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Best Movie Tracking Apps That Sync With Trakt on Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Trakt is undoubtedly the most popular movie tracking service with a ton of great features like in-built calendar support, Movie suggestions, reminders for the next season and it also shows on which service the movie or show is available. But it doesn’t have official app support to use on the phone. Anyhow, Trakt also offers to sync your watchlist access apps. Here are the best third-party movie tracking apps that also syncs with Trakt.

Best Trakt Client Apps on Android

1. Trakt Web App

Though Trakt doesn’t have native app support, you can still use the website as an app. On your Android, open the Trakt website in your chrome browser, next tap on the three-dot menu, and then tap on “Add to Homescreen”. This will add the shortcut to the website on your home screen. To quickly access, the website, simply tap on the Trakt icon on the home screen and use Trakt in a full-screen view just like an app. You can access all the features of Trakt and also use an interface you are already familiar with.

Anyhow, there are a lot of problems with this approach. For one, notifications and reminders don’t work properly. The website is also not perfectly optimized for the mobile version. The options and icons are too small for a touch interface.

Open Trakt

2. CineTrak

Best Sync with Trakt

CenTrak is another popular moving tracking app that feels similar to the Trakt website. You can rate for the movies and TV shows and also check out related ones. The best part about this app is it brings the latest movies to the forefront and also provides a calendar view for upcoming movies.

But this app isn’t completely perfect. It doesn’t show you the trailer either show you where you can watch the movie or the show. It also lacks functionality when it comes to showing history, notifications, etc. Movie recommendations from this are also not synced with Trakt and suggest many movies that you have already watched and are on your completed watchlist already. Anyhow it provides other options like linking to justwatch.com, IMDB, Google, LetterBoxd, Amazon, etc.

Download CineTrak

3. TV Show Tracker

Features Packed Service

As the name says, TV Show Tracker is an app that concentrates more on the tv shows than on movies. This app is good at managing episodes and getting notified about the next seasons for the TV shows you have already watched. It also supports all the features of Trakt like rating, commenting, providing more info about the show, provides the trailer on YouTube, etc.

But it misses out on one key feature that is, it doesn’t show you on which service the TV show or the movie is available for you to watch. Comparing to other apps, the app may not provide the best UI but definitely provides the most features from the Trakt.

Download TV Show Tracker

4. Hobi

Takes a Minimal Approach

Comparing to all the other apps, Hobi has the least sync with the Trakt. While most apps in the list only work when you sync it with Trakt, Hobi provides an option to create an own account in Hobi without any sync. Even after connecting the service to Trakt, the features are extremely limited.

All you can do is add the movies, TV Shows, seasons, or episodes to your watched list or watchlist. Additionally, you checkout recommendations on the discover tab and statistics on the statistics tab. You don’t have any kind of info about the movie, cast, or even duration of each episode. But still, this makes a good option if all you prefer is the watchlist, recommendations, notifications with the cleanest, and minimal user interface.

Download Hobi

5.  Showly

For the fans of TV Shows

Showly takes a completely different approach and only shows TV shows and features related to it. You don’t find a single movie, even the movies that are related to TV shows like El Camino. Similar to the Hobi, Showly also chooses to be more minimal but by offering the maximum number of features as possible. You get the option to rate, comment, etc that is completely in sync with the Trakt. The real advantage of Showly is notifications and tracking the next episodes and next seasons which is something you really need when tracking TV shows.

The only disadvantage is it mixes the watchlist of the shows you are interested in and also upcoming seasons of the shows you have already watched. Though it’s fine for most people, I would like to separate them into different lists.

Download Showly

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