15 Best Mockup Tools To Add Device Frame to Screenshot

Whether you want to make your app screenshots for App Store or showcase your products on eBay or Amazon? Adding realistic device frames makes a lot of difference.

Alternative to Placeit

Placeit is one of the most popular mockup generator tools out there. But unfortunately, the free version only allows you to create a 400x300px mockup, which is obviously quite small for any general use. The Full HD and Ultra HD mockups cost you $8 and $28 respectively.

Fret not. we did the hard work for you and found the best mockup generator tools like Placeit but free, that will allow you to easily create quick mockups of your designs. So, without any further ado, let’s begin. Shall we?

1. PicApp

While it is easy to get access to mockups of Apple products and generic Android devices, what if you wanted a mockup of a specific mobile company like HTC or Samsung? PicApp solves this problem. They offer free mockups for Google, HTC, Samsung, and even for brands like Huawei and Xiaomi.

best mockup tools- picapp

Low-resolution mockups will come with watermark while high resolution will cost you $5. The resolution will depend on the make and model of the device in question. Overall PicApp is a decent device frame generator if you are looking for frames of specific mobiles, wearables, laptops, and desktops.

  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Formats: PNG
  • Category: Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Laptops

Checkout PicApp

2. Dunnnk

If you are an app designer or someone who is constantly looking for a way to showcase his/her clients how something will look on a device, Duuunk is the place you need to be.

It specializes in mobile and desktop devices like Android, iOS, Macs, Apple Watch, iMac, and iPad. There are a number of mockups to choose from. Note that all the Apple Watch mockups are available at a price of $5-10 while the rest are free.

best mockup tools- dunnnk

You can directly upload your work to see a sample of how the end result would look like on, say, an iPad. There are no PSD files available in the free version. You can download the JPEG file of your mockup in the default resolution.

  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Formats: JPEG
  • Category: Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Laptops

Checkout Dunnnk

3. Behance

Behance allows creators to showcase their talent on the platform. Besides each mockup, you will see a profile which works similar to how a Twitter profile works.

Behance also aggregates mockups from a number of smaller mockup sites. Their collection is really big with mockups covering other categories like people using objects. For example, a person is wearing a hat with your logo or a tee design mockup.

best mockup tools- behance

When you download the mockup, you will see 2-3 mockups of the same design in different settings giving you more options to showcase your work. Mockup World had only one PSD.

  • Cost: Free (with a marketplace)
  • Formats: PSD
  • Categories: All

Check out Behance

4. Magic Mockups

Another free mockups provider. Though the number of mockups available is limited, Magic Mockups supports for the mainstream platforms such as Macbook, iPhone, iPad, and iMac.

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best mockup tools- Magic mockups

The design environments available are more professional rather than casual but look good. A must try if you are an Apple developer.

Like Duuunk, there is no way to download the mockups. You simply choose your setting, upload the design and see the preview. When you are happy with the end result, you can download the image from 960 to 5000+ resolution.

I have been told that they are planning to add more environments and more mockups soon.

  • Cost: Free
  • Formats: JPEG
  • Category: Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Laptops

Check out Magic Mockups

5. App Launchpad

App Launchpad is the only tool on the list that requires creating a free account. The reason it made the list is that it offers more options when it comes to mockups. The site was originally built for app developers but also offers mockup generator as a free tool. As the name suggests, this is for app developers. It supports Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, smartwatches, and desktops.

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best mockup tools- App launchpadThe additional options include adding text messages, additional graphics as layers and new backgrounds if you are not satisfied with the current one. You can add your own devices if you are not happy with the ones available. App Launchpad claims to have over 1000 templates to choose from.

Each individual element in the mockup can be dragged and dropped. You can add/upload more elements and objects on the fly to create your own template. The max resolution supported is 3300 and you don’t get the PSD files.

  • Cost: Free
  • Formats: JPEG
  • Category: Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Laptops

Check out App Launchpad

6. CSS Author

CSS Author published a list of more than 2000+ mockups neatly sorted into different categories. There is a lot of variety here when compared to some of the other options shared above. Apart from the usual smart devices, there are tees, posters, brochures, flyers, books, signage, cups, mugs, bottles, and more.

There is literally a mockup for every need in this neatly organized list. Within each category, you will find multiple designs and for each design, there may be more mockups available. So if you choose a shampoo bottle mockup, you will find multiple versions of the same bottle.

best mockup tools- CSS Author


Although CSS Author says that the list is free, some of the mockups were not entirely free. They were priced around $1-3. Only some of them.

  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Formats: PSD, JPEG
  • Category: All

Check out CSS Author

7. Mockup Love

Mockup Love has a great collection of free mockups that are searchable by categories. It is an aggregator site that collects and presents free mockups from other sources for your perusal.

best mockup tools- Mockup love

There are easily thousands of mockups to choose from. Resolutions are 3000 or more with multiple mockups of each design available to download in PSD format.

  • Cost: Free
  • Formats: PSD, JPEG
  • Category: All

Check out Mockup Love

8. Mockup World

Mockup World is a free and easy to use website where you can easily search for mockups based on categories like iPhone, Macbook, billboards, fashion, food, and more. They have a paid marketplace too but for most users, the free section should do.

best mockup tools- mockup world

Simply choose the design that suits your needs and hit the download button. There is no need to sign up or create an account either.

The marketplace is cheap when you compare it with the likes of Placeit, and there is no monthly subscription.

  • Cost: Free (with a marketplace)
  • Formats: PSD, JEPG
  • Category: All

Checkout Mockup World

9. PSD Mockups

PSD Mockups is a great place to get inspiration and remove the creative block for designers. It started as a mockup website but has evolved into more, you can find tips to improve UI, and code with its curated posts. the resources section has a collection of Mockups sourced from all around the internet.

best mockup tools- PSD mockups

You can simply search for a product of your choice and the website would fetch a result from its catalog. Though not every mockup is free on this website as it redirects to third party websites, it does make it easier to discover. You can find the perfect mockup and pay for it.

  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Formats: PSD
  • Category:  All

Check out PSD Mockups

10. Graphic Pear

A mockup and a wireframe aren’t the only things you require when you’re developing a product or starting a business. It also includes little stuff like presentations, charts, 3D models, logos, etc. Graphic Pear is a one-stop shop for all your graphics needs, it offers templates, mockups, icons, vectors, infographics, design articles, etc.  Their catalog consists of both free and paid designs and offers fresh content.

best mockup tools- graphic PEra

The website prompts you to create an account so that you can easily discover and store things on your account. You can download a variety of files like PSD, AI, Sketch, JPEG, PNG, 3Ds Max, etc.

There is a paid membership which you can purchase for $39/mo and unlock all the premium content on the website.

  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Formats: PSD, AI, JPEG, PNG, 3Ds Max, etc
  • Category:  All

Check out Graphic Pear

11. Pixeden

Pixeden is another great website for designers who are looking to expand their creative inventory. The website has a few different categories which covers most of the stuff you’d require while designing the perfect mockup of layout for your app or website.  Not just that, you can create flyers, business cards, brochures, use conceptual icons, and illustrations.

best mockup tools- graphic pear

You can download the mockups of mobile apps, devices, clothing, stickers, and much more. Once you’re on the download page, you can get a preview of the file, downloads, and favorites to help you figure out if it is the right product for you. It also has detailed license information for every product listed on their website and you can easily find a suitable mockup.

Pixeden has a huge collection of free resources which would cover most users but if you want a more custom mockup, you can request the community to create one for you. It would be paid, obviously.

  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Formats: PSD, AI,  etc
  • Category:  All

Check out Pixeden

12. Graphic Burger

To satiate the hunger for design mockups Graphic Burger has all the right ingredients.  Graphic Burger has a collection of original design elements, mockups, backgrounds, etc. Everything offered on  Graphic Burger is exclusive content and you can find some really good mockups.

best mockup tools- graphic burger

You can start looking by sorting through categories based on exclusive, featured, popular, most liked, and deals. Graphic Burger also has a community section where other designers can showcase their creations. The website also has a creative market where you can grab amazing deals.

  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Formats: PSD, AI,  etc
  • Category:  All

Check out Graphic Burger

13. Graphberry

Graphberry has a decent catalog of high-quality graphics resources like mockups, UI kits, and templates. Along with smartphone and computer mockups, you can find mockups of items like wine label, coffee mugs, pamphlets, video players, etc.

best mockup tools- graphberry

All the mockups are stored in PSD format and with a high resolution. You can download all the mockups on this website for free.

  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Formats: PSD, AI,  etc
  • Category:  All

Check out Graphberry

14. Mr. Mockup

Next, we have a website which offers very high-quality mockups. They showcase stunning mockups with high attention to detail which makes it a worthy inclusion in the list. along with exclusive mockups, the website also showcases the work of individual designers, therefore, you can expect a variety of content.

best mockup tools- mrmockup

Mr. Mockup includes both free and paid mockups which vary in pricing. The freebies section has enough content to suit your needs.

  • Cost: Free/Paid
  • Formats: PSD, AI,  etc
  • Category:  All

Check out Mr. Mockup

15. Freebies Bug

Freebies bug is one of the best places to find free resources. You can find, app designs, icons, mockups, and even website templates. You can browse by file type and download PSD, Illustrator, Sketch files and stock photos.

best mockup tools- freebiesbug

Most of the designs are available in multiple formats which will ensure that you have the same content on different platforms. You’ll find mockups for smartphones, MacBooks, Tshirts, etc. All the mockups on this website are free.

  • Cost: Free
  • Formats: PSD, AI, Sketch  etc
  • Category:  All

Check out Freebies Bug

Best Mockup Generator Tools

So these were some of the best free or almost free mockup tools like Placeit. Some of them specialize in specific categories while others are good for pretty much anything. Depending on your needs, you can pick the one you want and let us know in the comments below.

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