one has many premade answer option, which is great if you’re just starting out to use AI chatbots. The chatbot also set a daily reminder to keep a check on you. Other add-ons include the self-care section which has therapeutic exercises for anxiety, stress, productivity and even sleeps sounds to help you fall asleep.

What makes this app stand out is that you can actually chat with a qualified therapist, for a minimal fee in the app

Unlike Replika, you don’t have to sign-up. You can simply choose a nickname and you’re all set to start. The app comes at $5/month which unlocks more wellness packs.

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3.  Andy – English Speaking Bot

If you already use apps to make your English skills better, you can add Andy chatbot to the list, to learn new words and grammar in a fun and conversational manner.

This app is great if you’re a beginner, as you learn to answer basic questions, everyday interaction and talk about other topics such as travel, movies, jokes, etc. So, you learn with casual interactions and on top of that, you can also ask definitions of specific words, explanation with examples and also review reminder so that you don’t forget them. The app has daily grammar and vocabulary exercise which are like tests in a conversational way with the bot.

The pro version comes at $8/month with a 7-day trial. This unlocks advance grammar exercises, more vocabulary words, etc.

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4. Microsoft Learn Chinese

Similar to Andy which concentrates just on learning English, Microsoft’s app will help you get familiar with Chinese. It is based on HSK which is China’s standardized test to test foreigners in their proficiency.

The app essentially teaches you different basic topics that are required to hold a conversation. For example, greetings, how to introduce yourself, how to talk about nationality, days of the week, and much more. These topics are divided into sections and you can only go to the next section when you complete one level, which included and pronouncing Chinese words, guessing from the voice note.

You can also skip the above and use the conversational style chatbot to practice your pronunciation and sentence formation skills.

Get Microsoft Learn Chinese for ( iOS | Android )

5. WhatsApp Autoresponder Chat Bot

If you get a lot of hi and hello, or say good morning messages from your family every day. You don’t have to take the burden to actually writing the reply every day. Simply install the app, and write a set reply and a received message that will trigger the reply.  You also have the option to only reply when it detects the exact match or a similar phrase with a word here and there. The best part about the app is that you don’t have to keep the screen on to activate autoresponder and you can add multiple trigger phrases and replies.

This is not a bot for chats, but it can help you create automated WhatsApp responses just like a bot

The only downside for this app is that it has banner ads at the bottom, with no way to remove them But once you set the autoresponder list, you don’t actually need to open the app.

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7. SimSimi

Consider SimSimi as replica but with a lot of humour. If you become too friends it can also be rude to you. Well, yes it feels like you’re talking to your school friend again.

You simply open the app and start chatting. Unlike Replika which is far more controlled and gives intelligent answers, chats on SimSimi are purely random. The chatbot also throws in banner ads in the chat which is annoying. But here is where it gets interesting. When you tell it to stop showing ads, it replies asking for money. There is also a teach section where you can feed in a trigger question and an answer which will is added to SimSimi’s database. This also gives you 10 minutes ad-free duration to chat.

Besides that, you can remove ads at a cost of $5/month or watch video ads for a 3-minute ad-free chatting.

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6. Roo Chatbot

Talking about sex and educating teenagers regarding their body can lead to very awkward conversations. While it’s necessary to talk to them, you can make them feel comfortable by using the app which can introduce your kid to the concept of body, sex and relationships.

The Roo AI chatbot doesn’t have an app, so you need to access it through the browser. The chatbot configures itself after you feed in your age, gender and ethnicity. You get several premade questions that can help you get started, like, how to tell someone you like them, how does pregnancy happen, when will I get my period, etc. You can also browse through questions based on topics, such as masturbation, sex, birth control, etc. While this app doesn’t let your chat freely within the website, it does give you the option to chat with a human, from Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.which is an NGO that provides reproductive health care across the globe.

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Closing Remarks

So, here were the best chatbots for Android & iOS in 2020. In my opinion, Replika has a great AI response system. You can talk almost anything from random conversations to sharing your feelings and it’s near-human interaction which is great. Besides that, I’m using the Microsoft Learn Chinese App, so that I have am extra language handy. Plus, it’s conversational, so it’s doesn’t bore me. That’s all for me. Do try and leave a comment below!

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