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Best Pandemic and Outbreak Games on Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Just like everyone else, I am staying at my home amidst this outbreak. But I had a few times when I just wanted to kill time. So I have decided to install a few games and get into it. Just like in every category, there are good, normal and some bad games. After installing more than 25 games and playing them for more than a week. Here are some of the best pandemic and outbreak games that everyone should try. Let’s begin.

Best Pandemic and Outbreak Games on Android

Plague Inc is the most popular game in the Pandemic and Outbreak games. It is a game about creating a virus and spreading to the entire world before doctors find the cure. In case you haven’t played the game, I highly suggest you check it out. Keeping the Plague Inc aside, here are some of the best Pandemic and Outbreak games on Android.

1. Ares Virus

Ares Virus is a story-based RPG and has a very engaging back story to it. An outbreak is caused by the government failing to create genetically mutated soldiers. As the situation gets out of their hands and becomes a global outbreak where people become mutated creatures and cannot control themselves.

The entire game is about surviving by finding necessities, building required things for the cure and cooking your food to stay alive. You need to read the conversations dialogs and play and respond to situations accordingly.

Shooting in Ares Virus

Download Ares Virus (free, in-app purchases)

2. Pandemic: Board Game

Pandemic board game is kind of a plague game but in an entirely different concept. Instead of spreading the virus, your goal is to stop the virus and cure people. You will be given a team of 4 people, you need to send them to places where needed to help the people.

Apart from that, you need to build research centers so that you can send the people faster from the nearest research center.

Overview look in Pandemic Board Game

Download Pandemic: Board Game 2 

3. Biotix: Phage Genesis

This is a sort of virus vs Immunity kind of game. You can consider yourself immunity and fight against the virus which is played by computer or you can play with any random people online.

Coming to the gameplay, there are cells with cell points. Considering yourself as immunity, you need to capture the cells faster than the virus. But as you cannot capture the cells which have more cell points than you. You need to use strategies to occupy all cells. This is a cell expansion game and just uses the work virus and immune to make the game interesting.

Image showing gameplay of Biotix

Download Biotix: Phage Genesis

4. Outbreak: Infect the World

This is a similar game as the most popular Plegue Inc, where you have to create a new virus and develop it to kill everyone in the world. But there are few additional points that have to be highlighted. Unlike Plague, you can see a detailed cure rate and how doctors are solving it, so you can plan accordingly and develop your virus so that the cure can’t stop it.

You also have a special option that you can create natural calamities like tornados, earthquakes, etc. So you don’t need to wait until all the countries get effected by themself, you can force them to move and use flights and other transports, hence increasing the spread of the virus to many countries even quickly.

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World Map in Outbreak game

Download Outbreak: Infect the World

5. Bio Inc Nemesis

This is a game where you are a doctor and need to develop an ultimate illness. You will have a patient to test your disease and team of doctors to help you.

On the other side, there are doctors who inject antidotes to the patient making him normal again. And the entire game revolves around making the disease-fighting with antidotes and training your team to make the disease faster and powerful.

Injecting virus in Bio Inc Nemisis

Download Bio Inc Nemesis

6. Global Outbreak

A team of two people trying to eradicate all zombies in the cities spreads all over the city. It is a simple player game and you can control both the people. The entire game will be from the top view showing the streets of the city. You can tap any place and the characters will move to that point. Swiping on the zombies will make the characters to shoot at them.

This game doesn’t have a huge motive, all you need to do is move around, shoot as many zombies as you can and make a high score.

Gameplay of Global Outbreak

Download Global Outbreak 


You will be given many patients and viruses. You need to check the symptoms of the patients and information about the viruses and find which patient is suffering from which virus. After finding the virus, you need to give him a vaccine to cure depending on the patient’s present health condition.

In short, you are a doctor and you need to analyze the patient and provide them the vaccine to cure them.

Images showing details of patient and virus in Medibot game

Download Medibot

8. Xenowork

This is not a game that totally depends on the virus, but about eradicating the monsters in the laboratory that are born accidentally.  You are provided with a wide variety of weapons ranging from guns to bombs. And you can also encounter a wide variety of monsters which had different powers like spilling acids and freezing you for seconds, etc.

Though you have unlimited bullets, your guns heated up and you need to wait until they cool down. These variations in the game make the game more enjoyable and also force you to react according to the situation.

Shooting monsters in Xenowork

Download Xenowork 

9. Virosis

Virosis is a small game where you are immune to the affected body. The virus will be moving all-around in the blood. As an immune, you need to move around, find the virus affecting the body cells and eat them. The faster you eat, the better it cures the disease and makes the person back normal.

It might feel simple, but the gameplay is hard and interesting at the same time as you need to upgrade the immune and use different techniques to catch the virus.

Gameplay of Verosis

Download Virosis

10. Universe Pandemic 2

Universe Pandemic 2 is also a similar game like the Plague but has few differences to make this game stand out. You don’t have entire control of the world right from the start. You will be implementing your virus in a country of your choice. Unlike Plague, the universe pandemic 2 takes a lot of time to spread the virus.

You also have other options like creating natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, etc to make the people travel faster. But you need to have the energy to do any task which is represented with a thunder icon in the game.

Injecting Virus in Universe Pandemic 2 game

Download Universe Pandemic 2

Wrapping up

It is really quite weird that most pandemic and outbreak games concentrate on only the negative side and to kill people. But anyhow most of these games are quite interesting and make the current situation bearable. Apart from them, there are many games that you can play on the Internet. What are your thoughts, let me know in the comments below.

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