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Best Science Apps for Android and iOS

by Vamsi Krishna

Smartphones are becoming powerful day by day. Other than using all the processing power to play games or run some general category apps, you can use the power to satisfy your curiosity or become a citizen scientist solving complex problems. If you are a student, researcher, or hobbyist in the scientific field, here are some of the best science apps you can try.

Best Science Apps

1. Science Journal

Price: Free

Science Journal is a digital notebook geared towards researchers, students, and hobbyists. The app provides an easy way to quickly add your observations with notes and photos in a place with just a few taps. Moreover, since the app is developed by Google, you can also sync your notes and journals between devices using Google Drive.

Science Journal is quite different from other journal apps. It has built-in tools that make use of your phone’s sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, etc. Using these sensors, you can measure a wide variety of things like light, sound, air pressure, acceleration, motion, angles, etc. Additionally, you can also connect external sensors via Bluetooth.

Additionally, the app allows you to automate certain tasks like the recording of data, the ability to export sensor data, use the built-in camera app to scan and take photos, etc. All in all, if you are looking for an app to keep track of your findings, observations, and research then Science Journal is a pretty good app to try.

Download Science Journal (Android | iOS)

Science Journal

2. WolframAlpha

Price: $2.99

The science app list won’t be complete without adding WolframAlpha. Using WolframAlpha, you can compute and analyze a wide variety of things like mathematics, physics, chemistry, data analysis, statistics, materials, life sciences, etc. No matter your field, WolframAlpha probably covers that domain and can help you with whatever computational needs you have.

As you can guess, WolframAlpha makes your life easier when you need precise and quick answers to complex questions. Simply put, if you are someone who deals with a lot of computational questions then WolframAlpha is a must-have app.

Download WolframAlpha (Android | iOS)


3. Star Chart

Price: Freemium

Start Chart is one of my favorite apps. With Start Chart on your device, you get a clear and a whole new look at the stars and the universe. Personally, I have a hobby of looking at distant planets. However, I am terrible with directions and remembering names. So, I use the Start Chart app to quickly find the position of a planet or a star and then use the hobby telescope to take a quick look. Star Chart does all this by using your phone’s GPS and built-in 3D universe.

Of course, I’m no professional. However, if you are like me or a professional, Star Chart is greatly helpful in finding known planets and stars among other things.

Download StartChart (Android | iOS)



Price: Free

Of course, NASA is one of those apps that should be included in every science apps list. It’s the official app and gives you instant access to the latest space news, over thousands of real and awesome photos, satellite tracking 2D and 3D earth models, mission information, NASA TV, live high definition earth viewing from International Space Station, etc.

If you are into space and astronomy then NASA is a must-have app.

Download NASA (Android | iOS)

NASA app

5. Calculator N+

Price: Free

Your phone’s inbuilt calculator might suffice normal day-to-day calculations but when it comes to scientific problems, it’s hardly of any use. For that, you can use Calculator N+. It can perform manual calculations of complex equations and problems. If needed, it can also draw graphs for you.

Do keep in mind that unlike WolframAlpha which can deal with a whole lot of different domains, Calculator N+ only supports Mathematics. Additionally, it will not show the steps to solve an equation, only show the final result.

If you are looking for an easy to use scientific calculator that is filled with features then Calculator N+ is for you.

Download Calculator N+ (Android)

Calculator N+

6. Microsoft Maths Solver

Price: Free

Microsoft Maths Solver is another scientific calculator app. Compared to Calculator N+, there is 2 major difference where the app stands out. First, it can scan equations from a piece of paper, and second, it also displays the steps and formula taken to solve the equation. You can also switch between different methods available or view of a similar video demonstration.

Similar to the Calculator N+ app, it also shows the graph calculation. The app also has a web version so you can access it on your desktop as well. If you are a physics, math student, or researcher, Math Solver can be very helpful in a pinch.

Download Microsoft Maths Solver (Android | iOS)


7. Chemistry & Physics simulations

Price: Free

If you are chemistry, physics student, or a researcher then this app is a must-have. The app is mainly designed with educators and students in mind. hence, the app is super simple to use and follows an interactive game-like environment to show chemistry and physics simulations. Of course, being a simulator, you can mess with a lot of things as and when needed and see the results almost instantaneously.

Download Chemistry & Physics simulations (Android)


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8. Periodic Table 2020

Price: Free (has ads)

Back in school, I had the huge Mendeleev’s periodic table stuck on my wall. It was a huge utility for chemistry and this app solves the problem. The app is regularly updated and consists of Mendeleev’s periodic table. You can click on any element on the table for additional information like atomic weight, atomic number, valency, etc.

Download Periodic Table 2020 (Android)

9. Pocket Code

Price: Free

Now, coding is not necessarily a scientific app. However, when it comes to science, coding is very important. Learning to code allows you to think logically and even improves problem-solving skills. If you’ve never learned a programming language then Pocket Code can help you get started. Pocket Code uses the Lego-style programming language where you place blocks in a specific manner to create your own applications and games.

So, if you are new to programming, do give Pocket Code a try and see how it works for you.

Download Pocket Code (Android | iOS)

Pocket Code

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10. CamScanner

Price: Freemium

When it comes to scientific stuff, there are a ton of papers to deal with. The good thing is, you can easily digitize them so that you not only store them more efficiently but also make it easy to read. CamScanner is a very simple yet hugely popular app that lets you scan documents and create PDFs. Once a PDF is created, you can export it as is or in any other supported format like JPG and PNG.

Download CamScanner (AndroidiOS)


11. Duolingo

Price: Freemium

Duolingo is a popular app to learn foreign languages for a beginner. The app will help you learn French, Spanish, German, along with 20 other different languages. The cool thing about Duolingo is you don’t need to know English to use the app, it works with your native language as well. While no app can help you learn a foreign language completely, Duolingo does help you to get proficient.

Download Duolingo (Android | iOS)


12. Khan Academy

While you can always google or watch lessons on YouTube, it’s better to have an app with a proper curriculum. Khan Academy is a free learning app and offers courses for students from kindergarten to graduation. These courses cover diverse subjects like maths, science, history, humanity, arts, economics, computing, etc. The courses are well categorized and you get interactive tests as well. Additionally, the app also features partner content from sources like The British Museum, American Museum of Natural History, etc.

Download Khan Academy (Android | iOS)


Closing Words

That’s it for now. I also spend a lot of time on subreddit such as AskHistorians, dataisbeautiful, tech, TIL, WorldNews, etc. If you have subscribed to the right subreddit, it can boost your information to a great extent. In case you think I missed any of your favorite apps then comment below and let me know.

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