Best Music Players for Android You Should Try in 2020

There are a lot of great streaming Apps for your smartphones like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, etc. But if you are a power user, chances are you still have audio files in your storage and you use your phone’s native music player to listen to these tracks. More often than not, these players are very basic and do not provide added versatility. Things like lyrics card, Equalizer, sleep timer are features you don’t always need but having them just adds more functionality.

So here are the best music players for Android that you must try if you’re thinking of replacing your phone’s music player.

Best Music Players for Android

1. Musixmatch

Musixmatch has been around for some time and I’ve been installing it on all my phones over the years. It can of course work as a conventional music player but it has few things under its sleeves. The first one is the home screen which not only shows recently played songs but top charts as well, like the top 50, hot weekly songs, new releases, etc. In case you’re confused about the lyrics to the song, there is an option to enable floating lyrics, which can also be used with other platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and more. You can also translate lyrics if you like to listen to non-English songs.

What makes the app exceptional is the ability to identify songs, which is the same as Shazam, so why keep an extra app? You can also make lyrics card, add a background and change colors. In addition to this, it has an in-built equalizer and sleep timer. While it is a stocked app if you want features like karaoke mode and removal of ads, you can buy the app after a seven-day trial.

Get Musixmatch here

2. AmpMe

It lets you stream music not just from your local storage but also from YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. But my favourite feature is that it lets you play the same song on multiple devices without any delay.

There is also an option to join other parties (when multiple users join) globally. It makes it super easy to start syncing it across multiple devices by generating a shareable link easily. In addition to that, you can add more than one song and create an entire playlist, and yes! if you started the party, you’re in control. It also adds a tinge of a social network by letting you follow other profiles.

Get AmpMe here

3. TuneIn Radio

Unlike other music players in this list, TuneIn Radio does not let you play local music, it does, however, let you play the radio.

TuneIn Radio boasts of a large repository of live channels and I could find my local radio as well. The app has a simple layout that shows recent channels I’ve heard and all the popular stations in my area. You can choose between your local radio or choose a channel dedicated to sports, music, news, etc. In addition to this, you can filter channels by location and language and see the trending stations around you. You can also adjust the buffer duration during playback and put the app in car mode, which gives you lesser but focused controls like favorites, voice search, recent stations and recommended.

Get TuneIn Radio here

4. Vanilla Music Player

If you’re looking for an open-source ad-free option to simply play music, Vanilla Music Player is one to go for.

Being open-source, it has the most basic UI out of all these players but totally functional. Once you install the app, it scans songs from your local storage and segregates them in terms of artist’s albums genres and also has an inbuilt file manager. You can add tracks to playlists, move them from one folder to another and also add it to your favorites.

Talking about the settings, you’ve many useful features such as enabling gain for individual tracks, preventing music to be played from internal speakers by default, etc. If you have a phone with an AMOLED screen there is a pitch-black theme in addition to other colors. There is also an accelerometer shake option that works flawless and is customizable, so you can play the next track or simple make it loop.

Get Vanilla Music Player here.

5. Panda Music Player

It used to be a habit to change my ringtone every now and then. I don’t remember when I stopped, but recently I stumbled upon a music player that brought me back to my senses.

Panda Music Player can be used with any file format, be it mp3 or FLAC. Its main feature is being able to trim sections of a song to make it into a ringtone, alarm and even a notification tune. It has a sleek material design and basic track sorting tabs. Talking about features that set this app apart, are being able to hide folders within the apps and also send or receive playlists, albums, artists, and folders simply with a QR code. Coming back to the main features, the cut option lets you select a part of any track and save it offline. If you fall asleep while your music is on, use the sleep timer to save yourself from a dead phone, the next day. There is no native way to see the lyrics but a Google search lyrics support works just fine.

Get Panda Music Player here

6. Mubert AI Player

This app is a bit different. You can’t access your personal library but you can listen to a few specific genres. It has a black and white interface and you can choose between genres like house, techno, ambient, etc. It plays music in a generative form so, there is no control over playing or pausing the music.

The maximum you can do it is like or dislike which will help AI to understand better and play the progression which you would like even more. So, essentially it’s randomizing the samples according to your likes. There is but one caveat, it only works with an active connection.

The music you generate can also be shared as a loop and use the audio for personal use.

Get Mubert here

7. Split Cloud

Ever traveled with a friend who wants to listen to his type of music and you can’t actually waste time arguing? You should look at Split Cloud that lets you play different tracks in both the earpieces.

The app is divided into two screens vertically. The top denotes the left earpiece and the track at the bottom plays on the right. Talking about the toggle buttons, there is a quick switch button that lets you switch the songs from left to right. You also play a single track on either of the headset by clicking on the arrow keys.

Get SplitCloud here

Closing Remarks

Well, if you’re satisfied with your native player, don’t fix what isn’t broken. Byt if you want to experiment or move to a new player all of the above mentioned are tried and tested and I can assure are one of the best music players for Android. Options like TuneIn lets you listen to radio globally and also follow podcasts and unusual apps like Mubert may get you to like a new genre altogether.

Whatever the reason might be, here were my picks for the best music players for Android. What’s yours?

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