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Best Driving Learning Apps for iOS & Android

by Vaibhav

Getting a license requires a long list of tests, whether it’s a written test, where your road knowledge is checked, or a driving test, which puts you in a real-life driving scenario. While most of you can enroll in driving school, or practice with a car at home. You can really brush up on theory like road signs, take written tests, and even get a parking perspective with simply your phone. So, if you want to crack your driving exam, here are the best driving learning apps for iOS & Android.

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Best Driving Learning Apps

1. Learn Driving Offline

Before you even think of hitting the pedal, you should have an idea about the car, its components, and how things work. Think of it as a course before you do the practical. The app has four sections with very simple plain text explanation, which are the car’s control (basic info. on gearbox, foot pedals), start to drive section (how to place the car into gear, change lanes), basic traffic rules and lastly, driving tips & tricks. These explanations also contain pictures to help you visualize better.

This is a great starting point for someone who isn’t yet sure about driving but wants to read about it. The app has banner ads at the top but isn’t intrusive and it works offl—alline as well.  Here’s a similar app on iOS.

Get Learn Driving Offline for Android  

Driving Learning Apps

2. Learn To Drive

This app fills the gap of the previous app with visual animated videos to help you understand the aspects of driving better. For example, the app consists of animations on various real-life driving situations such as junctions, pedestrian crossing, driving safely around a roundabout, etc. The animations are very minimal and the instructive narration gives you a clear understanding of road etiquette.

The app has very few free videos. You can either download all courses for $13 or get individual courses of your choice for $4.

Get Learn to Drive for ( iOS | Android

Driving Learning Apps

3. Practice Test USA & Road Signs

Here’s a question, what’s the difference between a spotted marking and a double marking without a spot on the road? If you were not able to answer that, brace tightly as these road signs are prevalent in a driving test. This app will help you learn about various road signs along with basic road rules explained by both text and illustrations. Once you’re confident, start with the short section, which has over 20 quizzes with 20 ques. each. That’s all you’d need to master road signs.

The app has banner ads at the bottom and there’s no way to get rid of them, but it works offline, so there’s no hassle!

Get Practice Test USA & Road Signs for Android 

4. DMV Permit Practice Test Genie

Every driving test can vary from state to state across, U.S., and the previous traffic and road sign test is just a part of it. Hence the need for this highly-rated driver education app. The first step is to select the state you’d be taking your test at (also a global option). Next, you have to choose whether you’re applying for a car, commercial vehicle, or a motorcycle, and you’re all set. The app has a huge bank of questions and practices tests which are based on the specific state’s driver’s manual, to get you better prepared with state-specific info.

The app also has a premium version that unlocks more practice papers, access to cheat sheets and removes ads. This premium version comes at $12.

Get DMV Permit Practice Test Genie for ( iOS | Android

Driving Learning Apps

5. Parking Mania 2

Parking your car is the trickiest of a driving test. This parking game will condition you to think about the movement of the car in any parking situation. The gameplay involves accelerating, reversing, parking with a trailer, handling a roundabout, and even dodging other vehicles. On top of that, you can also drive your vehicle around the area beside the challenge. The only issue is, as soon as you hit another surface, you’ll get minus points.

The game is free and doesn’t contain ads. You have so tons of missions, hurdles, live traffic, which can get hard at times, so if you are eyeing for the driver’s license, this is a must-try!

Get Parking Manis 2 for ( iOS | Android

Driving Learning Apps

6.Car Driving School 2020

This game uses real-life simulations to teach you driving whether it’s wearing a seat belt (the app reminds you) or turning the indicator o. You’ll get a prompt as soon as you make a mistake, so you are aware and don’t repeat it the next time. The nicest thing about the UI is the gameplay controls. You have manual gear just like a real car, windscreen wiper, headlight toggle and much more. The overall UI of the game might still be a bit basic, but someone who’s doesn’t know how to drive, this can be a great start.

The app is free; however few missions, car options are locked which can be upgraded with in-app purchases. This removes annoying ads as well.

Get Car Driving School 2020 for Android 

7. Driving Academy – Driver Simulator

This one is a similar stimulator as the first one. However, you get far more flexibility in terms of choosing cars, night driving, and also free will, which is missing from the one above. However, if you want to try out these features, you need to finish levels one by one in the app. These levels consist of over 90 road signs tests which are also great for revision. You can also choose between a left or right-hand steering control, depending on the country you’re in.

I wish the free driving, night driving stage was open for trial but provided it’s a driving learning game. The reward after completing stages makes more sense. The ads can be removed for $0.5 along with more options for in-app purchases.

Get Driving Academy – Driver Simulator for ( iOS | Android

Closing Remarks

So, these were the best driving learning apps you can get on iOS & Android. I’d highly suggest anyone who’s yet to take a driving test to get the theory correct. Take the practice test with the DMV app and also learn about as much traffic/road signals as you can. The driving stimulus games are also great, however, if you can convince your family or friend to teach you in en empty space, hands-on experience will be far better than trying it out on your phone! I hope you have a bit more clarity on the driving tests now. All the very best.

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