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18 Best Games For Mi Box with Controller Support

by Kaushal

The Mi Box S comes with a Quad-Core Processor and 2GB RAM and runs a standard Android TV OS that supports a variety of Android apps and games. The remote that comes with the Mi Box S is sufficient to play some simple games but I prefer using a gamepad as it opens up a world of more elaborate games.

Unlike NVIDIA Shield TV, Mi Box S does not have a controller and you’ll have to either purchase a new one or use PS4 or Xbox controller if you already have one. Simply put the controller in the pairing mode and pair it with the Mi Box S in the Settings > Remote & Accessories > Add Accessory > Tap on your Wireless controller to connect. It only takes a few seconds and after that, it should automatically connect every time. With that out of the way, let’s check out the games.

Best Mi Box S Games with Controller Support

1. Fast Like a Fox

Category: Adventure

Set in a low poly world, you play as a fox who can run very fast. This platformer just uses one button to control the fox and you just have to master it to beat the levels. The only thing that matters in this game is the precision of your thumbs.

Play Fast like a Fox (free)

2. Auralux

Category: Real-Time Strategy

One of my all-time favorite RTS games, Auralux is an addictive game. Your objective is to conquer different planets and fight off opponents. Your main start emits particles that can bring dead planets to life. You can use use the particles to fight off enemies and take over their worlds. Once you get the hang of it, it quickly becomes hard to put down.

Play Auralux (free)

3. Sword of Xolan

Category: Action

A pixel Art style platformer that sets you on a path to restore the balance in the world, you must fight and beat zombies, monsters, and other evil pixels. With its inbuilt controller support, you can experience the game on the bigger screen just like the old days when the world was simple.

Play Sword of Xolan (free)

4. Does Not Commute

Category: Racing

Categorized as Racing where it is actually a Strategy game that puts your mind into a temporal paradox. You as a player control the cars and your objective is to reach the destination but the catch is the streets are busy and you drive every single car. Not all the cars at once but one by one and this creates the paradox where every wrong turn comes back to bite you in the head.

Play Does Not Commute (free)

5. 2048

Category: Puzzle

I just need an excuse to squeeze this game into every list I’ve ever done. 2048 is an obsession of many because of its simple gameplay. Your objective is to merge tiles of the same value to reach the value of 2048 on a 4×4 board. Sounds simple enough? Give it a try.

Play 2048 (free)

6. Oceanhorn

Category: RPG

Magic, Swordfights, 10+ hours of story-driven gameplay, Oceanhorn’s got it all. You play as a boy whose father has gone missing and it is now your responsibility to find out. You will face multiple puzzles, monsters, and secrets. Pouring everything in a breathtaking 3D world and an amazing soundtrack, you’ll immerse yourself fully in this game. The Game is free and you can unlock it with one in-app purchase.

Play Oceanhorn ($4.99)

7. Beach Buggy Racing

Category: Racing

Until Mario Kart arrives for Android TV officially, you can have tons of fun with this game. It is just as fun with its own spin on local multiplayer racing games. You can connect two controllers and play with your friends in the split-screen mode. filled with unique powerups, and 15 different race tracks, it is bound to keep your summers occupied.

Play Beach Buggy Racing (free)

8. Bomb Squad

Category: Action

Bomb Squad is a miniature version of a game that evolved by combining the Capture-the-Flag and Battle Royale style of gaming. Your objective is to fight against your friends or people around the globe and survive on a platform. The controls are rather simple, you can move around with the D-Pad and use bombs to kill other players. The arena has mystery boxes scattered everywhere that give you special powers to take out your opponents or simply push them off the ledge.

Play Bomb Squad (free)

9. Jump Drive

Category: Arcade

Jump Drive is an Arcade game set in the space where your objective is to collect precious gemstones, unlock portals, and avoid obstacles. Originally intended for smartphones, it quickly became available for Android TV and you can play it even with your Mi Box remote. Keep in mind, it looks simple but its graphics and physics are both mesmerizing and challenging.

Play Jump Drive (free)

10. Retro City Rampage

Probably the most underrated non-GTA GTA game that you’ve never played. It pays homage to Back to the Future with its story but goes full GTA with the gameplay. It plays a lot like GTA 2 but with pixel art. There are about 50 story missions and 30 side quests. The comedic writing is whats separates this clone from others. It’s a must-play for people who grew up with those games but if you’re a new age kid who likes graphics more than gameplay this probably isn’t for you.

Play Retro City Rampage ($1.99)

11. RetroArch

Category: Emulator

Nothing beats nostalgia and RetroArch aims to offer just that, Plain and unadulterated Nostalgia. You can play arcade and NES games on your MI box with RetroArch. It is a free emulator that runs retro games, all you need to do is install the app, connect your controller and then install the core and download ROMs of the games you want to play. You can find classics like Super Mario Bros, Contra, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Galaga, etc.

Get RetroArch (free)

12. Alto’s adventure TV

Category: Action

Alto’s Adventure is popular among the Apple community for its precision control and artwork. Ported for Android TV, it is well optimized and generates terrain on the fly in real-time. It’s not original in terms of gameplay but the experience is worth it for its design and art. Heaps of snowboarding tricks and landscapes will keep you coming back for more. I found it to be a super laid back and relaxing experience.

Play Alto’s Adventure TV ($5.99)

13. Riptide GP: Renegade

Category: Racing

Riptide is one of the few multiplayer games worth playing on the play store, Illicit Hydrojet racing is just as fun as Asphalt series. You can perform death-defying stunts as you weave through player and dodge cops on your tail. Unlock new vehicles, characters, and custom features as you progress. You can play with four others locally in split-screen mode, which is a rare sight these days. It sets you back by $1 on the play store which is fair if you get hours of fun with three other friends.

Play Riptide GP: Renegade ($0.99)

14. This War of Mine

Category: Simulation

This civilian survivor game has more moral choices to make than you ever will in real life. Ok that being hyperbolic but this game forces you make tough choices that are quite depressing. Like if you direct characters to steal items and supplies, you will get more loot but at the cost of the character becoming sad, repressed and leaving your shelter or even commit suicide. To keep the spirits high you need craft alcohol with your supplies or spend time consoling them. There are multiple endings for each character, replay value is certainly worth it with its incredible writing.

Play This War of Mine ($1.99)

15. The Walking Dead

Category: Adventure

You’ve probably heard of this if you’re a gamer. It’s not based on the book or the TV show as it features original characters. Possibly some of the most iconic game characters. It follows a convicted criminal who chooses to take care of a young girl at the outbreak of the apocalypse. You make dialogue choices throughout the game directing the story and performing quick time events. It’s a different kind of game that’s more about the story than gameplay in laymen terms.

Play The Walking Dead (free, in-app purchases)

16. The Wolf Among Us

Category: Adventure

This Murder fantasy mystery will have you investigating the murder of a woman and solve the mystery surrounding it. Choices you make will make NPC behave in different ways towards you as the story progresses. This being the first murder in town after several years, makes you explore, talk to NPCs’ and identify the killer. Except for the pacing which is mostly a tad slow in terms of tension or interesting plot events, the game is well balanced both in gameplay and story. It’s an easy sell for people who like detective games.

Play The Wolf Among Us (free)

17. Wayward Souls

Category: Adventure

This is a Mobile game that was ported to PC and other platforms because of its popularity. A rogue-like souls game where you gradually face challenging enemies with either melee or ranged attacks. You get to choose from 6 different characters to play, there are boss fights and traps everywhere on each level. Defeating a boss unlocks a harder level and more bosses. The flavor and lore for each character arc are varied and interesting enough to keep you coming back.

Play Wayward Souls ($6.99)

18. GTA Chinatown Wars

Category: Action

Just like GTA 1 and 2, it features a top-down perspective but with a new visual tweak being more cartoony. You can rob cars like other but there’s a lockpick mini-game that adds enough depth to make it interesting and also the wanted system has a new spin on it. You can make drug deals and peddle them. Rockstar somehow crammed the franchise into a top-down approach and made it work. Grand Theft Auto has never been funkier than this.

Play GTA Chinatown Wars ($1.99)

Wrapping Up

These were some of the games that I really enjoyed on the Mi Box S and even though the Mi Box looks sleek, it was able to play most of the games with ease. Which games did you like and what do you play on your Mi Box S, let me know in the comments below.

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