6 Best Lyrics App for Android Smartphone (2018)

Yesterday, Apple partnered with Genius – a crowdsource lyrics platform, thus expanding the quantity and accuracy of lyrics on Apple Music library. While Google is yet to strike such deal, till then, we can all use the third-party lyrics apps.

There are several factors to keep in mind when getting the best lyrics app for Android, like support for the third-party music apps, free vs paid, floating window etc. But guess what, you don’t have to go through the painstaking process to find the perfect app. We did the heavy lifting for you and tested, some of the best lyrics app Android. Let’s check them out.

Best Lyrics App for Android

1. Quicklyric

Quicklyric is the most popular open source lyric app out there.

The way it works is pretty simple, you can play a song in your music player app (according to the developer 99% of all music players are supported including Spotify, Google Play Music etc) and then simply open the Quicklyric app. It’ll instantly fetch the lyrics for the music. However, if you don’t want to keep the Lyric app open, it can also show you a floating window so you can do other things on your phone while using the app. 

Quicklyric is free on the Play Store but has ads inside the app. We recommend installing it from F-Droid or from their website and enjoy the ad-free experience. The only downside with the F-Droid version is that you don’t get any security updates automatically.

best lyrics app for android- Quicklyric

The differentiating factor for Quicklyric from other lyrics app for Android is that it also works offline. In fact, it lets you download the lyrics for your entire library.

Pros: Split-screen mode does well for many uses, lyrics can scroll along in real time.

Cons: Does not work with a built-in media player, requires clear and easy to hear files to identify songs.

Download QuickLyric (Free)

2. ALSong

ALSong is a lyrics app with an inbuilt music player integration and works just as well as any other lyrics app. It catalogs all the music files in your phone and lists on its playlist. It automatically displays the lyrics when you play a song on your phone and even if the lyrics are not directly available you can search with just a tap of the button. You can create the lyrics for your favorite songs and upload it to their database.

The lyrics are not just bound to the app, you can tap on the floating lyrics option and it subtly syncs the lyrics on the screen as a popup. It only occupies a small strip and is not at all intrusive.best lyrics app for android- ALSong

Unlike other apps in the list, ALSong can show you lyrics in multiple languages which is great.

Pros: You can create your own lyrics, and search for lyrics in multiple languages.

Cons: The lyrics are only available in the app itself for the local songs stored in your phone, it doesn’t integrate with other apps to generate lyrics.

Download ALsong (Free)

3. Musixmatch

The external media player support on Musixmatch is what makes this a very popular program for use. This program operates with support for most media player functions and even works with items you playback off of a streaming media site. It can even work with YouTube videos and streams. The Musixmatch also comes with a disc-shaped icon next to the play/pause button. With this, you can not only listen to the preview of a song but also access the lyrics in the background.

Unlike the other apps, Musixmatch is also available on Android and iOS.

Information on a song and artist are properly displayed on each track. You can also save your history with this program and record data on all the songs you have played back off of this.best lyrics app for android- MusicxMatch

MusixMatch is great automatically pops up lyrics when you play a song on any of the players, even YouTube is supported.

Pros: Save certain lyrics and create quotes off of them, translate lyrics into various languages, Spotify Integration.

Cons: Works with most basic media formats, but it might not work on every stream format, Ads are rather intrusive.

Download Musixmatch (Free, although it does come with ads.)

4. Lyrics Library

You can save lyrics in many forms and genres with this app. The Lyrics Library program helps you to find and search for lyrics online and to get them played back to you while playing the same song provided the song is loaded up on your phone. The best feature is that you can save the lyrics in the Lyrics Library instead of saving it on notes, memos or what not.

You have the option to add chords to the lyrics. This works well for more advanced listeners who want to know what keys to sing songs in. The support for many types of chords adds a good layout for your use. Individual notes can also be added alongside many lyrics to give you a better experience for playing back and previewing tracks.best lyrics app for android- Lyrics Library

This app is just a basic lyrics app which has a database of lyrics which you have to manually search for everytime you want lyrics.

Pros: Save your lyrics into many folders based on artist, genre or other factors.

Cons: Steep learning curve

Download Lyrics Library (Free)

5. Genius

It isn’t an exaggeration when I say this app is an absolute genius. Like I said in the beginning, Apple recently strike a deal with genius, but that shouldn’t stop you from using the app

It has one of the largest lyrics databases and you can potentially search for any song that you’d like. Moreover, you get annotated lyrics, meaning you get interesting facts and interpretation around the lyrics from credible sources. To read those annotations you just have to tap on the highlighted part of the lyrics once.

Additionally, Genius app fetches lyrics for the songs playing around you, if you’re at a party and can’t recognize the song, you can just pull up the app and it recognizes the song and pulls up lyrics almost instantly. Genius is compatible with most of the music players out there like, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, SoundCloud etc and fetches lyrics automatically by intercepting the player’s notifications.

It also has a genius notes feature, for those times, when you’re not sure about the meaning of the song, you can note it down.

best lyrics app for android- Genius

The annotated lyrics are a great way to understand a song better and the credibility of the explanations makes it unique.

Pros: Instant song recognition, Annotated lyrics.

Cons: The lyrics don’t auto scroll and you have to manually open the app to get the lyrics.

Download Genius (free and has ads)

6. All Lyrics

All Lyrics is the last of the programs to work with. The program is popular for how it offers more than 100,000 songs in its library. This includes songs labeled by category and artist. You can use this program to find information on chords and to get details on artists. This app worked out great for me since it had lyrics to relatively lesser known classic rock collections by artists like Warren Zevon.

The pop-up nature of the program is also popular. With this, you can get information on the lyrics coming off of a song even while on YouTube.best lyrics app for android- All Lyrics

As mentioned in the description, it has around a 100,000 song lyrics in its database which you can search for anytime.

Pros: Does well with most media players, can reach audio well when getting automatic displays ready.

Cons: The UI is lackadaisical, The selection of songs is not as vast as what some other programs provide.

Download All Lyrics (Free)

Which is the Best Lyrics App for Android?

Each of these programs is worth taking a look at when you’re looking for great lyrics apps for Android. Be sure to look at how these programs can help you with producing a design and layout you are bound to love. On a separate note, I personally love the inbuilt lyrics that comes with music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. However, if you want to play the lyrics for local music files or YouTube videos the apps listed above will come in handy. 

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