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Best Parenting Apps in 2020 for iOS & Android

by Vaibhav
Parenting Apps

If you’re expecting a baby anytime soon, you might be haunted by thousands of questions. Well, I’m not going to suggest you an app that’ll put all your doubts to rest as consulting a doctor is still the best way. However, you can use apps to track your pregnancy, child’s growth, daily habits, etc. This will ease your journey so you can concentrate on other important aspects. So, here are the best parenting apps both on iOS & Android.

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Best Parenting Apps in 2020

1. Pregnancy Tracker

Consulting a doctor while you’re pregnant is a great way to be aware of the baby’s health and expected delivery date. While nothing can replace professional consultation, you can replace the old-school way of marking on a calendar with this app. Pregnancy Tracker helps keep you track of the pregnancy days like the baby’s due date, baby’s development with an in-built calendar, etc. In case you don’t know the due date yet, there is also a due date calculator that will help you find it.

It also features plenty of fetal development articles and expert videos. If that’s not enough, you can explore other tools like a baby bump photo diary, feeding guide, sleep guide, etc. The app also converts into a baby tracker app after birth, so you can keep a track on the infant’s growth without downloading another app.


  • Ovulation calendar
  • Expert videos & articles
  • Due date calculator
  • Baby growth tracker

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pregnancy tracker - best parenting apps

2.  Baby Time

While Pregnancy Tracker is great to track pre and post-development growth of your child, you might want an additional app that lets you add details like, breastfeeding time, eating habits, body temperature, etc. Baby Time does all that along with giving access to multiple caregivers, so they have an idea of every minute detail. For instance, both parents or a babysitter can log in to the app and check details about the last feed, diaper change, etc. You can add these details by clicking on the respective activity icon on the home screen, which automatically records the date and time.

If there are multiple caregivers, it’s a great way to record, share and coordinate a baby’s daily activities

A quick note option also gives you a private writing space that isn’t shared with others. The app also has a public diary feature, where you can see other’s journeys and share milestones you’ve achieved along with the option to add pictures.


  • Record daily activities
  • Share details caregivers with invite code
  • Supports multiple children

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3.  Dad AF

A male parent also plays an equally important role in a child’s life. If you’re expecting, it becomes even more important to understand the mood of your counterpart and act as another pillar for her. This app will act as your mentor if you’re a new parent or even when you’re experienced. It requires minimal details such as your intro, where you’re from, and whether you have kids or you’re expecting.

The app has a home section where all the action happens. You have the option to connect and chat with dads around the world and add posts so that people can comment and advise you. There is also a mental health chat section, where you’ll find a lot of support when anxious & stressed. Besides that, you can find blogs, advice, online events, blogs, and live streams that can help you understand the journey of being a dad.


  • Requires Sign-up
  • Post and Chat with dads globally
  • Hold free product give-aways
  • Comes free of cost

Get Dad AF for ( iOS | Android )

dad af - best parenting apps

4. Pregnancy Food

Food is one of the most important factors that contribute to your child’s growth. Not eating enough calories may lead to weakness not only for the mother but the child as well. This app contains a list of food items a pregnant woman should avoid maintaining a perfect diet. It is separated into food types like meat, fishes, dairy, etc.

It focuses on elements of a food item by sorting them in vitamins and mineral content. There is also an option to click on food and get detailed info, such as the content of fatty acid, sugar starch, fiber, energy, etc.


  • Large database of food
  • Filter by Vitamins & Minerals
  • Simple UI

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5. Hypnobirthing

According to various studies, mindfulness can help a lot of parents, especially mothers dealing with pregnancy stress and anxiety. It can enhance peace of mind and help you sleep better. This app is designed to be used during pregnancy and childbirth. It has guided meditation sessions with over seven hours of content. You start by feeding your name and details about which week of pregnancy you’re currently in. Then you can choose from various sessions, like Hypno-birthing, mindfulness, sleep, etc.

Hypnobirthing is a method of managing anxiety by relaxing techniques, such as meditation & deep breathing

The app only has a few free guided sessions, which are very limited. However, subscribing at $5/month will gives you hours more of mindfulness sessions and other features like kids’ stories, audio guides, etc. You also have the option to get lifetime access for $46. You can find a similar app on iOS.


  • Specially designed for pregnant women
  • Hypnobirthing guided exercises
  • Music and kids stories section

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6.  Kegel Trainer

Daily exercising should become an important part of your daily routine if you’re expecting. It not only keeps your body fit but also relaxes your mind. Kegel exercises are a great way to train and strengthen your pelvic region especially muscles that support your uterus and bladder. This app has 10 sessions of different Kegel exercises which are between 30 seconds to 3 minutes long.

Pelvic floor training is an effective method of prophylaxis and therapy of urine leakage during pregnancy and the postpartum period

There is an in-built reminder so that you don’t miss exercising even a single day. You can also choose between audio guidance or vibration cues if you wish to exercise discreetly. The free version has ads that can be removed for $5. This additionally gives you unlimited reminders, custom workouts, etc.


  • Gradually increasing difficulty level
  • Both audio & vibration cues
  • Set targets & reminders

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kegel trainer - best parenting apps

7. Baby Names

Always thought about naming your kid something unique and different? Now you don’t have to buy a book with hundreds of names, wasting your precious time. This app has over 60,000 names separated by origin 7 popularity. You can also get detailed info on names and to create your favorite list, to keep a pool of names. If you want to leave it on luck, you can also search a name at random as well. Here’s an alternative for Android.


  • Thousands of baby names
  • Shows origin & popularity
  • Detailed meaning & other name info

Get Baby Names for ( iOS )

baby namer - best parenting apps

8.  Mozart for Babies

If you cant put your child to sleep or maybe the environment around is a bit noisy most of the time. Classical music can be of help an put your toddler to deep sleep. If you don’t want to open a music app all the time, you can try Mozart for Babies which is an offline app that contains many lullabies. The interface is very simple and there are many useful functions. You can browse and choose lullabies, enable dark mode, and also set a sleep timer, which automatically shuts off the sound after some time.

The free app has few banner ads at the bottom. You can buy the app if you wish to remove them at $1.99/year.


  • Ten in-built lullabies
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports Dark Mode
  • Sleep timer

Get Mozart for Babies for ( iOS | Android )


9.  Bambino

I know, it doesn’t directly aid you in raising your kid, but I’m sure it’ll come useful when you’ve to urgently go out and can’t take your child along. You can either ask a relative or hire a professional babysitter to take care of your child until you’re gone. Bambino is one such app that easily connects with your Facebook account and recommends you babysitter from your family & friends. It’s a great app if you’re looking for a sitter instantly and want someone trustworthy.

Alternatively, you can also buy a baby cam, which helps you keep an eye on your child all the time. If you have a spare phone, you can convert it into a baby camera as well. For more apps and tips, check out Best Babysitting Apps on Web, iOS & Android.


  • Babysitter recommended by closed ones
  • Easy sign-up with Facebook

Get Bambino for ( iOS | Android ) 


Closing Remarks

So, these are the apps that can help make the parenting journey a bit easier. Like I said, in the beginning, these aren’t replacements for specialized medical advice. However, if they can be of any use to you, I think it’s a great deal and would make a lot of things easier, while the pregnancy period and also until a short while after that. Hope this helps!

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