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8 Best Notion Schedule Templates

by Parth Shah
notion schedule template

Even with dozens of rivals out there, Notion continues to win the modular productivity market. One of the reasons for Notion’s winning formula is templates. Using built-in or third-party templates, you can easily design and set up your Notion page. If you are planning to manage your work or business, here are the top N Notion schedule templates to start with.

Note: Navigate to the template you want to duplicate, choose the workspace you’d like to duplicate into from the dropdown, then hit the blue Duplicate button.

Best Notion Schedule Templates

Notion power users can always set up the page from scratch. But then again, why waste hours creating a page in Notion when you use your time to get things done. Go through the Notion schedule templates from the list below and get started.

1. Content Calendar

content creation notion template

Content Calendar is basically a Kanban board designed to manage projects, tasks, and overall workflow at the office.

You can replicate the template from the link below and import it to your Notion workspace. Once you have the template on the Notion page, you can make edits based on your requirements.

Simply add tags, details, assign tasks, and don’t forget to share the Notion page with others.

Get Content Calendar

2. Travel Planner

travel planner notion template

Are you tired of homesickness these days? Are you looking to plan the next perfect trip? Look no further and schedule your holidays with a travel planner template.

Add your destination city as a page banner, create a package checklist, add hotel details, create an ideal itinerary with all the relevant details.

You can also add location, URL, notes, integrate Google Maps, and more.

Get Travel Planner

3. Vision to Values

visiton to values template for notion

The new year is starting and it’s time to lay out a vision for the next year at the company. Set your mission, value propositions, strategy, priorities, and more in detail.

The template is created by Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman of LinkedIn. Add the pointers that you want the team to review and share with others.

Get Vision to Values

4. Planning Template

notion planning template

Let’s set some priorities straight for the next week or next month. Using the planning template, it has never been easier to go back and look at your progress on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

You have a visual way to see everything from a single Notion page and you can plan your next timeline accordingly.

Unlike other templates from the list above, this one is a paid template priced at $30. Check the template preview with screenshots. If you like what you see, you shouldn’t hesitate to shell out $30 for a life-changing product.

Get Planning Template

5. Buffer’s OKR

buffers notion template

Buffer’s OKR is an ultimate scheduler template to set ambitious, long-term goals with measurable results.

The template features a ready-to-go database with objectives, status, key results, live progress, people leading the team, timeframe, and more.

Go ahead, copy the template to your Notion page and start making adjustments based on your preference and usage.

Get Buffer’s OKR

6. Goals Zone

goals zone notion template

Are you looking to add some clarity and priorities to your tasks? The practice will only help you achieve short, medium, and long-term goals in the future.

Using the Goals Zone Notion template, you’ll have a centralized dashboard to help you stay focused on your most important life goals. It’ll make the process of goal-setting smooth, enjoyable, and effective by clearly breaking down the process and content within the template.

The template is priced at $7.5 as a one-time purchase. The template includes a table, board, list, gallery, and calendar integration to track different goals.

Get Goals Zone

7. Ali Abdaal’s Resonance Calendar

resonance calendar notion template

The popular productivity guru and YouTuber Ali Abdaal created a template to organize everything you come across the internet.

You can keep track of articles to read, YouTube videos to watch, books to read, podcasts to listen to, and more from a single Notion page.

The template is free to download and use.

Get Ali Abdaal’s Resonance Calendar

8. Content Creation Template

notion content creation template

Using the content creation template, you can stay on top of your content creation by planning and keeping track of all your content in one place.

Simply, get a quick overview of upcoming deadlines, publishing dates, schedule, and all related content creation documents all at once.

Get Content Creation Template

Wrapping Up: Master Your Schedule in Notion

You can also go ahead and use custom fonts in Notion to deliver a personalized touch to your Notion page. Don’t forget to check out our best Notion widgets list to jazz up your Notion page.

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