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15 Best Icon Packs for Android

by Mrinal Saha

Nova launcher is one of the most powerful and intuitive Android launcher ever. But honestly, I don’t find it very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The plain interface gets annoying and repetitive after a while. And to fill those voids, I use custom icon packs.


I like the icon packs that follow a material design, look consistent, have large numbers of icons (like between 2500 – 3000 icons), and most importantly they should look awesome.

People often ask me about my icon packs, in the YouTube comment section. So, here are some of my favourite icon packs that I use with my Nova Launcher.

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Best Icon Packs For Android

#1 Rondo [Free]

It’s one of the best free icon pack out there. Before discovering this, I was using the popular – sunshine and moonshine icon pack. But Ronda is much better. It’s very similar to click UI (another popular paid icon pack), i.e. it adds a circular mask to every icon with a subtle long shadow effect. But it’s free and highly recommended.

Number of Icons -2600+



#2 Materialistik [$1]

This one was suggested to me in the YouTube comment. And for a very long time, it was my favorite icon pack. So, as the name suggest, the icons follow the material design guidelines from Google. Unlike Rondo, which consists of only circular icon packs; in Materialistik, every icon is of different shape and size.

Number of Icons – 3500+



#3 CandyCons [Free]

Most good icons packs are paid since it’s difficult to monetize them otherwise. So, if you are looking for some good free icon pack, try this one. Unlike the other icon pack, CandyCons don’t go too overboard with material design; the transformation is subtle. Polygon is another popular free icon pack that compliments this one quite well.

Though, the only problem with this icon pack is, a number of icons are low.

Number of Icons – 1060+



#4 DarkMatter [$1]

The icons are made of vibrant color with black outlines, giving it a bold feeling. This icon pack looks good with every wallpaper. Like every other icon packs in the list, it also works almost with every launcher, has a Muzei support, inbuilt icon request option and comes with sets of customer wallpaper. This is my current icon pack.

Number of Icons – 3000+



#5 Retrorika [$1]

If you don’t like icon sets that are circle or square, then try retrorika. All the icons are of different shape and size. This icon pack applies a retro-ish filter to every icon (even to the ones that are not present in the icon pack) thus giving you a good consistency.

Number of Icons – 3400+

Retrorika icon pack

#6 Cryten [$1]

This one comes from the popular icon pack developer —Vertumus. He has published two dozen icon packs in PlayStore, and I like all of them. But cryten is my favourite.

In Cryten, the icons are desaturated, and it looks wonderful in the wallpaper you get with the icon pack. It also applies icon mask to each icon, so that there is consistency even in the app’s icons that are not included in the pack. If you prefer less desaturation but with the same look’n’ feel then try Elun, it’s from the same developer.

Number of Icons – 3850+

Cryten icon pack

#7 VNYL Icon Packs [Free]

VNYL is another round icons, that taste different from the other. Instead of minimal background, It has a shiny metallic texture; making colors more vibrant.

Overall the icon pack is free, consistent. And definitely worth checking out.   

Number of Icons – 2447+

#8 Axis Icon Pack [$2]

Axis icon packs is a bit different from your usual icon packs. The icons are a blend of Square shape with a retro design which may not be every one cup of tea, but for those who find it appealing, this icon pack is worth every single buck. It also supports Icon Masking for Unthemed Icons. 

Number of Icons – 2,700+

Axis Icon Pack


#9 Tabloid [$1]

As they say on their Google play description, Tabloid is a square shape icon pack with the color palette just won’t hurt your eyes” And that’s quite true, the colors are soft. They also have more than 4000 custom icon packs with 66 Quad HD wallpaper. This is more than any icon pack in the list.

Number of Icons – 4000+


#10 VIT – Icon Pack [Free]

If you prefer white icons, then try VIT. The icons are masked white with a stubble drop shadow effect. The number of icons is not high, but the icon pack does a good job of masking unthemed icons and putting them inside a square, so yeah; all your icons will look consistent.

Number of Icons – 2,000+


#11 Desaturate [Free]

As the name suggest, the icons are highly desaturated expect the colors red and orange.

The icons make a strong impression to your eyes. This icon pack is not for everyone. Personally, I don’t like this icon pack, but some people who have developed the taste for it — love this icon pack.

 Number of Icons – 1474+

#12 Lines Icon Pack [Free]

Again as the name suggest, lines icon pack consist of hand-crafted icons of app’s outlined. It’s one of the crispest and clear icon pack; I ‘ve ever seen.

Though, one big issue with this icon pack is the less number of icons it contains. And since it can not apply a mask in the form of lines, the icons are not consistent. Making it difficult to use the icon pack for a longer duration, no matter how much I enjoy the crispness.

Number of Icons – 2,200+

#13 Min – Icon Pack [Free]

This icon pack is similar to lines. For instance- the icons are crisp and living up to its name i.e. icons are minimum in size. But again, it has a similar problem as well. Although the icons look good, it’s inconsistent.

But still, the icon pack is free (you can always donate to support development) and worth a try.

Number of Icons – 1500+

#14 Iconstructor [Free]

Ok, so Iconstructor is not an icon pack. In fact, it’s an app that let’s create your icon pack. You can make your icon pack and that too decent ones. No programming or graphic skill require. The app features a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get); and once you are customizing your icons, you can import it as an apk file. Check out the following icons; I made with it.


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