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Top 8 Android Keyboard Apps to Transform Your Typing Experience

by Mrinal Saha
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The keyboard is probably the most-used app on every Android device. That being said, not all Android keyboard apps are made the same. You may be missing out on some features if you are using the pre-installed keyboard app. Here, I have made a list of cool keyboard apps for Android. Each app in the list has been designed for a specific need. You will surely find that keyboard app you have been looking for. Let’s check the top Android keyboard apps.

1. Gboard: Best Keyboard App Overall

Gboard is the official app from Google. Simply put, Gboard is the perfect keyboard app for Android. It’s free and will work on any Android phone. It consists of all the popular features that you would want from a keyboard app. For instance, it has an accurate auto-correct and prediction.

By default, Gboard has one of the best UIs as well. You will also find many themes and the ability to use your own picture as the background of the keyboard. Gboard packs one of the best collections of GIFs, stickers, and emoticons. You also get an Emoji kitchen that lets you mix emojis to create your own custom emojis.

I also love its gesture support and user-friendly options. For instance, Gboard lets you type text by sliding across the keyboard and you can swipe left on the Delete key to delete entire sentences. Gboard also integrates a lot better with features like Google Voice Input and Google Search.  It’s one of those keyboards that you will keep coming back to.


  • Personal dictionary
  • Text Editing
  • Clipboard
  • One-handed mode, floating keyboard, and customizable layout
  • Multi-language support and multi-lingual autocorrect

Pros: Intuitive UI, no ads.

Cons: None.

Download Gboard

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2. Microsoft SwiftKey: Best for AI

Google Bard, ChatGPT, and other AI products have taken the world by storm. They are everywhere and why should keyboard apps be left behind? You can use ChatGPT for FREE on the SwiftKey keyboard on your Android phone, thanks to Microsoft which owns SwiftKey.

ChatGPT is part of Bing integration in SwiftKey keyboard that lets you search the web, change the tone of your text, compose anything, and even chat with the ChatGPT. This feature works in all apps on your phone. So that means you have ChatGPT for all your Android apps. YOU CAN EVEN CREATE IMAGES RIGHT FROM YOUR KEYBOARD. Isn’t that awesome?

But that’s not all that SwiftKey is capable of. SwiftKey is a combination of customizability, control, and best text-based features. It offers great predictive text options and accurate autocorrect. It works by analyzing your history of typing. I feel SwiftKey is the second-best Android keyboard app out there.


  • Layout customization, different modes, theme support
  • Support for 150+ languages
  • Clipboard
  • Copy and paste text between phone and Windows PC
  • Microsoft To-Do and Translator integration
  • Incognito Mode
  • Built-in text shortcuts

Pros: ChatGPT integration and clipboard sync between devices.

Cons: Integrations may feel extra.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard

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3. Chrooma: Best for Customization/Looks

What makes the Chrooma Keyboard app cool and interesting is that it changes color according to the app that you are using. So basically, the theme is dynamic in the Chrooma keyboard. For instance, it turns green in WhatsApp, blue in Telegram, and so on. Furthermore, you can even set a custom color for your favorite apps. Let’s say you don’t like the default green color of WhatsApp; you can change the keyboard color to any other color for WhatsApp only.

Even more importantly, it’s one of the few keyboards that offers an RGB theme. Please keep in mind, the theme is sometimes free and sometimes, paid. It depends on your luck. In addition to that, the app lets you change the keyboard font, size, padding, etc. It even supports a one-hand mode that you can customize according to your preference.


  • Built-in proofreader
  • Clipboard
  • Incognito mode
  • Gesture support
  • Autocorrect
  • GIF support

Pros: Dynamic theme, RGB Support.

Cons: Lacks Stickers, some features are paid.

Alternative: Go Keyboard for animated themes

Download Chrooma Keyboard

4. Fleksy: Best for Extensions and GIFs

There are times when you need more GIFs than what others have to offer. At that time, you can count on Fleksy Keyboard. It’s not like you have to compromise other features just for the sake of GIFs. Fleksy Keyboard is a fully-fledged keyboard app for Android, offering enough customization.

Talking about the GIF collection, Fleksy Keyboard relies on GIPHY to get you the best choice. You can either choose from the trending GIFs or search for a new one. Not only that, you can add 2-3 extensions aka Fleksy Apps for GIFs or short videos. You even get extensions for memes and stickers. Other integrations include YouTube, Yelp, Skyscanner, etc. You can add/remove these extensions according to the features you need.

I love how Fleksy Keyboard has arranged all these features in an intuitive UI. With Fleksy, you can have superb texting speed, even when you have fat fingers.


  • Different keyboard sizes
  • Gesture typing
  • Pros: Simple UI, customizable extensions, and lots of GIFs/videos
  • Emoji recommendation while typing
  • Themes
  • Support for 80+ languages

Pros: Integrations are nice.

Cons: No text expander.

Download Fleksy

5. Grammarly: Best for Built-in Grammar Check

Sometimes you need a keyboard app that analyses what you type! Grammarly Keyboard is one of those incredible picks on the list. Earlier, Grammarly was a proper keyboard app for Android phones. Now, it’s a floating widget that works with all keyboard apps like Gboard, SwiftKey, etc. So technically it’s not a keyboard app but an extension for keyboards.

Grammarly shows up as soon as your keyboard opens in any app and lets you text without any grammatical/spelling errors. If you like Grammarly, don’t forget to check its extension for web browsers. It’s pretty amazing. It’s one of my favorite extensions.

Pros: Works with all keyboard apps.

Cons: Could add some extra features in the floating widget.

Alternative: Ginger Keyboard

Download Grammarly Keyboard

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6. Multiling O Keyboard:  Best Keyboard for Low-End Android Phones

If you have a low-end Android device, you can consider Multiling O Keyboard as your savior. It’s quite surprising to find that Multiling O Keyboard has a size of around 500KB. Even with this, it packs an amazing bunch of features and you don’t have to compromise on the most popular features.

First of all, Multiling O Keyboard supports more than 200 languages, which is an overkill. It comes with superb support for gesture typing and control. You can also choose between traditional keyboard layouts and row-based layouts. One layout adds many useful features at the top of the keyboard.

This minimal keyboard app has some serious customization as well. You can use different themes and colors according to your use. Trust me, you should try it at least once just to see how many features are packed in this small package.


  • Themes
  • Automatic functions
  • Clipboard
  • Gesture Support
  • Customizable layouts

Pros: Incredibly lightweight, gesture support, and customization.

Cons: Bad prediction, hasn’t been updated in years.

Alternative: Simple Keyboard (550kb)

Download Multiling O Keyboard

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7. Fonts Keyboard: Best for Different Fonts

If you are looking for a keyboard that lets you change fonts, Fonts Keyboard is the perfect choice. The app focuses on changing fonts while typing and it does its job like a pro. You get different font styles to choose from. All you need to do is select the font style and type in your favorite app. You can use it to type in WhatsApp, change font in Instagram bio, etc.

Apart from that, the app offers a wide range of themes as well. So keyboard customization and fonts are all packed in one keyboard app. Sadly, the app doesn’t offer any other feature. You don’t get text prediction, clipboard, text expander, etc. You never know they might also switch to a floating widget in the future just like Grammarly.


  • Emoji templates
  • Cool themes

Pros: Good collection of fonts.

Cons: No keyboard-specific features.

Alternative: Fonts Keyboard Themes & Emojis

Download Fonts Keyboard

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8. Special Mention: Samsung Keyboard

Last but not least, I would like to give a special mention to Samsung Keyboard. The keyboard offers all the features such as auto-correction, text reduction, text shortcuts, stickers, GIFs, different types of layouts, clipboard, handwriting mode, built-in Grammarly, and much more.

But what makes the Samsung Keyboard special is the Keys Café module of the Good Lock app. For the unaware, Good Lock is a special app for Samsung Galaxy phones that offers an extreme level of customization for many things such as lock screen, edge lighting, S Pen, navigation bar, notifications, etc.

Keys Café is one such module that lets you customize the Samsung Keyboard fully according to your preference. You can make your own keyboard or style your existing keyboard with background effects for keys, animations, and even custom sounds. Read our guide on customizing the Samsung Keyboard like a pro.

Other Cool Android Keyboards

Wrapping up: Top Keyboard Apps for Android

In this article, we saw some of the top keyboard apps for Android. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it depends on your need and how much time you are willing to spend time with each keyboard to have it learn the way that you type. Before you go, check out the best text expander apps for Android phones.

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