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5 Best Morse Code Apps for iPhone and iPad

by Gaurav Bidasaria
Best Morse Code Apps for iPhone

Morse is a unique way to communicate using sequences consisting of dots and dashes. Named after its founder, Samuel Morse, it is used in aviation and radio or sending SOS signals. It can be sent using light or sound, both being perceptible to human senses. This means you can use morse code to communicate using your Android and iPhone using flashlight and sound tones. So here are some cool but unique morse code apps for iPhone.

1. Morse Transmitter (For Beginners)

Morse Transmitter is the simplest morse code app for iPhone on the list. It allows you to convert text to morse and back in real time. There is a handy dictionary if you want to memorize morse codes for different alphabets and numbers. And finally, there is support for foreign languages.

morse transmitter app on ios

You must save the morse code before you can play it. Play options include both audio and light where your screen will flash to encode the message. You can easily switch between the two on the fly. A cool feature is the ability to decode audio morse code in real time. But it can’t decode messages encoded using light signals.

Morse Transmitter is available on both iPhone and iPad and is free to download.


  • Clean and lightweight app
  • WPM and dictionary
  • Supports many languages
  • Themes
  • Decode audio morse code


  • Can’t send a message using camera flashlight
  • Can’t decode light morse code

Download Morse Transmitter

2. Morse Code Reader and Decoder (For Students)

The UI is much more polished and colorful making the experience a lot better. Morse Reader and Decoder is more of an educational app where you will find over 100 lessons. There are three difficulty levels to choose from and then there is the practice section to test your knowledge. Can you decode messages in both text and audio format? They give hints too.

Morse Code Reader and Decoder app on ios

You can play morse code using audio, vibration, flash, and screen. Again, the UI makes it far easy to type text and convert it to morse code or vice versa. It carries on-screen buttons for dots and dash so you don’t have to go back and forth on your mobile’s keyboard.

morse code reader and decoder app ui on ios

On the flip side, the popular morse code app follows a freemium model where some lessons are free. Rest is locked behind a subscription plan that will cost $2.99 per month. It can be downloaded on both iOS and iPadOS. Overall, the best-looking and functional morse code app for iOS and iPadOS.


  • Beautiful and functional UI
  • 100s of lessons in 3 difficulty levels
  • Practice sessions
  • Dictionary


  • Bit expensive

Download Morse Code Reader and Decoder

3. MorseKey (For Pros)

This is the most basic and no-frills morse code sender on the App Store. MorseKey is for those who are experts and already know the morse code by heart. They just want to begin sending code messages in audio form.

morsekey app on ios

You can switch between the Straight key and the Iambic key to send messages coded in audio morse code. Simply press the dot icon to produce a short sound and the bar icon above to produce a longer dash sound. MorseKey wasn’t designed to teach but to be simply used or practiced blindly.

MorseKey is completely free and ad-free.


  • Quick and easy
  • Free and ad-free
  • Supports straight and Iambic modes


  • No tutorials or guide

Download MorseKey

4. Morse Mania (For Gamers)

Morse Mania gamifies the whole process which explains the popularity of the app even in this niche market. Designed with both iPhones and iPads in mind, Morse Mania has 135 levels to teach you morse code and then another 135 levels to practice what you have learned.

morsemania practice session on ios

And then there are numerous challenges, output methods like Iambic, multiple keyboard layouts like QWERTY and ABCDE, themes, and more. Finally, there is a handy list of abbreviations so for example, ADS means address while 88 means ‘love and kisses’!

morse mania morse abbreviations

The only caveat is that you can encode messages and transmit it using morse but cannot decode messages transmitted to you. So it is a good learning tool.


  • Clean, beautiful UI
  • Gamification
  • Abbreviations
  • 270+ levels to learn and practice
  • Many output methods
  • Many keyboard layouts


  • No way to decode morse code

Download Morse Mania

5. Morse-It (For Decoding Audio Morse Codes)

The last piece of the puzzle. Most morse code apps for iPhone on the list can encode messages in morse using audio and light, but Morse-It can decode audio morse codes too. Useful if you forget a code or aren’t sure what was transmitted. Just record the audio sounds clearly.

morse-it audio morse code file creator

Encode a message and then you can download the audio file to either send to someone else or just listen to it while traveling to practice. Morse-It can send signals using flashlight, screen, and audio sounds.

morse code binary tree

Morse-It is available on both iPhones and iPads. You can unlock premium features for $4.99 which includes a dictionary, quizzes, and more.


  • Can decode audio morse code in real-time to text
  • Binary tree diagram of morse code
  • Supports input types like Novice, Straight, Memory, Iambic
  • Create audio files to share/listen


  • UI could be improved


What Hath God Wrought

That’s the most famous morse code ever sent. It was recorded and sent over Telegraph by the US government in 1844. There is also a book (Pulitzer Prize-winner) by the same name, in case you are curious.

Morse Code is a good life skill if you are an outdoorsy person who likes cycling, hiking, and camping in the wild. Using your phone, watch, or any other means available to you, a message can be quickly encoded and sent. It is an international sign language that rescue teams, rangers, armies, and navies know by heart. And then you can also play games with your friends by installing the same morse code apps on all your iPhones.

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