15+ Best Gmail Chrome Extensions (2018)

Gmail has a wide range of features and has improved email organization in the recent years with the addition of categories and various other customizations. However, there’s always room for productivity and Gmail is on the top of that list. Fortunately, there are many Chrome extensions available for Gmail that can help you be more productive and maybe even give you that missing feature that you always wanted. So, we have compiled here a list of best Gmail Chrome Extension for productivity and ease of use.

Best Gmail Chrome Extensions

1. Checker Plus for Gmail

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have access to your entire Gmail in a Chrome Extension? Well, Checker plus for Gmail happens to fulfill that wish for you. With so many options and features available, Checker plus is the all-in-one chrome extension you will ever need. Some of its best features include Multiple Account support, Notifications, and Google Calendar support. You can easily send an email and check emails from the extension itself.


It has quick options for Mark all email as Read, search emails and every other action that you would do on Gmail. In the recent update, it also added support for Google Calendar and would allow you to manage your events from the extension itself. The best feature I like is the management of Multiple Accounts and their respective notifications.

If you care more about the look and feel then there is a special section for skins and themes to play around and customize. Apart from that, if you happen to contribute to the extension with a small donation then you can also unlock some cool customizations in its layout.

Download Checker Plus for Gmail.

2. Boomerang for Gmail

Sometimes, you would want to send an email at a later time of the day but not now, basically, schedule it to be sent at a specific time in future. But wait, Gmail being such powerful Email client doesn’t happen to have this feature. Well, no worries, Boomerang happens to solve this for you and many other features that you didn’t think you actually needed.


With Boomerang, you can not just schedule emails but even track if the email was responded or at least opened/read. Want to snooze incoming emails? Just enable Inbox Pause and you won’t get emails until the specified time. It also has a reminder service to remind you if certain emails and give an alert if no reply was received. Apart from that, there’s an AI integrated called “Respondable” to help you write better emails.

The service is not totally free. Only 10 emails are allowed in the free plan and thereafter you need to buy the personal or Pro plan that costs $4.99/mo and $14.99/mo respectively.

If you happen to be in the business sector and deal with a lot of emails then Boomerang is a must-have extension for you.

Download Boomerang for Gmail

3. WiseStamp

Email signatures are the best way to let the recipients know who you are. Gmail gives you the ability to add your own signatures but formatting and making a cool looking signature can be quite a hassle. Well, WiseStamp is here to make it easier for you. You can create and customize your signature and make it look the way you want.



The extension is integrated with WiseStamp’s web application where you actually customize the signature. You will have to sign up provide necessary permission in order to make it work. You can add a profile picture, social links, latest blog post/RSS feed and more to the signature.

However, you don’t get full access to its customization features on a free account. You will need to upgrade your account to premium at $6/month.

Download WiseStamp

4. Sortd

Have you used task management tools like Trello or MeisterTask? Well, Sortd happens to do the same thing with Gmail. It helps you to manage your emails in various lists and add them as card into those specific lists. You can toggle back and forth from Gmail UI to task management board with just one click.


Like any other task management app, you can add notes, schedule tasks, set reminders and archive them too. You can also collaborate with other users by creating a board for your organization.

Download Sortd

5. Notifier for Gmail

Well, if all you want is notifier that will notify you new emails, then Notifier for Gmail is the best chrome extension to go for. It can notify email by specific labels selected by and from multiple accounts too. Apart from notification, it can also perform other normal actions like mark as read, delete, archive and spam. You can also snooze notifications for a specific time period to avoid distractions.


The extension doesn’t require any kind of permission or credentials to work. It is an open-source project and totally free to use.

Download Notifier for Gmail

6. RightTasks for Gmail


Having your Task list right beside your working area is more productive and quick. RightTasks for Gmail does the same for you by giving you sidebar to add your tasks. The extension allows you to create multiple task lists and email specific Task list too. So, whenever you open a specific email you know what you have to do. You can open and close the sidebar with shortcuts using G and K respectively. This lightweight extension can be very useful for your daily Gmail Tasks.

Download RightTasks for Gmail

7. FullContact for Gmail

Gmail does a good job of providing contact details regarding the email sender/recipient. But, not all info is available as Google grabs the data from that databases only. What if you could have details regarding their LinkedIn profile and social media accounts? Well, FullContacts grabs that exact details for you.



Current working position, the employer, social media links and option to add as contact, it’s all available with FullContact. It not just grab details but also works like an address book to keep a track of each and every contact. You can also connect other social media accounts to automatically sync contacts.

FullContact acquires some space in your Gmail UI as a sidebar where you can easily check your contacts. It also provides a search functionality to search your contacts and quickly send an email. The service, of course, requires you to register and also offers premium accounts that allow you to store more 1000 contacts and sync multiple Gmail accounts.

FullContact for Gmail is the best Gmail chrome extension to enhance contact information and user interaction.

Download FullContact for Gmail

8. Auto Bcc for Gmail and Inbox

There are times when you would want to send Blind Carbon Copy email to others. It can become a tedious task when there are many emails that have to be added as a cc and bcc everytime you compose an email. Well, Auto Bcc can make this task easy for you by automatically adding a predefined email list as cc or bcc when you compose your email.


You just have to open the options of the extension and add the cc and bcc emails before you compose. Once done, the extension will automatically grab those emails when you compose and add them to cc and bcc respectively. The extension is free to use and require a premium license to use it for commercial purpose.

Auto Bcc for Gmail and Inbox is very simple but very useful. It got a place on this list of best Gmail chrome extension due to the productivity it provides.

Download Auto Bcc for Gmail and Inbox

9. ActiveInbox: Organize Gmail Tasks

ActiveInbox is yet another Task management extension for Gmail, but, an effective one. ActiveInbox focuses on organizing your emails by placing them into different folders (as projects ) and setting a due date for that Email-specific task. A new top bar will be made available by the extension where you can track your Today’s task and project folders. You can also assign specific emails/tasks as a low or high priority for a better Email organization.



Apart from that, it also offers Email scheduling and reminders for specific tasks. However, the extension is not completely free to use. It offers a 14-day free trial and after that, it charges at $4.16/mo for personal and $5.83/mo for premium accounts. With a premium account, you also get access to the mobile app and the full set of features.

Download ActiveInbox: Organize Gmail Tasks

10. Gmail Reverse Conversations

Gmail Reverse Conversation is a tiny extension but a very useful one. It does one task and does it very effectively. As the name suggests, the extension reverses your Gmail conversations, bringing the recent replies at the top and the older ones below them. Basically, it changes the conversation into descending order and brings the reply box at the top, something Gmail should have provided as a feature, right?


Download Gmail Reverse Conversations

11. Flowcrypt: Encrypt Gmail with PGP

If you want to send some sensitive data via Email then encryption is the only answer. There are many highly qualified encryption based email clients available but when it comes to Gmail it is quite different. Gmail doesn’t provide the feature to encrypt your email or password protect it. In this case, Flowcrypt can be a very useful extension that makes use of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption to protect your email and files.



Flowcrypt is a web application but it also provides extension so that you can compose an encrypted mail right from Gmail. All you have to do is log in to your Gmail account on Flowcrypt and set a passphrase for encryption. After doing so, you can start sending encrypted emails to different recipients. The recipient also needs to have the extension or any other PGP client in order to be able to read the email. If the recipient doesn’t have any encryption then you can add a one-time password to the email and files.

Download Flowcrypt

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12. Gmail Offline

Gmail offline is an extension from Google that helps you to read, search, and send emails while you are not connected to the Internet. When you sent the email a you’ll get a notification saying, the computer is offline and the email would be sent when it’s back online.

gmail offline

Update: Offline mode is now available for people using the new Gmail in Chrome browser. Here is how to get it, go to Settings menu on the top right side of Gmail and then select “Try New Mail” from the drop-down menu. Once done, tap on that Settings icon again and then select Settings from the drop-down menu. Scroll to the “Offline” menu option. From there you can set how many days of messages you’d like to sync with your computer.

Download: Gmail Offline

13. Batch Reply for Gmail

This simple chrome extension help you to reply to bunch of emails with a same reply in one single click. Once you install the extension, you’ll see a small Reply button on the bot right side of Gmail. Simply, check the boxes of the emails you want to reply to, and click the big Reply button on the top.

batch reply for gmail

Download: Batch reply for Gmail

14. Dittach

If your Gmail is filled with attachment, Dittach will help you to access the attachments in a practical way. Once installed, the extension will show all you attachment in form of a feed in the sidebar. Thus making it easy for you to search the attachment by type and dates, etc


Download: Detach

15. Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

I am a huge fan of text expansion apps and mostly used them to reply to a sent canned email response. While I would recommend getting a dedicated text expansion app rather than using a chrome extension, but for quick use, the web app also works.


Once you installed the extension, you’ll have to set custom shortcuts and it’s full form. For instance, when you type “wmail” (short for work mail) it should automatically expand to your email address such as “contact@techwiser.com” or if you type, ‘late reply’ it will automatically expand to “Sorry for the late reply, I will get back to you soon” etc.

Download: Auto Text Expander for Google

16. Inbox When Ready for Gmail

If you often get distracted while writing an email, then this one is for you. Once you installed this extension, it’ll hide your inbox in the Gmail web as well as Inbox by Google. You can of course search, compose, look at labels, and pretty much do anything except look at your inbox. And thankfully, just like most extension in this list, this extension also doesn’t read your email or hoover up your contacts.

Inbox When Ready for Gmail

Wrapping Up: Gmail Chrome Extension

So, these are some of the best Gmail Chrome Extension that will help you be more productive and make Gmail more easy to use. However, this list will be incomplete without an addition of a useful Gmail chrome extension from your side. Let us know, what do you think of these extensions and what is that one feature that you really want Gmail should have?

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