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Best Pollen & Allergy Apps in 2020

by Vaibhav

Anything can trigger an immune response and if you’re allergic, you wouldn’t even know before it hits you. For example, being allergic to a certain ingredient in food, dust, pollen etc. This hypersensitivity may not be severe but being preventive is always the best option. Say, you can displace the ingredient you’re allergic to, or avoid going out while the pollen count is high outside. There are many other apps which can help you keep your allergies in check. So, here are best pollen and allergy apps in 2020.

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1. Allergy Alert – Pollen App

Pollen is considered one of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. In simple words when there’s a season change, plants release tiny pollen grains to fertilize other plants, such as weed pollen, tumbleweed, pollen from cedar or oak tree, etc. You can always use the pollen count forecast to ascertain when you have to limit your daily outdoor activity and reduce the pollen you exhale.

Allergy Alert is a free app that gives you up to date and accurate forecast in across the U.S. You can check the pollen forecast for multiple locations and view up to 5-day predictions within the app, which is great if your planning to go out in the next few days. It also has a detailed description of plants like Oak, Juniper, Ragweed along with pictures so you can identify them easily.

This is one of the best pollen apps, as you can also check the normal weather forecast which saves you from tracking two apps a time.

Get Allergy Alert on ( iOS | Android

Best Pollen Apps

2. WebMD Allergy

If you want a one-stop package of all your allergy needs WebMD Allergy app is for you. You have the option to read and go through various articles on allergy, slideshows, videos related to categories like outdoor, indoor skin, drug, food allergy etc. It’s also the only app where you can get doctor-approved tips for your family. Besides that, you can record symptoms, add notes and track allergy tracker which can be generated so you can share it with your doctor.

It’s a highly recommended app if there are one or more family members dealing with an allergy. You can easily create multiple profiles and handle them individually.

Ge WebMD Allergy for ( iOS | Android

Best Pollen Apps

3. My Food Allergies Scanner

There is no cure for food allergies so the only option is to recognize them early and avoid them. As a result, the FDA requires food labels to identify the most common allergens which include soy, eggs, peanut butter, milk, etc.

Since there are so many packaged products which may have an ingredient that might trigger you, this app helps you scan the barcode and find hidden additives and allergens in the food. All you have to do is scan the barcode or enter it manually. In addition to all the ingredients, it shows you if there are allergens, no allergens or traces of it. This helps you make an informed choice every time you hit the supermarket.

It isn’t a free app and comes at $3 and is only available for Android. You can try a similar app for iOS as well.

Get My Food Allergies Scanner on Android 

Best Pollen Apps4. Food Substitutions

I’m sure you must have come across specific food or ingredients that you were allergic to. If you hate displacing the food altogether, a better way is to simply replace the allergens which are there in the ingredient list.

Food Substitutions is an iOS-specific app, which where you can search for substitutions for various ingredients you use daily to prepare food. There are over 1400 substitutions, out of which nearly 200 are dedicated to allergy. You can search an ingredient or browser through it from the sidebar. For example, if you’re allergic to peanut butter the app suggests you soy as an alternative.

The only downside is that the app is only available for iOS users as of now and costs $1.99.

Get Food Substitutions app for iOS 

5. Skin Safe

Cosmetics Skin Allergy is the most common form and can be easily triggered by items you apply on the skin. This can lead to sting, itching, burn or redness if you don’t avoid allergens in the product.

The Skin Safe app is developed in association with Mayo Clinic and filters products in terms of ingredients. It tells you if the product is free from chemicals, irritants or allergies. So you can avoid products which contain allergens accordingly. You can search, browser and also scan products to check what’s inside. The list of allergens is depicted in a very minimal manner and you can also tap on a certain ingredient to look out for related ingredients you should avoid.

You have to sigh-up to enter the app and go through a quick profile set-up, but it’s not a hassle.

Get Skin Safe on ( iOS | Android

6. MoodBites – Food and Allergy Symptoms Diary

MoodBites helps the user log what they’re eating to track how they react and make you feel. You can add food with a single tap, add a detailed ingredient list and also select from the list of allergens in the app. It has smart auto-completion which shows your suggestion on the type of food as you type. The other half handles the important stuff. These are any symptoms after eating, energy level, digestion, etc. After you’ve logged in these for a fair amount of time, you can analyze and see how a certain food affects you that you should avoid.

The app comes with a $2.99/month upgrade option which gives you more symptoms options, in-depth trends and predictions to tell you how you’ll feel based on previous logs.

Get MoodBites for Android 

7. Allergy Eats

If you’ve struggled to find restaurants that accommodate your request to eliminate a certain type of ingredient from your diet. With Allergy Eats can put your worries to rest and think of enjoying the meal. It’s a guide mainly for allergy-friendly restaurants across the U.S. There are over 850,000 restaurants in the database and are peer-reviewed so the main focus is on how allergy-friendly the restaurant is rather than the taste, ambiance, etc. Not just that, you can also read comments, check the menu, reserve tables, and many such features that come in handy when the plan to go out.

The website also allows you o create a profile, where you can select allergens that apply to you or your family. This way you can get relevant and quicker results when you’re searching.

Get Allergy Eats for ( iOS | Android

Closing Remarks

So there were some apps which can help you avoid things that can trigger your allergy. I highly recommend WebMD Allergy app as it’s a package where you can find information, slideshows, videos related to categories like outdoor, indoor skin, drug, food allergy etc. Besides that, you can also try Allery Eats if you’re going outside with your family. So, these were the best pollen and allergy apps you should have on your phone!

You can also refer to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America for more info.

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