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Best RTS Games for Android and iOS (2018)

by Kaushal
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RTS games are hard to define, unlike Clash of clans that most people consider an RTS game, a real RTS game is a lot complex and time sensitive. Similarly, unlike a turn-based strategy game like chess, where you have enough time to make a decision, real-time strategy games force you to make a quality decision in limited time.

Most RTS games work on economics system, like capture and conquer planets, build cities, tower defense or wars etc

That said since RTS is not as popular as another mainstream genre, the number of quality RTS games being released is declining. So, it’s hard to find a good RTS game with a solid storyline, good visuals, and engaging gameplay. But don’t fret, I’ve been spending most of my time playing RTS games on my Android smartphone (currently playing Auralux Constellation). So, in this article, I’ll share some of my favorite RTS games for Android and iPhone RTS games that I’ve played so far and some that I’m looking forward to.

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RTS Games for Android and iOS

1. Auralux (Android & iOS)

Auralux was the first game that introduced me to RTS genre. The game starts with you having a star which constantly emits particles that can power a dead star. You play as blue and your opponents are red and green, the object of the games is to expand to the available dead planets near you and deplete the resources of the opponents. you upgrade during the match and try to take over other stars. It has levels of varying difficulties which makes every level unique.

The reason, I like this game is, Auralux is a lot like business, you start with a fixed capital, and invest in different sectors. If you play your cards right, you earn a profit. After you’re done playing this game, you’ll want more, thankfully, the dev also offers another game Auralux constellation, which has a lot more levels and difficulties.

Auralux is available for Android and iOS (free with in-app purchase)

2. Eufloria (Android & iOS)

Like Auralux, where you capture and conquer and planets, in Eufloria, you have to do this to plants. The game starts with the story, that you are in the future and you have a goal of planting trees. You use 10 seedlings to plant a tree and those trees, in turn, produce more seedlings which protects your Asteroid against enemies and enemy plants. The minimalistic calming UI and Music set this game on another level and you actually enjoy the game much more. The goal is to protect your empire and grow it eventually, the enemies pop up randomly and get stronger and exploit your game strategy. It’s a fun game to relax while stimulating your senses.

I actually liked this game and the graphics and the music is just so soothing which makes the experience more worthwhile. If you like Auralux, you’ll like Eufloria.

Eufloria is available for Android ($4.99) and iOS ($4.99)

3. Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy (Android only)

If you grew up playing total Annihilation on your PC, then you’ll love Rusted Warfare.

This game has a very American Agenda, find oil, get cash, blow your friends up. You start on a map and begin with planting refineries which would generate money. Now you have to protect those sources of oil because the opponent is going to blow your factories and your line of defense and capture your possessions.

You have to be very quick on your feet and make a worthwhile strategy to last in the game. The graphics are old school and have a retro feel to it which might appeal to hardcore fans of this genre. Even though it’s an Android game, it supports hundreds of units at once with no lag. The game is best played on Android tablet or at least 6-inch smartphone. I would love to see this game on iPad, but unfortunately, it’s only available for Android.

Rusted Warfare is available for Android ($1.99)

4. RedSun (Android & iOS)

Redsun is one of the best ipad rts games as it best played on a bigger screen. It makes you feel like a commander. You lead a party where you go look for places where resources are available and protect your territory. It’s a lot like the classic Command and Conquers.

The game even has a multiplayer option. Though, if you are finding the gameplay laggy, make sure the app and Google Play services are updated.

RedSun is available for Android and iOS (free with in-app purchase)

5. Battle of Polytopia (Android & iOS)

While most of the RTS games for Android comes with an old-school UI (I’m not complaining or anything), Battle of Polytopia is one of those few RTS games that have a material UI, smooth animations, and mechanics. But don’t let the looks fool you, it’s one of the best Real Time Strategy game out there.

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The player leads one of thirteen tribes to conquer a polygonal square-shaped world by capturing cities (Civilization type game). You can play it alone, against Bots, against friends in the “Pass & Play” Mode, and against friends in online mode. It’s free, with in-app-purchases, although the IAPs are definitely not needed. If you get stuck or need tips to complete a level, there is a whole community waiting for you on Reddit.

Battle of Polytopia is available for Android and iOS (free with in-app purchase)

6. Art of War 3 (Android & iOS)

War based RTS game in which you assume the command of an army and fight a fierce battle with the enemy while defending your possessions and buildings.

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Like Battle of Polytopia, this game also comes with material UI (not something you see in most RTS games, again not complaining) also, the app is free, with in-app-purchases, although the IAPs are definitely not needed.

Art of War 3 on Android and iOS (free with in-app purchase)

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7. Galaxy Reavers – Space RTS (Android & iOS)

As the name suggests, this game takes the gameplay to space and your objective is to beat enemy forces with a real-time strategy. You command a ship and have limited resources and protection against missiles. If you win, you collect bounty and equipment and make your ship stronger. if you lose, well it’s a game and you start again.

The graphics of this game are decent and the sounds effects are convincing. The gameplay is engaging and keeps you on the edge.

Galaxy Reavers is available on Android and iOS (free with in-app purchase)

8. Iron Marines (Android & iOS)

you’re a part of an elite force that travels through space and fights evil aliens. The objectives are intricate and exciting which keeps the game interesting. This has only 14 levels and is easily beaten. you have to save up on the resources and keep fighting the aliens.

The graphics are vibrant and sometimes too vibrant to focus on the actual gameplay but the background music is good and gets intense during hard fights.

Iron Marines is available for Android (free) and iOS($4.99)

9. Autumn Dynasty (Android & iOS)

Autumn Dynasty is set in China and your task is to build cities. you expand your province and protect the area. you can make relationships with neighboring cities either with diplomacy or war. The outcome totally depends on how you plan your moves and the strategy defines the outcome of your moves.

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If you end up wanting for more, there is also a squeal to the game called Autumn Dynasty Warlords.

Autumn Dynasty is available for Android ($4.99) and iOS($1.99)

10. ICE (Android only)

If you are a simple and quick RTS game for Android, ICE is for you. According to dev, the game was originally designed and created for 48 hours, so you shouldn’t expect much out of it. The gameplay is similar to Auralux, where you have to take over the connected enemy bases. You win when you control everything, you lose when you lose everything.

ICE is available for Android (free with in-app purchase)

11. ProjectY RTS (Android only)

ProjectY is a real-time strategy game with a focus on unit tactics and not base building. The goal of the game is to capture the sector with the enemy headquarter. By capturing sectors the player gains the influence on factories producing units.

ProjectY is available for Android ($4.49)

12. Amoebattle (iOS only)

The microscopic world of amoebas is at stake and you have to defend the world. Even though amoebas lack consciousness, you have to prepare strategies while playing this game, the graphics display the microscopic fauna with so many hidden details.

I think this is a great stress-busting game and kids can actually learn some serious skills with this game.

Amoebattle is available for iOS ($2.99)

13. MechCom – 3D RTS  (Android only)

What happens when two of the most powerful corporations go looking for resources on other planets. you get the plot for a game. In this game, you end up on a planet far away with plenty of resources. Now you have to protect those resources from your competition. Each corporation fights for the claim to the planet’s resources.

The gameplay is smooth and visuals are satisfactory, the Mechs are the best feature in the game and are a key to the gameplay.

MechCom is available for Android ($1)

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RTS games for Android and iOS

Many of these games are available on Desktop (Steam) and the gameplay is exactly the same, however, for this article, we have focused on their Android and iPhone RTS games.

Overall, if you are looking for capture and conquer type RTS games, Auralux and Eufloria are good options. For light civilization type RTS games, Battle of Polytopia is a good option, the game’s UI is unlike any other RTS game.

Let me know what iPhone or iPad RTS games will you play in the comment below.

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