8 Best Morse Code Apps For Android

Morse Code has been around for more than 150 years now and still amazes most of us. Every day someone discovers this protocol and goes online to learn about it. Interstellar Anyone? Well, there are plenty of apps available and most of them would get the job done but might leave you confused. We have compiled a list of best morse code apps for Android that you must check out if you wish to learn Morse code and use it with your friends.

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These are the morse code apps available :

1. Morsee

Morsee is a very simple app which lets you practice morse code. You can use this app to learn the morse code of the English alphabet, Kana( Japanese ) and the Cyrillic alphabet(Russian Alphabet).


It has a simple UI, to practice just tap into the app and it shows you the alphabet and the corresponding morse code. You can begin practicing by pressing the big button in the middle. A short press registers a dit and long press, a dah. Morse code is just the combination of dits(.) and dahs(-). If you wish to send an encrypted message you have to tap the whole message and convert it to morse, you can then share it with your friends by tapping on the preview icon.

It is a fun little morse code practice app for people who wish to learn this ancient yet beautiful coded language.

It is available for free on Play Store and has ads which are not intrusive.

2. Morse Trainer

Morse Trainer is, in fact, a trainer app that trains you to tap morse code efficiently. It has no other purpose and features, just practice exercises, feels like a strict commander right?


It has two options through which you can practice your skills, first you begin by learning the letters of the alphabet. Every letter is accompanied by its morse code and you practice by tapping the transmit button on the bottom. Every successful attempt at getting the morse code right brings you one step closer to being a master.

This app does a decent job in teaching Morse code with baby steps and working your way up. You can find this app for free on Play Store and use it to add a new skill to your resume.

3. Morse code Quiz

We all love quiz apps and they are a fun way to learn new things, the reward of getting an answer right really registers things in our brain and helps us in remembering things easier. This app does just that and uses the simple quiz style layout to teach you about morse code.


It has two quizzes, one where you recognize the dits and dahs to guess the letter or the one where it plays the morse code audio and you guess the code. It is actually fun when you start getting the answers right, which doesn’t take long.

Using this app is a fun way to learn Morse code or maybe teach your kids a new skill instead of a mind-numbing arcade game. Overall, if you are looking for a morse code practice game, this app is for you.

This app is available for free on Play Store.

4. M3 Translator

As his developer has stated M3 stands for Miraculous Mighty Morse, sounds quirky enough, well the app certainly is. This app is a translator app which translates Morse to a couple of different languages like English, Japanese, Russian, Greek, and Hebrew. It also works if you wish to convert your text to Morse code.


The layout of the app is minimal, it has a text box to take words and letters as input and convert it to Morse code. The output is displayed in Morse code in a box just below the text box. It also supports voice input and can convert your speech into Morse code. You can transmit the morse code through three different channels sound, flash, and vibration simply by checking the three boxes on the top right corner, which is impressive considering the minimal layout of this app. You can copy the morse code to the clipboard and share it with your friends and have secret chats.

If you ever come across some secret documents and all the information is in morse, just whip up this app and translate the document with this app. Maybe you’ll uncover some big conspiracy.

This app would come in handy if you wish to communicate using morse and have fun with flash and vibrational outputs. It is available for free on Android on Play Store.

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5. Morse code Reader

Have you ever sat at night maybe during rain and wondered are those raindrops falling in a pattern or does nature is trying to talk to you in some hidden code, Morse code. Well, we don’t if nature has a pattern or just chaos. Morse Code Reader takes the most obvious input, sound and tries to convert it to text using Morse Code. In short, if you are looking for a morse code translator audio, this app is for you.


It has just three buttons clear, copy, and share on the bottom. It constantly picks up on the sound through the mic of the phone and guesses the pattern of the sound. Now if you were to place your phone near a source of Morse Code using tones, this app would pick up the sound and convert those short tone sequences to text. This app just does that, you can’t do anything else with it, but it’s fun to play with.

It has some limitations too, like noise, if there’s too much ambient sound it tries to decode that as well and your original coded message is ignored. So it’s best to use this app in a quiet room with minimal noise.

It is available for free for Android on Play Store.

6. MorseLight

People have been using coded messages since the dawn of civilization communicate. Native Americans used to send smoke signals that only the people of their tribe understood. Morse has so many ways to transmit and one of the most intuitive one’s is using light. The flashlight can be used to generate signals in morse to have secret conversations with your neighbor or if you’re ever trapped in a place where there is a poor reception.


MorseLight uses your mobile phone’s flash and converts the text to morse code. It can be decoded by anyone in the line of sight. You just enter your message in the text box and press the signal button. The signal flashes in short bursts of light and send your message to your savior.

This app only sends visual morse code using flash but can not decode an incoming flash signal using the camera, instead you have to manually input the signal in the app which converts it back to English. The next app, however, does that for you using the camera.

You can use it for free on Android and download it from Play Store.

7. Torchbearer Flashlight Free

This app is not a Morse Code app but a fancy Flashlight app with some impressive features. It has a morse decoder that uses your camera to detect an incoming flash morse and decode it for you.


To get to the feature you have to press the Morse button on the bottom right and it loads a camera. You point the reference box with its center dot in the line of sight of the incoming flash morse code and press activate. It reads the input and converts it to text. Now, the results are not consistent because of many factors such as distance, the intensity of the signal, attenuation due to particles in the air and so on. These are just features developed to test the number of ways through which Morse code can be transmitted.

Torchbearer Flashlight Free is available on Play Store for Android.

8. The Morse Project

The Morse Project is an experimental app developed to have secret communication with your friends. You can send and receive texts (SMS) using this app and it would vibrate the phone in morse code whenever anyone texts you. You don’t even have to take your phone out of the pocket to read the contents of the message.


The layout is pretty basic, there is not much to do here other than sending texts and learning Morse code. When you get the idea of how your phone reacts to Morse code vibration then things get interesting. Whenever you receive a text your phone would buzz and transmit the text in Morse code through vibration. It can be very useful for visually impaired to read messages.

This app is available for free on Play store.

Best Morse Code Apps for Android

Final Thoughts:

Morse code is an ancient protocol is still used today, even though it is slower than most of the channels. It can be transmitted through flashlight, sounds or can be communicated through blinking during a hostage interview. The possibilities are endless. The apps we listed in this article cover most of the requirements of a person. If you just wish to learn morse code Morsee is the right choice. You can play and have fun while learning morse code, morse code quiz is the choice. If you want to send and receive morse code and talk in secret. M3 translator is great.


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