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Best Screen Recorder for Mac in 2020

by Arjit pratap singh

No, you still can’t record Netflix videos on your Mac so if you came looking for that, bad luck. But if you rather want to record tutorials, lectures, etc you might find something useful here.  I have tested a few third-party apps that fill all these gaps and you’ll be amazed to see what they offer when most of them are free. Let’s have a look.

Best Screen Recording Apps for Mac


If you don’t already know, your Mac has a built-in screenshot and screen recording tool, which you bring up by pressing CMD + SHIFT +5 on your keyboard. This feature is only available for users running macOS Mojave and later, if you are running an older OS, you can still use QuickTime Player (listed below). It works just like taking a screenshot and you can either record the entire screen or just a selected portion. To stop recording, click the Stop Recording button the Stop Recording buttonin the menu bar. Your recordings are automatically saved in your Desktop.

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2. QuickTime Player

Apart from recording your Mac’s screen, it is really useful when you want to record from devices such as Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, etc. Simply launch QuickTime Player and select New Screen Recording from the File menu on the Menu bar. QuickTime doesn’t support features like annotation, simultaneous webcam support, and video editing options.



  • Record full or selected screen
  • Native & Free
  • 4K recording support
  • Audio only export


  • No shortcut on menu-bar

3. Icecream Screen Recorder

Oh don’t go by the name, Icecream Screen Recorder is a complete tool for a tutorial video. You have all the options from QuickTime Player, plus annotation tools to make some intuitive tutorial.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Once installed, the app is pretty easy to access. A small icon sits on the menu bar which can be accessed from any window. Again, the app does not support the recording of restricted services like NETFLIX.


  • Records full or selected part of the screen
  • Annotations and stamps
  • Camera support


  • No preview  and edit option after recording

Download Icecream Screen Recorder (free)

4. Recorder Robot Lite

Recorder Robot Lite comes with an editing tool as a unique feature. Even though it is the free version and restricts to 600 seconds of recording, the app allows you access to other tools.

Recorder Robot Lite

After the recording is saved you can view and edit the video within the app interface. You get options like crop, add/remove audio, manage speed, etc. The apps can be quickly accessed from the menu bar on any window or alternatively from the customizable keyboard shortcuts.


  • Selective screen recording
  • Basic video editing
  • Keyboard shortcuts


  • Limited recording in free version

Download Recorder Robot Lite (free)

5. GIPHY Capture

Now that’s something useful coming from a screen recording app and it’s extremely simple to use. GIPHY Capture allows you to create a perfect GIF image with some basic customizable options.

GIPHY Capture

There’s neither a shortcut to launch the app nor a menu bar icon. The app has an adjustable green screen which will be your capture frame. The app lets you trim the recording and you can select loop type, pixel size, and frame rate. You’ll like the part where it calculates the GIF size according to your selections before you export it.


  • Easy GIF
  • Adjustable size and pixel rate


  • 30 seconds limit
  • Not a video recorder per se

Download GIPHY Capture (free)

6. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft seems to have covered all major utility apps. I’ve quoted its screenshot app in the best screenshot apps for Mac as well. Apowersoft Screen Recorder is again worth the mention.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

The app interface is very intuitive and is loaded with features that help you make perfect illustrations and tutorials. With the webcam support in picture-in-picture mode, you can even capture yourself while recording and annotating the selected area of the screen. Also, there is a wide range of screen ratio to select from.


  • Selective screen recording with preset ratios
  • Simultaneous webcam support
  • Annotation and markup


  • No video editing tool

Download Apowersoft Screen Recorder (free)

7. Claquette

Claquette is the tool that you should choose if you want to record your Mac’s screen and the webcam simultaneously. This app is great for shooting tutorial videos or YouTube commentary. The interface is minimal and has a few options like the input display, video, and audio sources, and record. You can even adjust your webcam video positioning after you’re done capturing. It also has a few basic editing tools such as trimming, cropping, frame export, etc.


  • Minimal design, easy to use
  • Adjustable webcam area
  • customizable frame rate


  • Watermark on the free version

Get Claquette (free)

8.  Record It

A simple tool that sits on the menu bar and is accessible from any window. Record It has the most basic but useful tools. You can capture your screen, record camera, or even record just the audio.

Record It

Why I say it’s quick and useful is because of its automated window selection feature. You can just hover over parts or screen or different windows piled over one another but it will capture and record just the one you select. Alternatively, you can also drag and select an area to be recorded. The app also recognizes an iOS device connected via USB and you can record its screen or the device’s camera.


  • Automatic window selection
  • Webcam support
  • iOS device recording


  • Limits to 720p in free version

Download Record It (free)

9. Screen Record Lite

As simple as it may sound, the app is absolutely opposite and comes loaded with features. You can record the screen, the inbuilt browser, or yourself via the webcam plus you have an above-average video editor at the end. The options just don’t stop.

Screen Record Lite

You can select the video and audio sources, meaning external mic and monitors are supported. The app allows you to customize cursor sounds and animations. You can simultaneously record yourself while giving a tutorial. Additionally, you can also set a timer for the recording to stop.


  • Selective and automated window selection
  • External monitor support
  • Video Editor
  • In-built browser


  • Missing Annotations while video recording.
  • Limit of 100 seconds in free version

Download Screen Record Lite (free)

10. Aperture – Chrome Extension

Last but not least, a chrome extension that does more than just capturing your browser. If you have ever cast your laptop screen on to Chromecast devices using Chrome browser, you know it can cast the screen out of the browser area too. Similarly, Aperture can capture your full screen too.

Aperture - Chrome Extension

The extension allows you to capture the whole screen, just the browser or even a single Chrome tab. You can select the recording quality from the extension options. Post-recording you can even trim your videos and save them in your local storage or cloud.


  • Screen record and screenshot
  • Trim videos
  • No third-party app required
  • Quick access


  • No annotations
  • No camera support

Get Aperture for Chrome (free)

Best Screen Recording Apps for Mac

As usual, my list contains apps for all kind of users. Depending on your requirements you can choose to use the app that fits best. For a QuickTime alternative that’s easy to launch and use, Record It must do the job. While for a good tutorial video Apowersoft Screen Recorder suits best. So go on and take your pick. If you think I’m missing something, let me know in the comments below.

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