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5 Best Dual Monitor Arms and Stands for Power Users

by Pankil Shah
5 Best Dual Monitor Arms and Stands

Dual monitor setups are great. With more screens, you can view more data at a glance, get better ergonomics, and manage more activities all at the same time. But you can take your productivity game to the next level by mounting your screens on a dual monitor arm or stand. With them, you can elevate your screens to eye level while having the freedom of choosing between a portrait or landscape orientation. Additionally, you’ll be able to convert your regular desk into a standing one as some of these arms can rise up to 20” from the tabletop. And most importantly, these arms attach to the edge of your desk, which means you’ll have more desk space than ever for your books, keyboard, mouse, and other stuff.

But which one should you buy? To help you find the answer, we’ve shortlisted the 5 best dual monitor arms and stands to increase productivity.

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1. EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand

We start this list with the EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand. Featuring arms that can swivel 180° and rise up to 16.3” in height, the EleTab stand is all about flexibility. This aluminum-made stand uses a gas spring system which allows for smoother monitor adjustments. And to achieve a cleaner look, each monitor arm has an enclosed cable management channel which allows cables to run through them. 

EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand

Fixing monitors on the EleTab stand is also a breeze as the arms feature VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm mounting holes. That said, the only complaint some of the buyers had is experiencing a slight wobble sometimes. Other than that, EleTab is a flexible dual monitor stand with the best cable management among all the stands.

2. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

If you’ve ever used an AmazonBasics product, you’d know how reliable they are. Well, their dual monitor stand is no different. It is designed to free up desk space and can be attached to any desk between 0.4 to 2.4 inches thick with its clamp. Plus, the all-metal construction offers much more stability. And whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation or want to tilt your monitor to achieve a better viewing angle, the AmazonBasics stand can do it all. 

AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

Setting up the stand is a fairly simple and straightforward process even for a non-expert. While it doesn’t have hollow arms like its counterpart above, one can use the included detachable clips to organize cables. 

While the $220 price is not “Basic” by any means, AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand is certainly a great buy if you can pick it up for less during sale.

3. Jarvis Monitor Mounting Arm

If you don’t mind splurging a little extra on the premium looks of a dual monitor stand, then Jarvis Monitor Mounting Arm is for you. At its peak, the gas-activated monitor arms can rise up to 19.8” above the tabletop, while allowing each display to be oriented in a landscape or portrait position. Plus, the white, black, and silver color options means you can easily pick one that matches your desk.

Jarvis Monitor Mounting Arm

The arms are equipped with a removable VESA plate with an integrated cable management system. Furthermore, you can choose between a clamp and a grommet mounting base for attachment, as both are included in the kit. All in all, at $170, Jarvis Monitor Arm might be pricey for some, but it certainly packs the looks and quality to justify the price.

4. HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand 

If you’re a fan of large monitors of up to 35” in size, the HUANUO stand can certainly handle them all with a weight carrying capacity of up to 26 lbs. With the range of flexibility this stand offers, you can tilt, rotate, or swivel it in almost any position of your liking. As an added bonus, the large base also houses a couple of USB ports, so you can easily charge your accessories or connect them to your monitor.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

With its gas spring arms that can go as high as 22” from the desk and extend up to 27.5”, you can experiment with multiple screen positions. You can also position two monitors in opposite orientation if you’re sharing the desk with someone. 

5. VIVO Desk Mount

If you’re on a budget while looking for a desk mount for your dual monitors, check out this Amazon bestseller from VIVO. Priced at only $40, it doesn’t get cheaper than this. The affordable stand is VESA compatible and can fit screens ranging from 13” to 27” in size. Plus, each of its arms has six joints, giving users the freedom to achieve a fluid or stationary position.

VIVO Desk Mount

The included C-clamp desk mount can grip any desk up to 4” thick. Plus, the anti-slip padding ensures that the clamp doesn’t damage your fancy desk. Like its counterpart above, the VIVO stand also uses detachable cable ties to organize cables.

After amassing close to 28 thousand reviews on Amazon, the VIVO Stand still manages to earn an average rating of 4.6 stars, with most of the users hailing the stand for its sturdiness and flexibility. 

Wrap Up: 5 Best Dual Monitor Arms and Stands

Monitor arms can really be the missing piece in the puzzle you need to complement your existing dual monitor setup. Depending on your monitor screen size and budget, any of these best dual monitor arms or stands is a worthy investment to help you unlock the full potential of your monitors.

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