5 Best Geocaching Apps for Android and iOS

Geocaching is not exactly a new phenomenon but has caught the fancy of the world in recent years. It’s a treasure cache in the form of a canister or small container with a piece of paper that you will sign upon finding it. Sometimes, you will find some fun trivia item in it left by some other explorer. How to find these caches? You will need geocaching apps for Android and iOS phones and use a combination of GPS+clues to locate it.

Best Geocaching Apps

Think of it as a treasure hunt where the whole world is your playground. These caches have been stored and marked by users all over the world. There are some rules like make sure you never use private property and always respect the privacy and security of the users. Never bury the cache or leave harmful substances like drugs or weapons inside. Keep it simple, or not, but fun.

Let’s begin.

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1. Geocaching

The concept of geocaching was started by Jeremy Irish, also known as the godfather of geocaching. Needless to say, he has been hiding geocaches for more than two decades now, making his geocahcing app the premier location to begin your next adventure. Some countries also host local geocaching events that you will find listed here.

It has one of the largest databases of geocaches in the world with plenty of coordinates, hints, and some helpful tools like maps, compass, offline maps, and instructions for driving or hiking. A very large community that you can communicate with using messages. While the free version is cool enough, there is a paid version priced at $29.99/year. Subscription will unlock more geocaches that may offer hidden treasures.

Download Geocaching: Android | iOS

2. Cachly

Unlike Geocaching that was available on both platforms, Cachly was designed for iOS users only. Sad seeing the number of Android users in the world. Anyway, Cachly has two main benefits that you should know about. One is that it has a partnership with Geocaching.com. The second is that the pro version has a one-time fee of $6.99. That’s incredible value for money.

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Cachly will make it easy to use all the details at your fingertips. For example, you can search and filter results and then save them with maps offline. There is a separate tracker for codes. Another cool thing is Apple Watch support which can come in very handy when trekking in the wild.

Download Cachly: iOS

3. C:geo

C:geo is for Android what Cachly is for iOS users. One key difference is that it is open-source and completely free. Like Cachly, you can choose the map app of your choice and plot all codes on the same. Plenty of filters to drill down data and store everything offline or even on your device for later perusal.

C:geo has a really simple UI that is fast and clean. Waypoints can help find caches and now you can create your own caches too. You can also access and store cache information from Geocaching.com which makes it awesome. You can filter caches that you don’t want to see or have already explored.

Download C:geo: Android

4. Looking4Cache

Another geocaching app that taps into the database of Geocaching.com via API, Looking4Cache offers some additional tools and options in an attempt to make your hunt easier. Saving locations, waypoints, cache details, logs, and images. You can also take and upload your own images which I think all geocachers should do.

There are some interesting features that you may not find in other geocaching apps for Android and iOS. Some examples are finding telephone jokers, local contact links, vector maps, live maps, and support for GPX and GGZ files. The app will cost you $5.99 plus there are some add-ons to increase functionality.

Download Looking4Cache: iOS

5. Locus Map

Last but not least geocaching app for Android and iOS users, Locus Map also works with the Geocaching dot com app and offers offline mapping and navigation to find geocaches. Note that the free version of the app doesn’t support navigation.

Locus Map also works well with other geocaching apps like C:geo. That’s helpful in a number of ways like less back and forth, saves storage as geocache apps can consume a lot of space, and precious time. Other features include various POIs in different formats, photos, recording your tracks and journey, sound and voice-based navigation.

Download Locus Map: Android

Wrap Up: Geocaching Apps for Android and iOS

There is not a lot of variety when it comes to geocaching apps for smartphones. The hobby is old but the founder’s site seems to be the numero uno solution for all things geocache. Most other apps simply take what’s already been done and add their own unique twist over it by offering some additional features and filters. Useful for those who spend time and enjoy going the distance in search of hidden treasures. Might save the day one day.

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