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7 Best Google Sheets Calendar Templates

by Parth
Calendar Templates for Google Sheets

Google Sheets continues to take lead from rivals in education, small businesses, and startup space. It’s free, platform-agnostic, the sharing is seamless, and the software comes with a bunch of templates, to begin with. Among them, Google Sheets Calendar templates are hot in demand. One can easily create an upcoming monthly calendar and share it with friends, family, or colleagues. 

Best Google Sheets Calendar Templates

You can always create a calendar in Google Sheets from scratch. But that’s time-consuming and requires too much effort from your side. Here’s where ready-to-use templates come in. You can use them and get started with the calendar within minutes. 

Note: If you wish to use any of the Google Sheet calendar templates from the list below, simply open it using the download link in the new tab. Select File > Make a Copy and save the Google Sheets file in Google Drive. Now you can open the file from the saved Google Drive location and start editing the template with relevant details.

1. Content Calendar

Are you a content creator and making regular content with the team? This Google Sheets Content calendar template might be the perfect fit for you. 

content calendar in google sheets

It carries both the project management and calendar to use in a single place. On the homepage, you can see the current project status, title, set priority, add a short description, and even assign teammates the tasks. 

google sheets content calendar template

Move to the Calendar tab and you can add all the upcoming events and tasks and share it with others. 

Get Content Calendar for Google Sheets

2. Full Size Calendar 2021

Check this one if you want a basic-looking monthly calendar to use in Google Sheets. The template is designed for the current (2021) year and the tabs below have a calendar view for each month. 

full size calendar template

The template packs a good-looking teal theme that can be customized to your liking and preference. There is nothing special or fancy about this Google Sheets calendar template. It’s a basic calendar but should get the job done for those seeking simplicity to manage the month ahead.

Get Full-Size Calendar 2021 for Google Sheets

3. 12-Month Calendar

If the calendar above is too simple for you, try this one that integrates both style and substance. The 12-month calendar template for 2021 has a minimal design with few theming touches here and there. We especially like the yellow-colored divider in the monthly view. 

12 month calendar in google sheets

Click on the empty boxes below the date and you are all set to add events and tasks. 

Get 12-Month Calendar for Google Sheets

4. Phases of the Moon Calendar

As the name suggests, the Moon phase calendar showcases the phases of the moon in a given month and date. It can be useful for someone to keep track of the moon phase throughout the year. 

phases of moon calendar

Instead of relying on third-party apps to check the moon phase for the day, you can download this Google Sheets calendar template and track everything from a single page. Switch to the Moon Phases data and check the previous year’s records till 2017. 

Get Phases of the Moon Calendar for Google Sheets

5. Mini-Calendar

If you strictly want a view-only calendar, look no further and try the mini-calendar template for Google Sheets. The calendar supports both the 2021 and 2022, so it’s future-proof and you can use it to print out the calendar and keep the physical copy on your desk. 

mini calendar for google sheets

The default template has a dark blue and white theme but you can always change it to something better that goes easy with the eyes and doesn’t look as flashy as this one. 

Get Mini-Calendar for Google Sheets

6. Evergreen Calendar with Dark Theme

So far, we have talked about Google Sheets templates that come with a white theme by default. How about a dark theme-inspired Calendar template for those browsing the Google Sheets software at night?

dark theme google calendar template

Evergreen Calendar packs a dark theme with a red accent and it looks beautiful on a big screen when the Sun goes down. This is our go-to template for Calendar needs at the company. 

Download Evergreen Calendar with Dark Theme 

7. Social Media Editorial Theme Template

Social media influencers! This one’s for you. If you are frequently posting content online, you need something that’s more capable than a simple calendar. 

social media calendar template

This template for Google Sheets handles both the basic content creation management and calendar requirements in a single place. One can add due dates, channels, status, project details, and more. 

Download Social Media Editorial Template

Wrapping Up: Top Google Sheets Calendar Templates

You can always use dedicated calendar apps such as Google and Outlook. But the overall sharing, editing, and collaboration aren’t as seamless as Google’s productivity suite. Go through the calendar templates for Google Sheets above, pick one that you prefer, and start adding entries and events. 

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