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14 Best Movavi Video Editor Features for Budding YouTubers

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From writing scripts to editing, each video takes time and skill to produce. If you have recently started creating video content and looking for efficient video editing software with no watermark, try Movavi video editor. Here are some of the best features of Movavi for new YouTube content creators.

1. Beat Synchronization

When you are editing montages, you want to edit in sync with the background music which can be time-consuming as you have to listen to the beat and adjust the clip accordingly. Longer the beat and the number of cuts, the more time it takes. Beat Synchronization makes this entire process a lot faster with the help of markers.

1. While editing, select the music file in the timeline that you want to synchronize your footage with. Make sure to cut the music to select only the portion that you want to sync with the beat.

2. Select More tools from the top left vertical bar. Then select Audio tab.

3. Here select the Beat detection option and click on Detect Audio Beats button.

4. Movavi will take a few seconds depending on the length of the file to detect the beats. Once done, it will place markers above the timeline matching the beat.

5. Now instead of manually listening to the beat and adjusting your clip, you can directly adjust your clip to the markers easily. You can also adjust the minimum time between beat markers, so that you can choose the pacing of your cuts accordingly.

2. Sync Separately Recorded Audio and Video

Another time-consuming editing process is syncing separately recorded audio to the video. This feature comes in handy while editing podcasts, reaction videos, or even for adding a B-roll.

1. First, press CTRL and select both the video and audio files in the timeline from two different tracks. You can also select two video or two audio files to sync them.

2. Now click on More tools > Audio tab > Synchronization and then click on Synchronize button.

Within seconds, the tool will automatically sync both files according to the sound. It will return an error message if it detects that sound is completely different.

3. No Watermark in the Output

Movavi video editor doesn’t add watermarks to the output. They have a simple one-time purchase offer of $99.95. Once bought, all the features and future updates are unlocked while removing the watermark. Movavi also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial.

4. Green Screen Editing with Chroma Key

So you have footage with a green or blue background and want to remove the same. Movavi provides an easy way to do it. You can also manually adjust the tolerance, opacity, etc.

1. Select the video file with the green screen that you want to remove easily.

2. Now click on More tools > Video tab > Chroma Key.

3. Here click on the color picture icon and select the color that you want to remove from the preview pane. You can select any color here.

5. Stabilization

Shaky footage? Well, the Stabilization option can make the footage smoother. The tool will zoom into the footage automatically to reduce the shaking effect.

1. Select the video that you want to stabilize.

2. Now click on More tools > Video tab > Stabilization. Here click on the Stabilize button.

3. Movavi will open a pop-up window. Select the accuracy and smoothing level according to the footage. Upon making changes, you can check the preview.

4. Once you have adjusted the settings, click on the Stabilize button for Movavi to Stabilize your video in the timeline automatically.

6. Free Media Content

Finding it hard to find suitable music or sample videos? Check out what Movavi offers inside the video editor in the sidebar. You should find sample videos, background videos, effects, music, sounds, transitions, filters, stickers, LUTs, etc. Apart from that, Movavi video editing software also provides intros with music, background, and text. You just have to download the pack and customize them to your needs.

More than that, you can open the Movavi Effects Store to buy premium videos and effects.

7. Motion Tracking

If you want your text, sticker, or mask to move in sync with the video, Movavi has an easy motion-tracking option. It can come in handy if you want to blur any face or personal information. Just add a mask and track, so that the mask will move along with the tracked object frame to frame.

1. To motion track, double-click on the text, sticker, or mask option in the timeline.

2. Now in the top-left section, change the properties. Select the Motion tab here.

3. Now you can either select quick, precise, or AI tracking. Use Precise for accurate tracking. AI tracks faster than Precise and gives almost similar results.

That’s it, once done, your text, sticker, or mask will move along with that.

8. Background Removal

It’s easy to remove the background if you are using a green screen while shooting. But what if you want to remove a normal background? Removing backgrounds from a video is time-consuming and a hard process. But Movavi has a new AI-powered background removal tool embedded into the video editor itself.

1. Select the video for which you want to remove the background. Make sure to cut the video to select the only portion where you want to remove the background.

2. Now click on More tools > Video tab > Background removal.

3. Select either the quick or Precise option and then click on the Remove button.

Movavi will find the subjects and remove the background automatically.

9. Smart Noise Removal

Want to remove background noise in your videos? Well, you can adjust the Equalizer and Compressor settings to remove noise. Instead of tuning these settings manually, you can also remove the noise from your videos with the AI Noise Removal feature.

1. Select the video or audio file that you want to remove the noise from. Now click on More tools > Audio tab > Noise removal.

2. Here select the Artificial Intelligence or Default option and then click on Apply.

That’s it. Depending on the length of the video, it can take from a few seconds to minutes to complete the process.

10. Scene Detection

It takes time to cut a video into separate scenes as you have to cut at the exact frame where the scene ends. Well, with Movavi video editor, you can actually automate the entire process.

1. Select the video from the timeline that you want to cut into scenes. Now click on More tools > Video tab > Scene Detection.

2. Here select the minimum duration of the scene and then click on the Detect Scenes button.

It can take from a few seconds to minutes depending on the length of the video. Once done, the scene in your timeline will be cut accordingly.

11. Easy Picture-in-Picture Mode

Want to make videos with a picture-in-picture window?

1. Just select the video from the timeline that you want to place in the pip. Now open More tools > Video tab > Position and then select the Picture in picture option.

That’s it, the video will be placed in the pip position at the bottom right corner.

2. Now in the preview pane, you can adjust the position and size to any place you want.

3. Place any video below the pip video in the timeline for a background video. To sync, use the synchronization feature that we mentioned earlier.

12. Transition Wizard

Editing a simple video with a voice-over and want to add a transition between every clip in the timeline? Try the Transition wizard.

1. Once all the clips are placed on the timeline, click on the Transition wizard icon on the toolbar in the center.

2. Now select the transition effect or choose a random transition. Then select the transition duration and click on Apply to All Clips button.

3. Also, you can select multiple clips, then click on the drop-down to select Apply to Selected option.

13. Built-in Audio, Video, and Screen Recorder

Apart from uploading audio and video files, you also do have the option to audio and video record directly inside the Movavi editor. It supports screen recording, but you need to install the Movavi Video Suite for that.

1. To record video to audio directly from the Movavi editor, click on the Webcam icon or the mic icon in the toolbar at the center to get started.

2. Later, it will open a window where you can control all the needed settings to record.

3. To screen capture, click on the plus icon at the top left corner and then select the File Import option. Here select the Capture Screencast option.

4. Again, you need to download the Movavi Video Suite app to finish the process.

14. Upload Video Directly to YouTube

Another time-saving option is to upload the video directly to YouTube instead of rendering and then uploading the video manually.

1. Click on the Export button in the center toolbar.

2. Now on the Export Video, click on the Share icon, select YouTube, and then click on Sigh-in for the first time.

3. Once done, when you select YouTube, you should be able to enter the title, description, category, resolution, tags, etc.

4. Finally, click on the Upload button to open the YouTube uploading screen. Here, you can make any further adjustments including choosing a playlist, checking for copyright strikes, etc.

Movavi also supports other social media platforms such as Vimeo and Tiktok. You can also send the video to your friends remotely via Google Drive.

Movavi Video Editor Software

There are many other features that Movavi features from masking and adding logos to manual animations. But we tried to list features that will make your video editing experience faster and without a watermark. Our favorite features are scene detection and simple motion tracking.

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