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Best Photo Editing Apps on iOS and Android

by Vaibhav

The amount of photo editing tools both on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is enormous. However, there are chances you don’t use more than one app. You are either heavy on Instagram like me, you love creating memes for Facebook or you simply remove background from your photos for YouTube thumbnails. If you fall into one of these kinds, or not, here is a list of best photo editing apps on iOS & Android.

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Best Photo Editing Apps

1. Best Photo Editor App to Remove Background – Remove.bg

Remove.bg – a popular web app to remove background from any image,  now has a mobile app as well.  First off, the app uses AI to automatically identify the subject, remove its background, and let you download a PNG of your subject with a transparent background. However, the app comes with a few extra features such as you have the option to upload the image right on the home screen or paste the picture URL. In case the app misses some subjects in the BG, the app has an in-built editor as well which lets you erase and restore parts of the image, which is absent in the web app.

There are few drawbacks as well. First of all, it doesn’t work offline, secondly, it just lets you export pictures only up to 0.25 megapixels after which it costs 1 credit per image, which you can buy according to your usage.  The app is only available for Android however you can the web app on iOS, or try Adobe Photoshop Mix for iOS which works great as well.


  • AI tool to remove BG
  • In-built editor with the restore and erase feature
  • Supports custom backgrounds

Get Remove.bg App for  Android 



2. Best Photo Editor App for Instagram – VSCO Editor

Instagram has tons of filters that help you change the look of your Image, you can also tweak the intensity. However, Instagram has limited filters and using the same filter makes your feed look boring. Worry not, You can use VSCO app which has both filters and photo editing options.  You have 10 unique photo presets in the free version in addition to basic editing tools for colour, texture, crop, and even change skew option in case you’re interested in changing the photo’s perspective. The app also has an in-built editor and a Montage maker, where you can layer videos and images together.

Although the free version has most of the presets locked. You do have the option to unlock 200 more presets, exclusive educational content, etc, for $1.67month.


  • 200+ Instagram Filters
  • VSCO creator feed
  • Basic photo editing features
  • RAW image processing

Get VSCO for ( iOS | Android

3. Best Photo Editor App for Beauty Enhancement – Beauty Plus Editor

Best For: Portraits & Beauty enhancements

While, big Brands use Photoshop to fine-tune the skin and body of their front page models, if you want to transform your pictures, Beauty Plus Editor should be your first pick. The app has a Skin Editor feature, with which you can retouch the skin tone, smoothen the skin, remove acne, etc. You also have the option to target specific parts, such as making your teeth white, removing dark circles, adjusting the eye colour, and more. Besides that, the app has photo filters and a make-up feature where you can change or add, lipstick, eyebrows, hair dye, etc.

The only reason I dislike the app is the home screen has app suggestions and banner ads. But you can enjoy a 7-day free trial and subscribe to Premium for $4.49/month. This also gives you access to all the content and HD Retouch feature.


  • Skin retouch tools
  • Make-up tools
  • Various camera filters

Get Beauty Plus Editor for ( iOS | Android)

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4. Best Photo Editor App for Background Blur – AfterFocus

Best For: Blur the Background

More and more phone brands are coming out with portrait modes which gives you an extra background blur. There are dedicated apps as well which let you blur the background while taking pictures. It looks cool but chances are you wish to have the same effect on the photos you’ve clicked already. AfterFocus lets, you do that seamlessly. You can add a lens or motion blur to your old pictures. There are 3 options – smart blur which makes the selection easy, AI blur which blurs the entire selection automatically, and manual mode. Besides that, you can also use the in-built editing tools like adding filters stickers, vignetting, or sharpen the photo. If you love taking selfies or portraits of your friends the app also has a dedicated Bokeh Effect.

The only downside. The app has full banner video ads that can be removed by purchasing the app version for $1.99.


  • Supports smart & manual blue
  • Basic editing toolset
  • Bokeh effect filter

Get AfterFocus Pro for ( iOS | Android

5.  Best Photo Editor App for Meme – Meme Generator & Editor

Best For: Meme, Twitter, etc.

If making meme is your thing, better have a Meme Generator & Editor app. The app also has a database of many viral meme templates that you can select and edit according to you. In terms of editing, you can pretty much do everything, like change the font, adjust the font size, change colour, crop and also add borders to the picture. You also have the option to export the image as an editable template, so, if you’re someone who only makes a certain kind of memes, this feature will be really useful.

If you’re looking for an app just to work with memes, this is a great option. However, it also has full-screen ads, which can be irritating when pops-up. You can remove these by buying the Pro version for $2.99.


  • Large database of templates
  • Supports custom fonts
  • Renders memes in HD

Get Meme Generator ( iOS | Android

6. Best Photo Editor App to Blur Face – Signal App

Best For: Face Blur

Covering face has become somewhat necessary, both for the general population in COVID-19 pandemic, and protestors such as the recent case of #BlackLivesMatter. Blurring face is very important to hide your identity and also of fellow protestors. Keeping this in mind you can use the Singal Messenger app which gives you both encrypted chat feature along with the ability to capture pre-blurred images. This was you don’t have to think twice for safety before taking a picture.

Alternatively you can check out the Obscure Blur editor which has more option pixelation styles as well.

You also have the option to pick an image from the gallery and use the Checked Blur icon at the top to have the same blur effect. In case the app isn’t able to perfect the blur and has left little details that you want to hide or which aren’t facing The App needs a phone number to work with.


  • Need a phone number to sign in
  • Take pictures with blurred faces
  • Blue face in any picture from the gallery

Get Signal for ( iOS | Android

7. Best Photo Editor App for Bokeh Effect – Polarr Photo Editor

Best For: Bokeh Effect & Glare Overlay

The bokeh effect is something which takes practise to master and a lot of people are not able to still get that beautiful glare. Well, if you don’t identify yourself as a photographer, you can also use an app, which in this case is Polarr Photo Editor. The app has a stocked overlay feature which lets you as textures and images such as clouds, flares, backdrops, etc, with the option to add custom pictures. If you get bored with that, you can experiment with the gradient and duotone overlays as well. Besides that, you can find the basic photo editor with various transform option, colour adjustment settings, etc.

As I said, the app is stocked with overlays however, you only have access to few in the free version. If you want to discover more styles you can take a free 7-day trial and upgrade at $2/month.


  • Dozens of overlay option
  • Add custom pictures as overlays
  • Powerful in-built photo editor

Get Polarr Photo Editor for ( iOS | Android

7. Best Photo Editor App for Social Media Management – Canva

Best For: Brands, Instagram Stories, Fb Promotions

This isn’t a photo editor app per see, but since it helps in making Logos, Posters, Photo Collage for Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, it can’t be left out of the list. Provided you are working with pictures mostly. The strength of this app is hundreds of templates that you can simply pick, replace your picture with a post. So if you find most of the stuff in templates, there isn’t much use to go manually. However even if you try to, you’ll find a lot of options. You can change the background, add text, replace pictures, add filters, adjust colour, crop, and a lot of other things.

Most of the features that you’ll use come with the free version. However, if you want to use it long term, I suggest subscribing it for $12.99/month, which gives you tons of more templates, one tap resize option, and more.


  • Hundreds of social media templates
  • Create a logo, posters, Insta stories, etc
  • Has a web app as well

Get Canva for ( iOS | Android )

8. Best Photo Editor Overall – Snapseed

Best For: Best Overall

Yea, I know, I probably could’ve put this at the top of my list but since it a jack of all trades and master of none. Snapseed is my go-to app for any kind of editing on the phone. As I said, it might not a straight way to remove the BG or let you play with multiple layers. But if you use long enough you’ll find various ways to do it, like a double exposure. The app also is a great tool for any kind of photo editing, as you can tune the image colour, adjust the RGB curves, enhance the picture with HDR, etc. If you love posting on Insta, you’ll also find a smart expand option and various frames that can give you a Polaroid type of look.

The app is free but I do suggest however I highly suggest going through the tutorial within the app before you start. This will help you master various features in the app, like lens blur, mastering vignettes, etc.


  • Over 20 editing tools
  • Supports RAW files
  • No subscription required

Get Snapseed for ( iOS | Android )

Closing Remarks

You can use these apps depending on what output you require. For example, You have a background remover tool like Adobe Photoshop Mix & VSCO for filters, etc. However, In my opinion, you should try these out and stick with one app which you use the most, which in my case is Snapseed. With a little bit of tweaking, I can remove the background and also create my custom filters for my pictures. Try these apps out to fond what fits your bill perfectly. Do leave a comment below!

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