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20 Best ChatGPT Plugins for Supercharged AI Chatbot Experience

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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With ChatGPT, you can already do several tasks from generating emails and brainstorming ideas to playing games and researching. But that is just the default state of ChatGPT. Now you can add plugins to improve ChatGPT’s functionality further to solve math problems and generate images directly on ChatGPT. After trying all available plugins, we made this list of the best ChatGPT plugins that actually take the chatbot to the next level.


As of now, plugins are available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers only which costs $20/month. The plugin feature is not enabled by default. To get started, checkout, how to enable and install plugins on ChatGPT. Also, in ChatGPT’s plugin store, there is no way to link to a plugin or even a search option. So you need to look for the needed plugin manually.

1. Browsing

The biggest weakness of ChatGPT is that it cannot access the internet as it was trained on data until 2021. This makes the info outdated. Now it can be solved easily with the Browsing plugin from OpenAI itself. Unlike other plugins, you can get from ChatGPT Settings > Beta features and enable the toggle beside the Browsing option.

Enabling Web browsing on ChatGPT

Now select the GPT-4 option and select the Browsing mode.

Changing to Browsing Mode on ChatGPT

That’s it. You can ask any question or even queries related to the latest news. The plugin searches the web in real time and generates an answer. Browsing mode can be a bit slower compared to normal ChatGPT responses, but you can be sure the answer is more accurate and up-to-date.

Browsing Plugin ChatGPT

The plugin links to all the sources. Note that the Browsing plugin uses Bing Search rather than Google Search.

2. Prompt Perfect

This ChatGPT plugin can be particularly useful for new users. To get perfect results from ChatGPT, you need to give it a detailed prompt that includes everything you need. Instead of asking it to generate an email, include details like length, tone, etc. So that ChatGPT can have enough info to generate a result that matches your specific needs.

Alternatively, use the Prompt Perfect plugin to automatically improve your prompt depending on your keyword. For example, if you ask ChatGPT to write an email to your company, it will automatically add details such as professional tone, medium length, etc.

Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin

3. Wolfram

Wolfram is one of the most powerful plugins on ChatGPT that solves many of its limitations like maths, date, and time to stats and conversions. And not just basic math, with Wolfram, you can solve complex math problems related to trigonometry, geometry, mathematical functions, equation solving, factoring, etc. It can also convert currencies based on real-time exchange rates and also can convert measurements.

Wolfram ChatGPT Plugin

Other use cases of Wolfram involve generating heatmaps, spectrograms, timelines, tree charts, maps, geometrical shapes, and other required images to present the data in a visual format. There are many more functions of Wolfram that make ChatGPT more reliable with anything that has to deal with maths and data.

4. Zapier

ChatGPT can access, filter, and present data from the internet. But it lacks the ability to be your personal AI assistant as it cannot connect to different services that you use. Enter Zapier. You can use it to connect services with each other and automate tasks. Zapier lets you use ChatGPT to do your daily tasks based on conditions. Here are some examples that will help you understand how Zapier can be useful.

  • Summarize new PDF files added to dropbox.
  • Ask ChatGPT to write/reply to an email and send it to a specific email ID. ChatGPT will draft an email and provide you with a link to confirm and send the email.
  • Send messages to Slack channels and other messaging services directly from ChatGPT
  • Add, update, or search for anything in your databases like Google Sheets, Notion, etc.
  • Create tasks Notion from Slack messages

Zapier can connect with 5000+ services and automate actions based on conditions. So you can connect with many of the applications you use and make ChatGPT more personal. Anyhow, you need to set up the action before you can use it on the chat. But once done, you can do that task as many times as you want.

5. Instacart/Tasty Recipes

You can use the Instacart plugin to plan your meals or search for recipes based on health and diet. Once you are set with your recipe or meal plan, ask it to order all the required groceries and ChatGPT will automatically add all the ingredients to your cart on Instacart. You can also customize your cart by adding or removing items manually, selecting the quantity, etc. If you are from the United States and Canada, then Instacart is definitely one of the plugins you need to install to plan and order directly from ChatGPT.

Tasty Recipes ChatGPT Plugin

People living outside the United States and Canada should try Tasty Recipes. While this ChatGPT plugin does not plan meals nor order the groceries for you, there are many recipes available from different regions and cultures. However, instead of listing recipes in ChatGPT, it will display links to the Tasty website.

6. Expedia/Kayak

These are travel sites that suggest great places and help plan your next travel. Along with that, you can also search for flights, stays, rental cars, and more based on your budget. The ChatGPT plugin lists links you can open to book flights or hotels instantly. Trying to plan your vacation? Try these plugins to make your process easy. More importantly, you can also have a back-and-forth conversation about your plan to get new ideas, plans, etc.

7. Speechki

The Speechki plugin offers one of the fastest ways to convert your text to audio. Once installed and enabled, enter the ‘convert to audio’ keyword and then paste the text that you want to convert into audio. Speechki takes a minimum of 10 seconds to turn your text to audio. But the final time varies depending on the length of the text added. Once done, Speechki will provide you with a link to the Speechki website.

Speechki ChatGPT Plugin

Open the link in order to listen to the audio file it generated. You can change the player speed or download the audio file.

Speechki text to audio

8. WebPilot

WebPilot is a potent tool to navigate the web. Add a webpage link and WebPilot will summarize the article, ask Q&A’s from the link, customize the tone and rewrite the article, or even translate it to another language. While ChatGPT can summarize articles, it is not as consistent as WebPilot.

WebPilot ChatGPT Plugin

Importantly, you can ask WebPilot to search for something on Google, open the top 5 search results, and list down all the headings. So you don’t have to do all of that manually.

9. Link Reader

Similarly to WebPilot, Link Reader can also summarize articles. But it can also summarize many other types of documents like PDFs, PPTs, images, Word docs, etc. You cannot upload files to ChatGPT, but you can add a link to these documents.

Link Reader ChatGPT Plugin

To use Link Reader, just use the keyword ‘Read’ and then paste the link.

10. Yay! Forms

Want to create a form like feedback or contact, use this ChatGPT plugin to begin quickly. Once you have installed and enabled the plugin, ChatGPT to create a form and provide the necessary details. The more details you enter, the better and more usable the form ChatGPT generates. Once done, you will get a link to the website where you need an account to access it. While the Yay! forms does a good job, you may have to make small changes to improve it.

Yay Forms ChatGPT Plugins

11. Tic Tac Toe

When it comes to playing games with ChatGPT, Tic Tac Toe is one easy option. Ask ChatGPT to play Tic Tac Toe and it will ask you to select the board size and difficulty level. Once done, the Tic Tac Toe plugin will open the board size you have selected. Each square on the board is numbered so simply select the number where you want to enter cross or zero.

Tic Tac Toe ChatGPT Plugin

12. Chess

Similar to Tic Tac Toe, you can chess inside ChatGPT with the Chess plugin. It supports the Standard algorithmic notation such as pawn to d5, knight to f6, etc. However, GPT-4 allows only 25 messages per 3 hours. It can be hard to complete the entire chess game in 25 messages. But you can continue the game after the message limit is refreshed. The game works as intended but is incredibly slow.

Chess ChatGPT Plugin

13. Planfit

Planfit makes ChatGPT your fitness couch. Simply begin by asking “Can you provide me with a workout plan”. ChatGPT will ask you a few questions like gender, weight, gym or home, muscle parts you want to train, and prior experience. Along with that, you can also include any additional health and fitness details like medical conditions or prior surgeries. Talking all the info you have provided, Planfit will come up with exercises, sets, reps, and time. You also get links to the exercise videos and alternative exercises if you are uncomfortable with the ones offered.

Planfit ChatGPT Plugin

14. Playlist AI

The Playlist AI ChatGPT plugin can create a custom Spotify playlist for you based on your prompt. For example, type “Create me a 2010s pop playlist for a school gettogether”. ChatGPT may ask you for more details about the songs. Later, all the songs will be listed within ChatGPT that it going to add to the playlist. Once you confirm, the plugin will create a Spotify playlist and share a link to the same.

Playlist AI ChatGPT Plugin

During the setup process, you need to connect the plugin to your Spotify account so it can create a custom private playlist under your name.

15. Voxscript

This allows you to search transcripts of YouTube videos, financial data sources like Yahoo Finance, or even Google Search results. Super useful if you want a YouTube video’s summary or extract any particular info from it. Just paste the video link and ask ChatGPT to summarize it. You can also ask questions pertaining to the video.

Voxscript ChatGPT Plugin

Note that the summary will be generated only if the video has captions. It cannot summarize the video from audio alone.

16. World News

Though you can browse the Internet using the Browsing plugin, it wasn’t designed for reading news stories. Using World News, you can search for news on any topic with sources that you trust. The plugin will reply with the latest news headlines on the niche or sources you provided with citations. So you can jump in and read the complete article. As this is ChatGPT, you can continue your conversation further about the news or even ask it to show more details and sources about it.

World News ChatGPT Plugin

17. Lexi Shopper

Use this ChatGPT plugin to get Amazon shopping recommendations. You can be specific with your questions like “Best laptops around $1200 that have 1TB SSD and a minimum of 4-star rating”. Based on your prompt, Lexi Shopper will do a good job of fetching results from Amazon. Also, it can connect to your local Amazon website. I personally recommend not buying any product solely based on the recommendations of this plugin though but use it as a source for suggestions.

Lexi Shopper ChatGPT Plugin

18. Speak

This is a translation plugin for ChatGPT users. You might be familiar with Google Translate which does an amazing job. Speak shines by adding a human touch and adds an explanation to the translation. You can ask questions like “How to say Goodbye in Spanish”. The plugin will reply with the word you can use, other alternative words, and even a few example sentences to demonstrate how to say it correctly. So you are not just looking at the translation, but also understanding the context and how to use it in real life.

Speak ChatGPT Plugin

Speak officially supports English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. However, we tried some other languages and the plugin worked for a couple of them too.

19. Show Me

Normally, whatever question you ask ChatGPT, it will reply with some text. But sometimes to convey the info, ChatGPT needs to include flow or bar charts to give a better visual explanation. Show Me plugin does exactly that. Once installed, continue asking questions to ChatGPT just like before. If there is something that ChatGPT can better explain visually, then it will use this plugin to create charts.

Show me ChatGPT Plugin

20. There’s An AI For That

Other than ChatGPT, there are many other AI tools that can generate images, convert files, create music, etc. And new AI tools are being launched almost daily. Wondering how you can find these tools when you need them? You can use There’s An AI For That. Once installed and enabled, ask ChatGPT to suggest an AI tool that can do something you want. ChatGPT will suggest the needed AI tools.

Plugins of ChatGPT

ChatGPT Plugins recently became available to the public and new plugins are popping up on the platform every day. Some of them are pointless so much so that it is better to do the task outside ChatGPT while others are restricted to a single or couple of countries. Of all the plugins we tried, these are some of the best ChatGPT plugins as of now to get started and make your work easier and crazier.

Did you know there are also AI Chrome extensions that can bring AI to the forefront of your usage?

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