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6 Best Laptop Stands for Desk

by Pankil Shah
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If your work involves spending about one-third of your day staring at your computer screen, chances are, you’ve felt neck and back pain at some point. That’s because you are trying to accommodate your workstation rather than the other way around. For those with a full-fledged setup including dual monitors, a standard monitor arm or stand would do just fine. But when it comes to using laptops, they just aren’t designed with ergonomics in mind. And if you’re like me who uses his laptop as a primary machine, then investing in a laptop stand for a desk can be a game-changer for you.

Benefits of Using Laptop Stand for Desk

Let’s face it, a laptop stand for a desk is more of a necessity than a luxury for heavy users. When placed on your desk, these laptop stands can perform double duty, letting you go from sitting to standing while you work. Additionally, you’ll be able to bring your screen to eye level and give it a slight tilt to achieve a perfect viewing angle. More so, some of these are also portable and versatile so you wouldn’t need to buy a separate laptop stand for bed or couch. 

So, without any further ado, let’s check out the 6 of the best laptop stands for your desk to buy right now.

1. WorkEZ BEST Laptop Stand

If you like to switch between a desk and a couch while working from home, the WorkEZ Stand will definitely interest you. Thanks to the zig-zag leg design, you can elevate it to any height from 2” to 18”. Plus, the 360-degree rotating joints can be easily adjusted in all manner of positions for optimal comfort. Naturally, the aluminum panel will dissipate excess heat to keep your laptop cool.

WorkEZ BEST Laptop Stand

Despite its sturdy build, the WorkEZ Laptop Stand is surprisingly lightweight and also has a detachable mouse tray, making it ideal to travel with. Priced at around $40, WorkEZ is an affordable and versatile choice for power users.

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2. Rain Design mStand360

Rain Design mStand360 carries a fixed-height and fixed-angle design. As its name implies, it has a pivoting base down, allowing you to rotate it around 360 degrees. Because there’s no locking mechanism, you may end up spinning it unintentionally at times. Buy if you don’t need a pivoting base, you can pick the simpler mStand version and save an extra $10.

Rain Design mStand360

Made from a single piece of aluminum, the stand is strong enough to carry most laptops. But this solid single-piece build also has some caveats. Unlike most laptop stands, there’s no option to fold this thing or an option to change the height, making it less desirable to carry around.

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3. Nulaxy Laptop Stand for Desk

When it comes to laptop stands, Nulaxy is certainly a popular brand on Amazon with a range of options. Among them, the Nulaxy C5 is best suited for your work desk. With a sturdy aluminum build and smaller base, the C5 aims to achieve a minimalistic look and cleaner setup. There’s also a hole to keep your laptop well ventilated and avoid any overheating issues.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand for Desk

You can adjust its height anywhere from 1.18 inches to 21 inches. Even at its tallest, the stand manages to deliver a wobble-free experience while typing. Additionally, you can tilt the stand to achieve a desirable viewing angle. Although the Nulaxy stand packs a portable design, at 4.26 lbs, some users found it a bit heavy to carry around in a backpack.

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4. MOFT Z Invisible

If you intend to carry your laptop stand wherever you go, then I doubt you’d find a better option than MOFT Z Invisible. Available in four different color options, this intelligently designed stand is made from custom PU and rigid fiberglass. You can choose to sit or stand and play with different viewing angles with its unique 5-in-1 design. At its tallest it can elevate your laptop 10-inches from the desk, bringing it to your eye level while standing.

MOFT Z Invisible

When folded, the MOFT Z is only half an inch thick, which means you can easily carry it around to your home, office, or coffee shop. Plus, you won’t have to go through any complicated setups manuals with its simple origami-inspired Z structure. 

All in all, MOFT Z invisible is the best portable 5-in-1 laptop stand, ideal for those always on the move.

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5. FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter

If you’re looking for more room for your laptop accessories while working then the Flexispot Stand is worth considering. It boasts a spacious two-tier design that consists of a removable tray for your mouse and keyboard. The anti-skid rolling wheels at the bottom keeps your surface from scratching and the stand steady while working.

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter

With its flexible X-lift mechanism, the stand can go as high as 17.7 inches to 5.2 inches when folded flat, giving you the freedom to both sit or stand while working. Overall, the VariDesk Pro Plus is an ideal desk for someone with a full-fledged workstation consisting of an additional monitor, external keyboards, and more.

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6. Razer Chroma V2 Laptop Stand

Well, if you’re looking for a laptop stand to provide more than just better ergonomics, then the Chroma V2 from Razer is the one to grab. With an integrated 4-port USB-C hub that includes two Type-C, two Type-A, and a full HDMI, you’ll have a port for every occasion. You can connect up to two QHD monitors or a single 5K monitor via the included HDMI and USB-C port.

Razer Chroma V2 Laptop Stand

On the front edge, the stand houses nifty RGB lighting. The stand keeps your laptop at an 18-degree angle which should be ideal for typing. That said, you won’t get any flexibility to adjust height or tilt. 

All in all, at $150, the Razer Chroma V2 is certainly expensive for a laptop stand. But with an integrated USB hub and RGB lighting, it’s also one of the most stylish picks on this list.

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Wrap Up: Best Laptop Stands for Desk

So these were some of the best laptop stands to buy right now. While they’re all different in terms of design, they serve the same purpose. Just snap them on your desk and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. That said, if you’re not keen on spending too much on a laptop stand we also have a dedicated guide on the best budget laptop stands under $25.

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