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8 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

by Abhijith N Arjunan

The keyboard is probably the most-used app on every Android device. That having said, not all Android keyboard apps are made the same. You may be missing out some features if you are using the pre-installed keyboard app.

Here, we have a list of the best keyboard app for Android. Each app in the list has been designed for a specific need. Sometimes, it’s a better UI and sometimes, a bunch of extra features. Anyway, you will surely find that keyboard app you have been looking for. More importantly, you can escape from that shitty keyboard app your developer has stuffed in.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

#1 Best Customizable Keyboard App

GO Keyboard packs a lot of features when it comes to customization and multipurpose use. First things first, you can use for tap input, a swipe input, emoji keyboard and GIF keyboard. Along with almost every feature you find on normal keyboards, GO Keyboard offers top-to-bottom customizability. There is a huge collection of themes you can pick from, for starters.

GO Keyboard

You can also bring new Fonts and Fantasy Fonts into the keyboard app. Combined with a lot of GIFs as well as emoticons, GO Keyboard will make your texts more colorful. You can always check out other themes, new language packs and funny sticker packs with this one. These features are why a huge number of people are using GO Keyboard as a daily driver.

Pros: Completely customizable

Cons: Intrusive ads and not good for privacy. A few months ago, Go keyboard was found to be transmitting personal information about users back to remote servers.

The Verdict: GO Keyboard isn’t exactly for everyone. While it packs some serious customization options, you lose some productive stuff. For instance, in light of our experience, its prediction and autocorrect aren’t that good. So, if you want that Water or Fire background for your keyboard as well as some out-of-the-box GIFs, GO Keyboard would make a good choice.

Check Out GO Keyboard (Free)

#2 Best Keyboard for Autocorrect & Predictions

SwiftKey is a combination of customizability, control, and best text-based features. Compared to other apps, it offers better predictive text options and accurate autocorrect. It works by analyzing your history of typing. It packs a bunch of other features too, such as Layout customization, Resizing, and an in-built Clipboard. You are going to love its Calendar Integration and Location support.


What I really like about SwiftKey is the simplicity of UI. All these features have been arranged so perfectly. It gives you the option to access all these features in a single tap too. On the other hand, if you need a simple keyboard with great predictive text support, SwiftKey can be that too. Some other features of SwiftKey are Theme Support and support for 150+ languages.

Pros: SwiftKey is better at predictions and does a better job learning new words and syncing them between devices

Cons: Swift Key is often buggy and lags compared to other apps in the list.

The Verdict: If you’re not that accurate when it comes to typing, SwiftKey keyboard is your go-to choice. The app packs one of the best auto-correction and prediction engines we’ve seen. The best part is that it offers Bilingual autocorrect and prediction. You can either swipe or tap to avail these features. In addition, it packs all the features a typical smartphone user needs today.

Check Out SwiftKey Keyboard (Free)

#3 Best Android Keyboard for Quick Typing

Fleksy is officially the fastest keyboard in the world! You heard that right. With Fleksy, you can have a superb texting speed, even when you have fat fingers. Compared to GO Keyboard or SwiftKey, Fleksy is quite snappy! For starters, it becomes an easy and intuitive keyboard that offers better key travel and different sizes. You can also have some standard features like GIF and Sticker support.

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Fleksy doesn’t turn down the entire concept of customization. You can choose from 50+ colorful themes and 3 keyboard sizes. You can also install/remove extensions according to the features you need. Coming to the aspect of support, Fleksy works fine with 40+ languages, which is great. Although there are some premium features, Fleksy keyboard is generally free and privacy-friendly.

Pros: Simple UI, Customizable Extensions, and Gesture Support

Cons: None

The Verdict: Fleksy Keyboard is for the texting maniacs out there. If you spend hours texting from your phone every day, Fleksy can be a solace. It really does a good job of increasing the typing speed, also thanks to the gesture support and accurate predictions. Availability of customization, theming, GIF support and sticker do make Fleksy one of the best Android keyboards for everyone.

Check Out Fleksy (Free)

#4 Best Keyboard for Built-In Grammar

Sometimes you need a keyboard app that analyzes what you type! Ginger Keyboard is one of those incredible picks on the list. In case you didn’t know, Ginger Software offers a variety of grammar checking tools for many platforms. They have included the same grammar checking and correction algorithms in this keyboard app as well.

Ginger Keyboard

Even without the charm of grammatical correction, Ginger Keyboard is a great choice. It offers 100% support for themes, emoji, and GIF. You can choose between Swipe and Tap input when it comes to texting. There is even a bunch of keyboard-based games, such as 2048 and Snake. Last but not least, you can Translate and Rephrase what you typed from the main interface of Ginger.

Pros: Feature-rich and Customizable

Cons: Features Require Internet Connection

The Verdict: Ginger Keyboard is undoubtedly the best choice for Grammar Nazis. If you want to text without any grammatical/spelling errors, Ginger will help you do that — you need to be connected to the Internet. It also has a Ginger page, where you can use all the language-improvement features such as rephrasing, translation and more.

Check Out Ginger Keyboard (Free)

#5 Best Android Keyboard for GIFs

There are times when you need more GIFs than what Google Search has to offer. At that time, you can count on Chrooma Keyboard. It’s not like you have to compromise other features just for the sake of GIF. In fact, Chrooma Keyboard is a fully-fledged keyboard app for Android, offering enough customization. Even better, you get an in-built Proofreader.

Chrooma Keyboard

Talking about the GIF collection, Chrooma Keyboard relies on GIPHY for getting you the best choice. When compared to Google search, this is surely better. You can either choose from the trending GIFs or search for a new one. We also loved how Chrooma Keyboard has arranged all these features in an intuitive UI. So, the next time you need some more GIFs to text, go for this one.

Pros: Better Customization, Theme Support

Cons: Lacks Stickers

The Verdict: If you need a standard Android keyboard with better GIF support, Chrooma Keyboard is an ideal choice. You don’t have to worry about losing other features like predictive text or autocorrect. At the same time, Chrooma Keyboard serves you some of the best GIFs from the Internet. One problem is that you are not going to find many stickers in this app.

Check Out Chrooma Keyboard (Free)

#6 Best Keyboard for Coding

We don’t know how many of you use Android devices for coding and programming. If you do, however, we have a great keyboard app to recommend — CodeBoard Keyboard. It’s a completely free Android keyboard that combines a simple UI and enough features for coding. First things first, don’t expect to use CodeBoard Keyboard as an alternative for other keyboards in the list.

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CodeBoard Keyboard

CodeBoard Keyboard arranges the characters according to a normal coder’s needs. You can see all symbols on top, along with short-codes and clipboard actions. That having said, you can adjust the keyboard size and color according to your needs. CodeBoard Keyboard also lets you choose between QWERTY and ASERTY. In comparison to most of the other keyboards, CodeBoard Keyboard is the best in town.

Pros: Customization Support, Free, and Open-Source

Cons: None

The Verdict: CodeBoard Keyboard isn’t the Android keyboard for everyone. On the other hand, if you’re into coding on Android, you can give it a try. Being a free and open-source project, you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. It’s completely free to use and offers standard customization. We believe you should give it a try if you have a big-screen phone.

Check Out CodeBoard Keyboard (Free)

#7 Best Keyboard for Low-End Android

It’s quite surprising to find that Multiling O Keyboard has a size of around 500KB. Even with this, it packs an amazing bunch of features. So, if you have a low-end Android device, you can consider Multiling O Keyboard as your savior. Obviously, it will consume a minimal amount of resources from your device. The best part is that you don’t have to compromise any features.

First of all, Multiling O Keyboard supports more than 200 languages, which is an overkill. It comes with superb support for gesture typing and control. You can also choose between traditional keyboard layouts and row-based layout. It simply means that this minimal keyboard app has some serious customization as well. You can even use different themes and colors according to your use.

Pros: Incredibly lightweight, gesture support and customization

Cons: Prediction is almost pathetic.

The Verdict: Multiling O Keyboard won’t be our general recommendation here. On the other hand, if your old Android device can’t handle any of the other keyboards, it’s a great option. You’re not missing anything major here, if not the top-notch prediction. Another perk of using this app is that you are going to save some battery too.

Check Out Multiling O Keyboard (Free)

#8 Best Keyboard App Overall

Simply put, Gboard is the perfect keyboard app for Android. It consists of a bunch of features from all those apps we listed above. For instance, it has an accurate auto-correct and prediction. It lets you choose from a variety of themes. Gboard also offers one of the best integration with your Android phone and data you’ve stored in it.

By default, Gboard has one of the best UIs as well. There are also a few features such as one-handed mode and customizable layout. The text prediction is not also that bad. Another point is that Gboard integrates a lot better with features like Google Voice Input and Google Search. You can bring Google Search and image results to any app from the keyboard itself.

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Gboard does a good job when it comes to GIF and translation support. It packs one of the best collection of GIFs, Stickers, and Emoticons. Multi-language support and multi-lingual autocorrect make the app a superb choice for most users. We also loved its Gesture support and user-friendly options. For instance, you can slide through the space bar to move the cursor.

Pros: Intuitive UI, Better Integration, Also, unlike other keyboard apps, Gboard lets you navigate between text by sliding the space-bar and backspace swiping to delete entire sentence.

Cons: None so far

The Verdict: Unless you are looking for something specific, Gboard will be our recommendation as the best keyboard app for Android. As said, it’s a perfect combination of UI, performance, and customizability. We’re yet to find another keyboard that integrates with Android better than Gboard does. So, altogether, you have more reasons to love Gboard than not to.

Check Out Gboard (Free)

Wrapping up: Best Keyboard Apps for Android

In this article, we saw some of the best keyboard apps for Android. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it depends on your need and how much time you are willing to spend time with each keyboard to have it learn the way that you type.

If you are looking for specific needs like fast typing and better customization, you can go for Fleksy and GO Keyboard. Keyboards in the category have been optimized for a particular purpose, which is great. Instead, if you are looking for an overall keyboard with all features, Gboard is the go-to option and our personal pick from the list. Rejoice, programmers, there’s a dedicated keyboard for you to guys. Altogether, we believe we have given you enough choice here.

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