Best Football Score Apps For New Soccer Fans (Android & iOS)

Every day someone new decides to follow football. In this article, we have curated the best Android and iOS apps that will help you catch on with the football fever! These apps provide minute-by-minute live scores, the schedule for future games, team updates, social media updates and rumors regarding the transfer of players.

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Best Football Score Apps

1. SofaScore

One of the most diverse apps in terms of sports covered. SofaScore provides live updates for almost 20 sports. The updates are on-time and accurate. It has simplistic UI with minimal ads. SofaScore provides information about teams, league, and standings. It also works well with Android and Apple Watch.




  • Covers a variety of sports
  • Simplistic UI
  • Minimal ads


  • Updates can occasionally get lost when multiple matches from your favorites list are happening simultaneously
  • No data regarding news and transfer rumors

Best For – Anyone who wants to follow matches, from different sports, on the go. The UI ensures you see only relevant information. The only downside is the absence of articles regarding the latest news, team updates, and transfer rumors.

Download SofaScore for free (Android | iOS)

2. Forza Football

A great app with updates to over 400 teams. The app focusses primarily on team updates, so you can get all the information about your favorite teams, the latest fixtures, transfer rumors, news updates. To search for news regarding leagues, you will need to search the app for the league, however, there is an option to activate notification regarding any league. The app provides timely updates, loads of stats regarding the game/team.

Forza Football


  • All the information available for over 400 teams
  • Timely updates
  • Customizable notification and themes.


  • Information about leagues can be neglected
  • The huge amount of data can be a bit confusing.

Best for – It is a great app for anyone who wants to stay updated regarding their favorite team. All information from transfer rumors to latest match stats & updates are available at one stop. For those who are new to football, the amount of information can be intimidating.

Download Forza Football for free (AndroidiOS)

3. LiveScore

One of the most minimalistic apps available. It contains information regarding match schedules, on-going game data like line-ups, live commentary, and game stats. It has live updates for multiple leagues and teams from football, tennis, cricket, basketball, and hockey.



  • Minimalistic UI ensures you never miss essential game data
  • Option to follow multiple sports
  • Timely updates


  • No information regarding team news
  • Social media updates
  • Transfer rumors

Best for –  Simplicity is often best. This app brings live game data and match schedules in the most simplistic way possible, ensuring you do not miss important game information. Option to follow multiple sports is a big advantage. The lack of team/league news and updates are its only flaw.

Download LiveScore for free (AndroidiOS)

4. FotMob

One of the cleanest apps with no compromise on information. FotMob delivers all possible information regarding teams and leagues in a minimal UI. The material design of the UI ensures you do not miss important information amidst other information. Timely updates and complete game information are its selling points. There are occasional issues with the push notification, but the app is stable otherwise.



  • Minimal UI
  • Complete information regarding team/league updates
  • Social media updates and transfer rumors


  • Occasional issues with push notifications

Best for: A great app to follow European football. It provides all the information in one app with a minimal UI for easy navigation. The only issue is with its push notification, causing you to miss some information occasionally.

Download FotMob (AndroidiOS)

5. 365Scores

One of the most diverse apps available, 365Scores boasts to provide all the information you will ever need at one place. It supports multiple sports, but it was optimized for football(soccer). It shows the latest matches, live updates, news, social media updates. You can even connect your Facebook account and it will update the information based on your Facebook likes, providing a personalized feed.



  • All information provided in a simplistic UI
  • Personalized information
  • Complete coverage of team/league information


  • The placement of ads can be troublesome
  • Slow to open on slow mobile networks.

Best for: It is an almost the perfect app for the following football. It caters to all the needs of a football fan from live updates, stat information to social media updates. The only downside, if any, can be the placement of ads which can interfere with navigation at times.

Download 365Score for free (AndroidiOS

6. Google Assistant

One of the most popular methods to know about football is simply googling it. Google provides latest match timings, team information, articles from popular blogs. It also as feature to pin live score of on-going matches. You can even watch highlights from previous games.

If you have Amazon Echo device, then you can also use Alexa to keep track of your favorite team. Simply go to “Settings” > . look for “Sports Update” and add your fav teams there.

Google Assistant


  • No need to install any additional apps
  • All relevant information in one search
  • Updates and match highlights of teams/leagues following.


  • Need to search for a team to know updates and match timings
  • No accurate reminders prior to the start of a game.

Best for: Ease of simply googling the team to fetch game data over downloading an app and following the team can be very seductive. Google provides you to all the necessary information regarding the search, thus with one search, you can update yourself completely. The lack of game reminders can be a deal breaker, but Google is still one of the best ways to follow games on the go.

7. Onefootball

As the name suggests, it is a one-stop app for everything football related. It provides with live updates, match schedule, social media updates, and news. This is one of best apps to cover US soccer. It provides the best source of information and updates for MLS soccer.



  • Provides complete information of games
  • Great coverage of MLS soccer


  • Lags occasionally
  • Slow update of some of the less popular leagues

Best for:  Although it does cover over 200 leagues internationally, this app is best suited for US fans with an interest in world soccer. Despite minor issues, the app is one of the most complete football apps.

Download Onefootball (Android | iOS)

8. Facebook Watch

Facebook recently acquired rights to broadcast La Liga matches. You can view the matches live on the official Facebook pages of the teams playing the match. The data usage is average; thus you can view the game at the standard definition on slow net speeds as well.

9. SonyLiv

SonyLiv lets you watch La Liga, Serie A, and UCL games for free on their app. The stream quality is great and works well with slow connections as well. Matches can be streamed on their site and work over other apps as well. Thus, you can watch the game while texting as well!

10. Live Soccer TV

One stop app to know timings and channels broadcasting the game. It also has links to the broadcasting site as well. Completely free app with minimal ads.

Which is the best Football score app?

While all the apps listed above provide accurate live updates, some apps provide slightly more, for those who need a little extra information. For simple updates and following live matches on the go, apps like LiveScore or SofaScore can be best, as they provide just the essential information. For users who want all the latest updates and rumors, apps like 365Scores or FotMob can provide it all at one stop. For fans more interested in US soccer and want latest updates and news from MLS, Onefootball is best suited. Regardless of which app you use, football is a universal sport, made for fun and entertainment. So, pick a team and get on the train!

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