6 Best Mileage Calculator and Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

If you are going on a trip, whether it’s personal or business, keeping track of your miles can be quite helpful. This is especially true if you are looking for tax deductions or reimbursements. Add to that, tracking mileage can also help you better manage your fuel fill-up and vehicle maintenance schedules. To get you started, here are some of the best mileage calculator and tracker apps for Android and iOS.

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Best Mileage Calculator

1. MileIQ Mileage Tracker and Logger

When it comes to mileage tracking and logging, MileIQ is one of the most popular. Not only can MileIQ track and log your miles but can also properly manage those miles and give your quick reports. If needed, you can categorize your miles with just a swipe. Additionally, when you are on a business trip, MileIQ can even calculate the value of your trip(s) and make a detailed report on taxes and reimbursements. MileIQ can do all this automatically.

The best thing is, though MileIQ uses the GPS to locate and track miles, its efficient algorithm makes sure that the GPS is only used when needed. This ensures that there is no unnecessary battery drain.

So, if you are looking for a simple and efficient app to track mileage on your phone then give MileIQ a try and see how it works for you.

Price: The base app is free and you will get access to almost all the features. However, if you want detailed reports and records of all your drives, you need to upgrade to the premium plan which costs you $5.99 per month.

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2. Stride Tax

Stride Tax is another hugely popular app to keep track and calculate mileage. The app is specifically designed with businesses and freelancers in mind. As such, along with tracking miles, the app can also manage your trip expenses and receipts. If you want to, you can also import expenses from your bank and attach them to your trip expenses. When needed, the app can export all the reports.

Just like MileIQ, the app is very much automatic and can give you a detailed break down of taxes. Of course, when applicable, the app even shows money-saving tax deductions. Additionally, the app can also show you tips on how you can reduce expenses on your trips.

Price: The app is free and has no ads or in-app purchases.

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3. TripLog

While MileIQ and Stride Tax is mainly designed with businesses and professionals in mind, TripLog can be used for both personal and business or professional purposes. Also, TripLog offers both manual tracking and automatic tracking. If you want to, you can also other external Bluetooth devices to extending or improved tracking abilities.

One of the best things about TripLog’s automatic mode that you can set a wide range of trigger events. Some of those trigger events include but not limited to connecting to a predefined Bluetooth device, connecting to a power source, going over a certain speed limit, etc.

As good as the app is, when compared to MileIQ or Stride Tax, TripLog lacks in terms of tax planning. That being said, if you don’t need extensive tax-related features, TripLog is a pretty good app. This is especially true if you want an app that works well with other apps and external devices.

Price: TripLog is free for personal use and allows you to track up to five vehicles. If you are a professional or business entity, you need to upgrade to one of their $2 or $4 per month paid plans. These paid plans also give you access to additional features.

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4. Driversnote

Driversnote Mileage Tracker is a relatively new app for Android and iOS. However, it has all the essential features you’d expect a good mobile mileage calculator and tracker. The user interface of the app is pretty minimal and easy to use. All the options you’ll ever need are neatly arranged in easy to access columns. When needed, you can manually add trips so that the app can trigger automatic events to track miles. Additionally, the app also supports third-party devices like iBeacon for automatic mileage tracking.

Once you complete a trip, the app instantly generates a report with detailed information related to expenses.

The best thing about the app is that it allows you to create separate categories for personal and business or professional purposes. This lets you separate the expenses and make your tax filing easier.

Price: The base app is free but is limited to 20 trips per month. For unlimited trips and automatic tracking, you need to upgrade to their $9.50 per month subscription plan.

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5. Everlance Mileage Tracker

Everlance is an automatic mileage tracker that is filled to the brim with a variety of features. While Driversnote and TripLog apps are designed for individuals and personal use, Everlance is a pure business application. As such, it gives you tremendous control over the mileage tracking. Of course, being a business-focused app, it can also provide a detailed report with expenses and tax information.

Features of Everlance mileage tracker include but not limited to automatic cloud save, swipe gestures to categorize trips, ability to calculate trip expenses and reimbursement value, bank integrations, and ability to export all the recorded data in CSV or PDF formats.

Price: The base version is free and is limited to 30 trips per month. For unlimited trips and additional features like bank integration and advanced reports, you need to upgrade to the $5 per month subscription plan.

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6. Simply Auto: Car Maintenance, Fuel and Mileage log

As the name suggests, Simply Auto is a simple yet powerful mileage tracker for Android and iOS. Along with regular mileage tracking the also allow you to track and manage your fuel or gas logs. Just like Driversnote, the app gives you proper options to separate your personal and business or professional trips so that you can manage expenses properly.

In addition to the mileage and fuel tracking, the app also comes with a built-in maintenance tracker that creates a detailed car service logs. Using these logs, the app can remind you when its time to service the car.

If you are looking for a mileage tracker that has other additional features then give Simply Auto a try.

Price: The free version of the app is limited to 15 trips per month and 10 services and expense tasks. To remove this limitation, you need to upgrade to one of their subscription plans.

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That is it. If you think I missed any of your favorite apps to track mileage then do comment below and share them with me.

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