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Best PDF to Word Converter Online (Free Without Email)

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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I was recently going through my resume, making small changes here and there. I use MS Word to edit my doc files, as everyone else, but I convert it back to PDF when I need to forward it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the original doc file and was left looking for a PDF to Word converter online that was free, and worked without email registration.

While there is no shortage of online PDF converters, most of them asked you for your email address, or loose text formatting while converting PDF to docs file. But fret not, we did the hard work for you. In this article, we have compared some of the best web apps to convert PDF to a Word file. Let’s begin.

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Free PDF to Word Converter Online

1. Free PDF Convert

Free PDF Convert is a PDF to Word converter that works without email registration of any kind. I started by uploading my resume in PDF format. The file was promptly converted and ready for download. The conversion was good with all the formatting intact.

Free PDF Converter

There is only one caveat. There is a time limit of 60 minutes per convert for free users. So, while it was good enough for me, not everyone would be happy with their paid plans. Let’s see some more options. Although, you can bypass the limit by using a different PC or VPN to change your IP address.

Visit Free PDF Convert

2. PDF Online

PDF Online is a free tool that you can use to convert your PDF files into RTF format, which you can later edit with MS Word. RTF stands for Rich Text Document which is a proprietary format by Microsoft, so no worries here. After the PDF is converted, PDFOnline will show a web copy with a download link.

PDF Online

PDFOnline did a good job. It was accurate with font type and size preserved. The underline below the hyperlinks was thicker than usual but not a big deal. Easy fix. It also comes with a desktop tool but that is not free.

Visit PDF Online

3. Online Convert

Online Covert offers some additional features like OCR support. This means you can read and convert text directly from an image to a Doc file. There is also support for cloud storage. You can choose files from Dropbox and Drive.

Online Convert

There is also language support. You can choose the source language which in my case was English.

The tool is slow but accurate. The only issue was font size. It was a lot smaller than the original one but again, a minor fix. The file will be downloaded directly to your system after the conversion.

Note that the max file size is limited to 100 MB for free and unregistered users. For most users, this should be enough.

Visit Online Convert

4. Convert Online Free

Convert Online Free has no support for either cloud storage or OCR, but it does a good job of converting PDF files to Word Docs. There is a file size limit of 50 MB for free users.

Convert Online Free

There is support for a lot of other file formats too which may come handy in other situations. I haven’t tested them but judging by the quality of their PDF to Word tool, I believe they will be good. The file will be downloaded automatically once the conversion is done.

If the conversion is taking too long or not working, due to server overload, they have provided an alternative ‘Mirror‘ link. Please try that. Good thinking.

Visit Convert Online Free

5. Go4Convert

You can choose between Doc and Docx format as the output, same as in the previous tool. It supports drag and drop function. Apart from the usual Upload from Disk option, there was also a Load from Web option. This is where you can enter a URL of the file.

Go 4 Convert

The output was as expected with no change in font type of size. The format was intact and the tool worked really fast. The file was downloaded to my disk automatically.

The key difference between Go4Convert and other tools mentioned is that there is no limit on the file size. You can convert large files too and it is pretty fast. Overall, if you are looking free PDF to word converter online for large files, this is best option out there.

Visit Go4Convert

6. Soda PDF

Interesting name. The UI was, so far, the most professional looking with a drag and drop functionality. There is a desktop version available if you want to work offline but I haven’t tested it. There is cloud storage support for Dropbox and Drive.

After the conversion, you can either download the file or send it directly via email. Can be useful in a situation where you are working on a public PC.

Soda PDF

While font type and size were correct, and accuracy was good, there was something off about the document. The spacing between lines and words were different which gave the document a different look. Not cool.

Visit Soda PDF

7. Free Online OCR

Free Online OCR PDF to Word converter comes with an image to text support. The process remains the same however the results were different this time. The font type and size, both were different and too small.

Free Online OCR

That was an easy fix but I wasn’t happy to see all my hyperlinks removed. The resume is a small document, so it wouldn’t take long add them back, but what if it is a big document? It can be problematic.

Visit Free Online OCR

Wrapping Up: PDF to Word Converter Online

Som these were some of the best PDF to word converter that are free and works without email.

If you are looking for a PDF to Word converter without cloud and other features, but accuracy, small file size, and speed, Convert Online Free is a good option.

If you want to convert large files with no limit on the number of files or size, Go4Convert is a better option.

If you want OCR, language, and cloud storage support then Online Convert is a better option.

In case you have a password protected PDF file and wish to change it, you can’t. You will have to remove the password before converting it.

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