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7 Best Mandala Drawing Apps for Android, iOS, and iPad OS

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Mandala art is not just symmetrical drawing, it has some spiritual connections in many religions and is considered by many as a representation of the universe. But keeping all that aside, they are relaxing to draw and proved to reduce stress making it a great hobby. If you like to draw beautiful, detailed, perfectly symmetrical mandala designs, we have listed some of the best mandala drawing apps for you.

Best Mandala Drawing Apps

What makes mandala apps separate from other drawing apps is the canvas itself. The mandala canvas is divided by lines with a center point forming multiple quadrants.

Mandala Lines

When you draw inside any quadrant, these apps will automatically repeat the drawing in the remaining quadrants making them symmetrical with little effort.

Mandala Symmetry

Let’s start with some of the best Mandala apps available on Android, iOS, and iPadOS

1. Amaziograph

Amaziograph is a simple straightforward mandala app that’s available on Android, iOS, and also iPad OS. The app provides up to 11 types of symmetries such as rotation, 2-mirror kaleidoscope, 3-mirror kaleidoscope, hexagons, tiles, kaleidoscope squares, etc. Each symmetry provides a different shape to the quadrant and also mirrors the drawing differently.

Amaziograph Manadala App Graph type

Apart from that, the app also provides layers for better control, supports dotted and dashed lines too, adjustable stroke softness, width, and opacity in both eraser and brush, and correction of circles and straight lines automatically. Amaziograph also supports color mixing just like in real life. You can export in PNG or JPEG. Also, you can save in an Amaziograph format, so you can continue your work or share it with friends who use the app. It is a paid app that costs $0.99 and has no ads whatsoever.

Amaziograph Brush settings


  • Available on iOS, iPad OS and Android
  • Simple and easy to use layout
  • 11 types of symmetry styles to choose from
  • Brush customization
  • Color mixing and color palette
  • Layer support


  • Costs $0.99
  • Only works in landscape mode

Download Amaziograph on Android and iOS/iPadOS

2. Mandala Maker

Mandala Maker is an iOS and iPadOS-only app that works so close to the Amaziograph while being freemium. The app offers 12 symmetry styles to choose from such as star, quad, peace, sunset, etc. Mandala Maker also has unique advantages such as the brush can change its color automatically for every stroke, and you can also change the background color in minutes. Most importantly, it supports stickers that you can place in the mandala without breaking the symmetry.

Mandala Maker

But, there are a few downsides. Most features such as undo, export, more brush styles, exclusive stickers, layers, etc. are locked under the premium version which costs a one-time purchase of $5.99. Also, when selecting the brush-width, stroke style, etc. you aren’t shown a preview to help understand the exact size. Combine that with no undo option in the free version, it can result in your drawing useless with one wrong stroke.

Mandala Maker Brush and Layer Settings


  • Freemium app
  • 12 Symmetry styles to choose from
  • Auto changing brush color for each stroke
  • Stickers
  • Supports all the necessary features like layers


  • Most of the features are locked under the premium plan.
  • No preview on brush size or style.
  • Available only on iOS and iPad OS

Download Mandala Maker on iOS/iPadOS

3. iOrnament

iOrnament is another iOS or iPad OS exclusive mandala app that used to rely on its strength ⏤ Apple’s 3D Touch. Now it uses a gyroscope sensor and displays your mandala art in a 3D layout. When you move your device, it feels like you are viewing the art from different angles just like on paper. Also, some efforts like gold have a texture to them making them more pop-out.

iOrnament iPad Mandala App

Apart from that, iOrnament there are many customization options like 10 different symmetry styles to choose from, various brushes, a rainbow color palette, glowing pens, transparent backgrounds, and unlimited undo/redo options. It also provides an animated drawing process. This is also a paid app that costs a one-time purchase of $3.99. There’s also an iOrnament Pro app that costs $6.99 available for iPad OS, which has a better layout as it was designed for iPad, more brush styles, and ornament styles to choose from.


  • Textures on Mandala Art
  • Animated Drawing Process
  • 3D Mandala Design
  • Unlimited Undo/redo option
  • Supports scrolling, zooming, and rotating of the canvas.


  • Costs $3.99
  • Coloring options can be quite confusing for beginners
  • Available only on iOS and iPad OS

Download iOrnament on iOS/iPadOS

4. Mandoo

Mandoo is an Android exclusive mandala app that’s free and provides many of the features you did find in certain paid apps. Instead of offering predefined symmetry styles to choose from, Mandoo offers ground-level customization such as choosing the number of lines to divide the canvas, should support mirroring or not, etc. By adjusting the lines and mirror settings, you can create a lot of symmetries styles on your own.

Mandoo also lets you create multiple center points. Once done, you can save your drawing in PNG format. Unlike other mandala apps, Mandoo lacks brush styles and color customization. Also, the layout of the app looks a bit outdated with buttons placed in irregular spots.

Mandoo Android Mandala Drawing App


  • Ability to choose the number of lines to divide the canvas
  • Mirror settings
  • Can set multiple center points
  • Free


  • Available only on Android
  • Outdated Layout

Download Mandoo on Android

5. MandalaKit

MandalaKit is way different compared to any mandala app on this list. On Mandala Kit, you don’t draw, instead, you add stickers and place them in a circle to create symmetry. And there are a lot of stickers to choose from.

Nonetheless, this provides a lot of customization options such as color, rotation, size of stickers, border, distance, etc. MandalaKit is free and is available on Android, iOS, and iPadOS. You can opt for the premium version that costs $5.99. With the premium version, you get unlimited layers, more stickers, and an ad-free experience.

MandalaKit Mandala Drawing App


  • A Huge Library of Stickers
  • Random Sticker picker
  • Customization
  • Most features are available in the free version itself
  • Available on Android, iOS, and iPad OS


  • Ads between pages in the free version

Download MandalaKit on Android and iOS/iPadOS

6. Radial

Radial is one of the best mandala drawing apps on Android that you must check out. It’s completely free and also has one of the simplest UI to navigate. You can choose the color, the number of lines to divide, mirroring effect, brush width, etc. in the top menu. Then you start drawing on its canvas. Once done, you can save the image as a PNG file.

Radial supports only 5 steps of undo which is the only concern I have. Though the app lacks brush styles, etc., it can be a good drawing app without all the bells and whistles.

Radial App on Android


  • Simple to use the app
  • Ability to choose lines to divide the canvas
  • Customization options for canvas


  • Lack of brush styles
  • Only a list of 10 colors to choose from
  • Supports only 5 undo steps

Download Radial on Android

7. Mandalas Drawing Studio

This is a free app for iOS and iPad OS. Though it has a premium version, it only includes layers and HD output. Everything except that is available in the free version. Similar to Radial and Mandoo, there are no symmetry styles to choose from. Instead, you can change the number of lines and mirror effects to create your own symmetry styles.

The app also provides brush and eraser customization in size, color, opacity, style, etc. Except for needing a premium to unlock HD export, you can use this app for free.

Mandala Drawing Studio


  • Most of the features are available in the free version itself
  • A good customization options to choose from for both brush and eraser tools
  • UI/UX is clean and smooth


  • Only available on iOS and iPad OS
  • The free version doesn’t have any layer support

Download Mandala Drawing Studio on iOS/iPadOS


These apps are meant to draw only mandalas with their unique features and canvas. Most apps are advanced and allow users to configure the symmetry style. Also, checkout apps like Procreate and ibis Paint X These apps are not meant to draw mandalas, but they offer great coloring options for already drawn mandalas. Apart from that, you can also check out sketch apps, in general, to draw mandalas with freehand on Android and iOS.

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