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9 Best Expense Tracker Apps For Android and iOS

by Arjit pratap singh

Since we all already know what expense management apps and how those are better than using a spreadsheet, so I’m gonna avoid the regular features and directly come to the point. Some of these are regular expense management apps wherein you can manually prepare an expense sheet for personal or professional use. While some come with added features like receipt scanning, others even offer to link your bank accounts thus making everything automated. Let’s check out some of the best Expense Tracker apps for Android and iOS.

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Best Expense Tracker Apps

1. Fudget

A fixed budget, at least that’s how I see it, Fudget I mean. The app focuses on monthly budget entries wherein you manually create an event like a monthly expense sheet or a party expense sheet etc. The app is as simple as it could get and yet pretty much powerful when it comes to managing expense sheet.



  • Budget sheet with simple income and expense entries
  • Multiple budget sheets
  • Pie chart representation for available entries
  • Export budget sheet
  • Cloud sync
  • Passcode and FaceID support

Download Fudget on Android & iOS (free, $4 for pro version)

2. Wally lite

Wally is a budget monitoring app mostly recommended for people studying at universities. Simply put in your income for the month and the app will show you your daily budget limit. The limit adjust according to the entries you make so you’ll always know if you’re overspending.



  • Daily budget calculator
  • Weekly expense charts
  • Review page
  • Locations tab for expense entries

Download Wally lite on Android & iOS (free)

3. Spendee

One of the best apps on the list with a complete package and my personal recommendation. Spendee is a perfect companion app for your phones. It not only keeps a check on your monthly budget but also gives you an overview of your life budget. Sounds weird I know. But once you attach your bank account and wallets with this app you’ll know what I’m talking about. It takes into consideration all your accounts like loan account, personal account, a mortgage account, credit card, etc and gives you an overview of your outstanding amounts.



  • Attach actual bank accounts and wallets
  • Automatic entries via bank account sync
  • Multiple accounts and wallets

Download Spendee on Android & iOS (free, $23 yearly for premium features)

4. Money Lover

Another app loaded with features like Spendee but has a little more complex interface. Once you have enough entries, you will easily understand it better. Money Lover also lets you link your wallets and accounts so that you can have automated entries. But has some extra features like savings planning and budget plannings.



  • Link bank accounts and wallet services
  • Customizable time reports
  • Savings and budget planning
  • Subscription monitoring
  • Automated recurring transaction entries
  • Daily Reminders to make entries

Download Money Lover on Android & iOS (free, $5 for premium version)

5. Money Manager

Money Mgr. is another intuitive app on the list. The interface is professional looking. The app can be personalized at some levels like income and expenses heads can be added to the pre-set list so make entries quick. Given the look and professional presentation of stats, the app is still pretty easy to use. Various accounts can be added to the list but all the entries remain manual, meaning no real-time sync between app and bank accounts.



  • Calendar representation
  • Classified expense chart stats
  • Interface personalization

Download Money Manager on Android & iOS (free)

6. Spending Tracker

A quite simple and elegant app, Spending give you a sense of writing on a board in your room. The app comes with all basic features and nothing fancy apart from some gestures in the app interface. One cool feature of the app is that you can see your future balance when you turn on the carry forward feature.

You can even view the same data in a chart representation by simply rotating the phone to switch between tabular and chart representation. No taps needed.


  • Carry forward balances
  • Cloud sync
  • Reminders
  • Minor interface personalizations

Download Spending Tracker on Android & iOS (free, $4 for version)

7. Expensify

My suggestion for professional users, both employers, and employees. Expensify is a great tool to track the expenses that you need to get reimbursed. Alternatively, employers can use it to monitor and reimburse employee expenses. But its not necessarily meant for commercial use so yes, you can use it for personal record keeping as well.



  • Track and submit expenses for reimbursement
  • Collect receipts and control company expenses
  • Scan receipts to make entries
  • Use distance to calculate fare amount
  • GPS for automated distance-fare entry

Download Expensify on Android & iOS (free,$5 for premium version)

8. SAP Concur

Yet another app designed for the corporate genre. SAP Concur is a tool with the most basic interface required to do its job. You can simply maintain a record of expenses made, expenses claimed and approved claims and that’s about it.



  • Connect to apps like UBER for automated entries
  • Messaging services within the app
  • Scan receipts for making entries

Download SAP Concur on Android & iOS (free)

9. TravelBank

TravelBank, one of the best Expense Tracker app which is perfect for planning travel budget. It helps you not only maintain a budget but also plan your complete trip from commute to stay. The app is suitable for both personal or corporate use. There is no monitoring or expense sharing by an employer but you can very well generate an expense sheet that could get you exact reimbursements. The best part is creating a trip budget. Select a destination and check the boxes as per your requirements, and the app will give you an estimated cost of everything including travel and stay.



  • Flight search
  • Hotel Search
  • Automated budget planner for trips

Download TravelBank on Android & iOS (free)

Budget Management Apps

So these are the best picks I found from both paid and free apps available out there. But the free versions of the paid apps also work pretty well for basic expense tracking. As I mentioned before, my app suggestion will be Spendee if you want to do an overall assessment of your spending power. But every app on the list is pretty specific to particular needs if you look closely. Apps like Money Lover and Money manager are people looking for daily expense management. And apps like Expensify and TravelBank are for people planning trip budgets. Finally, if you need a simple open-source app that has no way to log your data, check out Budget Watch. The only caveat though, it’s available on Android only. So take your pick and let us know which is your favorite expense tracker app. Suggestions in the comments below.

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