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7 Best Discord Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Your Experience

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Discord is already feature-rich and you can improve them further with the help of bots. But you can only add these bots to the servers to take advantage. This is where Chrome extensions come in. You can use Discord Chrome extensions to improve the functionality of the app itself in ways that Discord bots cannot. Here are some of the best Discord Chrome extensions you must get.

Best Discord Chrome Extensions

1. Hide Discord Sidebar

Discord has two left sidebars, one for the list of servers you follow and the other for channels in the server. With the help of Hide Discord Sidebar extension, you can hide the sidebar that shows channels. That way, you can increase the horizontal space on the Discord app for messaging. You can view the sidebar easily by hovering the mouse over the space between the server sidebar and the message box.

Hide Discord Sidebar Chrome Extension

There is no set-up process for this extension. Just open the Chrome Web Store and install Hide Discord Sidebar by clicking on Add to Discord option. This will only work on Discord browser app and you need to reload the website once after the installation.

2. 3 Guilds Row

The previous extension hides the sidebar whereas the 3 Guild Row Chrome extension for Discord increases the sidebar width. The server sidebar at the left can feel pretty cramped up if you have joined a lot of servers. Also, it makes moving between servers a hassle. With this extension, it basically makes the server sidebar 3 rows wide instead of 1.

3 Guilds Row Chrome Extension

So if you are a server hopper and want an easy way to access all your servers, this Discord Chrome extension is for you. Similar to the Hide Discord Sidebar website, there is no set-up process. But if you have joined only a few servers, it won’t take up 3 rows of space. The extension is smart that way.

3. Send to Discord

This Chrome extension allows users to send links and selected text and images to a Discord channel on any server. You simply right-click on any selected text, link, or image, then click on Send to Discord in the menu. This will instantly send it to the server.

1. To set up, install the Send to Discord extension. Then click on the extension icon at the top right on Chrome.

Logging into Discord on send to Discord

2. It asks you to log in using your Discord account. Later authenticate the server and select the server and the channel you want to receive messages on.

Logging on Discord

3. Once done, you can open any website and right-click on the text, link, or image you want to share. In the pop-up, select the Send Selection to Discord option.

Send to Discord option

Note that the extension is using webhooks to offer this feature.

Message sent on Discod though send to Discord

This means the messages will be delivered from the Caption hook bot instead of your Discord profile. But we don’t recommend sharing something you shouldn’t or breaking Discord community guidelines or ToS.

4. Discord Kiosk

If you think the Discord app is heavy and making your device slower, try the Discord Kiosk. It adds a few additional features to the Discord web app. You can set the Discord Kiosk to start automatically at launch just like the Discord app.

discord Kiosk App

Install the Discord Chrome extension using the link above. You should find the Kiosk icon in the applications to open. Simply log in using your Discord account to begin using the Kiosk.

5. Discordmate

It is a Discord chat exporter Chrome extension. You can export any chat from direct messages to server chats. It downloads the chat in either HTML or in CSV format. You can later open the CSV file in Excel or Google Sheets.

1. First install the Discordmate extension from Chrome Web Store.

2. Now launch Discord and open any chat, either the direct message page or the server channel page.

3. Now click on the Discordmate extension icon at the top-right in the extensions.

4. Enter the start and end date for the exporter to export the chat between that time period.

Extracting messages from Discord

5. You can also click on the dot icon beside the start and end date. So that you can simply select the message on Discord and Discord Chat Exporter will export the chat starting from that message.

Selecting start and end date to extract messages from Discord

6. Select the export format between HTML or CSV.

Exporting Discord messages in HTML or CSV format

7. Once done, click on Export to export the data instantly.

6. Typing Status Hider

When you are typing on DM or the server, Discord notifies the user that you are typing. It also does not give any native option to turn this feature off. But, you can do it with the help of this nifty little Chrome extension for Discord.

Install and open Typing Status Hider extension from the top-right corner to enable it. Now open Discord and begin typing and your friends won’t be able to check your ‘typing status’.

Enabling Typing Status Hider

7. Goose Mod

Goose Mod adds some cool but useful Discord themes and plugins. Themes are diverse and all its plugins are open-source, so no need to worry about your Discord data’s security.

1. Install the Goose Mod extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Now open the Discord homepage.

3. Here you should see Themes and Plugins options in the sidebar under the Goose Mod section.

Themes and Plugins option with Goose Mod

4. Open Themes, where should find different themes to try. Click on the Install button to do the needful. Make sure you don’t install multiple themes at the same time as the services try to combine them ironically.

discord themes on Goose Mod

5. The same is the case with Plugins. Find the Plugin and click on Install for the effect to take place right away.

Plugins on Goose Mod Discord

With plugins, this particular Chrome extension for Discord brings a lot of features to the table. My favorite plugins are VC timer, Voice Chat Utilities, Who reacted, and Staff tags.

Extending Discord’s Functionality

While there are many Discord Chrome extensions that come in handy in different situations, they can be only useful when you are using Discord’s web app. They work on Chrome and any Chromium-based browser like Edge and Brave. Apart from them, you may also like to install Rick Roll Detector. It will display rick emoji beside all the images that lead to rickrolling you. Also, check out these useful extensions that will help you with many other activities that you do on the web.

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