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9 Best Google Docs Add-Ons to Get the Most out of It

by Gaurav Bidasaria
Google Android

I recently shared some of the best add-ons for Google Forms and thought, why not do a similar post on Google Docs as well. After all, it is one of the most popular and used apps in the world. Add-ons are cool because they enhance the utility of an already stellar webapp like Google Docs, however, installing too many of them can slow down the browser. A lot will also depend on which browser you are using and what’s your system configuration. So keep that in mind. Without further ado, here are some of the best Google Docs add-ons for you.

Let’s begin.

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Google Docs Add-ons

1. DocSecrets

One of the strengths of Google Docs is collaboration. But when more than one person is editing the same doc, how do you annotate something so that only one or select few can view it? DocSecrets is a cool Google Docs add-on that makes it possible.

DocsSecrets in action

What’s even cooler is that the information is encrypted. You can use it to share passwords, instructions or anything that’s sensitive in nature and you don’t want other editors to know. None of the encrypted information is sent to Google servers. You will password-protect this piece of info and other people will enter the password to reveal secrets.

Download DocSecrets: Google Docs

2. Speakd

This is useful if wants a handsfree approach because you are either busy with something else and are multi-tasking or have trouble seeing. Enable the Google Docs add-on to listen to the entire document or part thereof in AI voice. It tracks time so you would know how long that speech really is.

speakd reading a google document

Speakd works in the background so you can concentrate on other stuff and be more productive. Either way, it is one of the most useful Google Docs add-ons for pretty much everyone.

Download Speakd: Google Docs

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3. GradeProof

Grammarly is now available on Google Docs, but it’s still in beta testing. Enter GradeProof is. Another AI-powered spelling, grammar, and proofreading Google Docs add-on that will make your life as a writer easier. GradeProof will read everything you write in real-time and suggests changes depending on your phrase structure and sentence formation.

GradeProof checking doc for errors

It also comes with a plagiarism checker. The best thing is that the add-on is completely free to download and use.

Download GradeProof: Google Docs

4. HelloSign and HelloFax

HelloSign and HelloFax are owned by the same company and they have another Google Docs add-on called HelloWorks. HelloSign will allow you to sign legally binding contracts and documents without having to print them out. You can sign them digitally. HelloFax will let you send and receive fax from anywhere using the power of the cloud. Finally, HelloWorks will allow you to turn PDF files into forms that you can access and read on smartphones.

HelloSign document

While not for everyone, these Google Docs add-ons will make your life easier if you are working in a corporate environment and need to sign and fax documents all the time.

Download HellosSign and HelloFax: Google Docs

5. OneLook Thesaurus

Looking for the perfect word to describe what you are feeling or thinking? Words can be powerful and if used correctly, can have a lot of effect on the reader. OneLook Thesaurus is a useful Google Docs add-on in any writer’s arsenal. You can search for synonyms, adjectives, rhymes, and more with just a single click of a button.

onelook thesaurus for reference reading

You will also be shown some examples and links for further reference and reading. Not only a great way to improve your writeups but also learn a thing or two about writing.

Download OneLook Thesaurus: Google Docs

6. Code Blocks

Whether you are a coder or someone who just needs to copy-paste a piece or string of codes into Google Docs, Code Blocks will make your life easier. This Google Docs add-on will add a block where you can add code, highlight it using different colors. A neat and clean way to display code that can otherwise look ugly and out of place, confusing the reader.

code blocks highlighting snippets of code

The add-on is smart enough to detect the coding language too if you are unsure of which scripting language it was written in. Note that Code Blocks is not ideal for writing code or formatting it. Just for sharing codes if you want via Google Docs add-ons.

Download Code Blocks: Google Docs

7. Translate+

While there is a Chrome extension for Google Translate, it is there all the time even when you don’t really need it. Translate+ is a Google Docs add-on that will translate text from one language to another in the sidebar. That’s neat and unobtrusive.

translating text in the sidebar

One of the best Google Docs add-ons for those who constantly travel, work with foreign clients or employees, write in multiple languages and so on.

Download Translate+: Google Docs

8. Doc Tools

A set of useful tools rolled into a single Google Docs add-on, you need Doc Tools irrespective of which industry you work in. You can change font size, capitalize phrases or change case, highlight any part with any color, rearrange and sort lists, rows, tables, spell numbers and so much more.

a suite of tools in the sidebar

Doc Tools comes with 13 tools in all and it will simply make your life easier and simpler. You need this Google Docs add-on.

Download Doc Tools: Google Docs

9. EasyBib

We all like to quote phrases, lines, and add links from various sources. EasyBib Google Docs add-on makes it dead easy to add references in Google Docs. You can now use it to citations from books, sites, blogs, articles, journals, and more.

add citations to google docs

Just click on Create Bibliography button at the end to complete the process. All the citations will be added in alphabetical order.

Download EasyBib: Google Docs

Wrapping Up: Best Google Docs Add-ons

These are some of the best Google Docs add-ons but there are many more from where these came. Listing them all is fruitless and impossible but these should get you started irrespective of which field you are working in. Do share with us your favorite add-ons in the comments below.

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