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7 Best Color Palette Apps for iPhone and iPad

by Kaushal
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Whether you’re designing a website or choosing a color scheme for your blog, a color palette app can help you find the perfect combination of colors. Let’s check out the best color palette apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best Color Palette Apps


For: Generating Color Palettes from photos

iColors is a simple color palette app that lets you create a color scheme from a photo. There are two ways to create a color palette; using the hue chart, and using a photo. It has plenty of templates that you can just pick up and start using in your projects. You can create a color scheme of up to 11 different colors and the best part of this app is that you can use your existing pictures to create a color palette. The only limitation of the app is that you need to purchase the full app to be able to share the palettes. The full app costs $2.99.

Install iColors (free, $2.99)


2.Color Name AR

For: Identifying Colors in Real-time

Color Name is an AR app that allows you to identify colors by simply pointing your iPhone towards an object. It uses the Camera to identify the color and does a decent job of correctly guessing the color. It also shows the color value in RGB that makes it easier to recreate on a computer. You can also find the color values from a picture but I should point out that the images captured can be different from what your eyes see and you may not get an accurate color but it will be very close to it. Color Name AR is free on the App Store.

Install Color Name AR (Free, $3.99)

color ar

3. Pastel

For: Generating Color Scheme for Procreate

Procreate is one of the most popular drawing tools for the iPad and Pastel is a color scheme app designed for it. It has a lot of pre-built themes that you can simply export to Procreate or create a new one from scratch. The app also lets you generate reference cards of the color scheme which you can send to your clients as an email. Pastel is great when you just need to quickly create color schemes and export it to Procreate and other apps.

Install Pastel (free)


4. Color Convert

For: quickly converting Hex to CMYK

If your work involves a lot of printing then knowing the CMYK values to any Hex color code is a no brainer. Color Convert is a simple app that just has one function. You feed it a hex code, and it generates the CMYK code corresponding to the color. Color Convert is free on the App Store.

Install  Color Convert (free)

color convert

5. Paint Mixer

For: Mixing paint on your iPhone

Paint is expensive and when you’re mixing two colors, you have to be sure of exact amounts. Paint Mixer aims to solve this problem by offering you a way to generate new paint colors by mixing existing paint colors. Simply choose your paint color from the table and adjust the percentages to find out the desired color. The app is for anyone who wants to recreate a similar shade of paint by mixing two colors. Paint Mixer if free on the App Store.

Install  Paint Mixer (free)

paint mixer app

6. Palette Republic

For: Adding Color Swatch to your photos

A photo is made of a few primary colors and when you’re trying to recreate other images with the same color schemes, you need to know the exact colors. Palette Republic lets you create a beautiful palette of your photos with a few different styles. The app automatically extracts the dominant colors of the picture and overlays it on the image that looks really cool. After generating the swatch photo, you can also save it to your iPhone or share it with your social media. Palette Republic is free on the App Store.

Install Palette Republic (free)

palette republic

7. Coolors

For: creating and managing Color Palettes

Coolors is a well-made app designed to streamline your color scheme generation. It lets you quickly generate high-quality color swatches with clean design and all the necessary info. You can organize your schemes into different projects and collections. The app also has thousands of templates that you can pick and share them directly with your clients and teams. Coolors is available on the App Store for $2.99.

Install Coolors ($2.99)

coolors app swatch


Final words

These were my picks for best color palette apps that you can install on your iPhone. Every app offers something different such as Color AR lets you find shaded by simply pointing your Camera. Paint Mixer shows the desired color you’d achieve by mixing the color. Which app are you going to use? Let me know in the comments below.

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