7 Best GIF Maker Apps for Windows For Different Needs

Whether browsing for memes on Reddit or reading an article on BuzzFeed, I’m sure you’ve seen GIFs all around. While creating GIFs is easy, finding a perfect GIF maker app is difficult. The only problem with GIFs is that size increases considerably if the GIFs are longer. I have compiled a list of best GIF maker apps for Windows. Let’s check it out. Spoilers all of these apps are free and doesn’t put any watermarks

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Best GIF Maker Apps for Windows

1. SSuite GIF Animator

SSuite GIF Animator is a simple app that lets you make GIF from images. To get started, select all the images (supports PNG, BMP, or JPEG format), import them in the software and create a GIF. You can adjust the interval between each frame and adjust the size of the output GIF. While creating GIFs, make sure that all the images are of the same size in order to avoid image clipping.

The application is free and is suitable for casual GIFs which don’t require any editing.

GIF Maker for Windows- ssuite GIF animator

Check out SSuite GIF Animator

2. Instagiffer

This next app is a simple GIF creator which makes GIFs from YouTube videos. Instead of downloading the YouTube video, clipping the portion, and then creating a GIF you can simply paste the URL and create high-quality GIFs. Unlike GIFrun (similar web app) you don’t have a capping of 10 seconds and you can control quality, Frame rate, and captions.

Instagraffer is free to download and doesn’t have any watermarks.

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GIF Maker for Windows- instagiffer

Check out Instagiffer

3. Photoscape

Photoscape is a powerful photo editing software for Windows and turns out, it also lets you create GIFs. Unlike the SSuite GIF Animator app, it has a few editing options.

You can use all the editing tools to prep the images before dumping them on GIF creator. Once all the images are in the GIF, you can see the preview and tweak a few parameters. You can adjust the duration of a frame, add transitions and texts.

Photoscape is good editing software and you can create decent GIFs with it. It free to download on the Microsoft Store. It also has a Pro version but you won’t need it as it doesn’t offer any GIF related features.

GIF Maker for Windows- photoscape

Check out Photoscape

4. Giffing Tool

The last two apps were useful if you already had images ready to convert into a GIF. Giffing Tool is a tad different. It reminds me of the Snipping Tool. It lets you record the Windows Screen and generates a GIF.

Just run the application, select an area on the screen and hit record. Once you’re done, press the ESC button on your keyboard to finish recording. It generates a GIF and you can use it. The only caveat with this software is that it has no editing tools inbuilt so you’d have to manually edit the GIF after.

Giffing Tool is free and you can use it to create GIFs of anything on your Windows Screen.

GIF Maker for Windows- giffing tool

Check out Giffing Tool

5. Easy GIF Animator

Next, Easy GIF Animator is a powerful GIF tool which lets you create GIFs from scratch. You can simply start a project and start creating frame by frame. It has a few editing tools which let you manipulate each frame and you can keep everything separate. You can resize your animation anytime during production. You can reverse animation, adjust canvas, convert it to greyscale, copy frames etc.

Creating a GIF from a video is built into the software. It splits the video frames and you can then edit individual frames. Using the software has its learning curve but it is easy to get accustomed to it. It is a powerful tool with many features designed specifically for GIF animation.

GIF Maker for Windows- easy gif

The software is free to try and you can use it for 20 times. If you’re looking for a powerful GIF tool to create some serious GIFs, the license key would cost you around $30.

Check out Easy GIF Animator


I’m not a big fan of online GIF tools, but EZGIF is a good exception. The number of features alone makes it so much more powerful than the rest of its competitors. You can adjust brightness, contrast, hue, rotation, and levels. It has a few color presets which you can use, you can also select an animation flow to add more zing to your GIFs. After applying these effects and filters you can move on to optimizing speed and size of the GIF, add text, and overlay an image.

GIF Maker for Windows- ezgif
EZGIF works great for an online tool but the only drawback is that you have to wait for it to apply every action on the GIF. This happens because every process happens on the server side which means the network speed can greatly influence the time of editing. EZGIF is completely free and doesn’t put any watermarks.

Check out EZGIF

7. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop needs no introduction in the photo editing world. It is one of the most popular software for professional editing. I regularly use Photoshop for editing images for TechWiser but I never created a GIF with it. Turns out, not only you can create GIFs with Photoshop but you can edit existing GIFs and videos with it. Turn on the Timeline bar in Photoshop and you’re good to go. You get total control of the output file. You can edit, optimize, animate etc with Photoshop.

Photoshop is a paid software and has a learning curve, if don’t know how to use Photoshop I would recommend using one of the other software from the list.

Check out Photoshop (30 days free trial)

Which GIF Maker should you choose?

These were some of the best GIF Maker apps for Windows. Giffing Tool is great when you just want a GIF of a certain part of your Windows screen, it saves a lot of time on editing. Photoscape and SSuite are quite basic and let you create a simple image-based GIFs. Instagiffer and GIFrun are meant for creating GIFs from online videos. Photoshop is the beast which can change your GIF making perception if you can control it. Which GIF Maker apps do you use? Tell us in the comments below.

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