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The Best Security Apps for Android

by Mrinal Saha
Top 5 Security apps for Android

Smartphone is the most personal gadget, we ever had. It stores all your personal information, like address book, chats history, private photos, emails etc. So it does make sense, to secure your Android. Right ?

One good thing about Android is — there are apps for everything. If you can think of it, there is probably an app for that. Similarly there are plenty of security apps on Google play. But since installing each one of them is not possible, let’s meet the best of them.

Best Security Apps for Android (Video)

[Following are apps use in this video]

#1 Smart Phone Lock: lockscreen replacement app

Lock screen is our first line of defence. And Smart Phone lock, is on of the most secure lock screen replacement app for Android. It can change your PIN every minute.

To unlock your device you need to enter your current time as password. So if the time is 8:45 your password will be 0845. And since time change every minute, so is the password.

There is also an offset functionality, to make it more secure. For instance, if you choose the offset as 2 minute and current time is 8:45, than your password will be 0847 and so on.

It can also block the intruder after multiple unsuccessful login attempt. And if that happens, the only option to unlock the device is by entering the default PIN.

Download Smart Phone Lock

#2 Smart Applock: Lock apps and system setting

This is the only applock I can find, that offers all the premium features for free.

To start with, it lets you lock any system settings and apps. But the free version also support fake error messages, random keyboard, multiple passwords etc. It also take a discreet photo, if there are multiple unsuccessful login attempts.

My favourite feature is – lock convenience. This lets you disable your lock screen when it’s connected to home wi-fi.

However make sure you lock the setting. Or anyone can bypass the lock screen by ‘force closing’ the applocker.

Download Smart App locker

#3 Anti alarm theft: Ring Alarm when someone touch your phone

Let’s say you are charging your phone in a public place. And while you are not looking at it, someone try to steal it.

But with this application, your phone will automatically trigger an alarm when it detect any gesture or usb removal. The only way to turn it OFF, is by entering the pre-specified password.

Long story short, no one will be able to touch your phone without your permission.

Download Anti alarm theft

#4 Airdroid: Control your Android from smartphone

Airdroid lets you transfer files, make calls, send messages etc from a remote computer to Android. But if you have a rooted android, than this app can do wonders. How ?

Well, apparently, Airdroid is the only app that can mirror your Android screen to your computer. So let say you lend your phone to someone you don’t trust, then with airdroid desktop, you can monitor their activity in real-time.

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There is no notification or authorization required, so the suspect won’t even know that they are being track.

Similar if your device is lost, you can use it to remotely turn ON gps or camera. However your device need to be connected to the internet though.

Download Airdroid

#5 LockWatch / cerberus: Track your lost phone

Lockwatch can take a discreet picture, when there are multiple unsuccessful login attempt, and then send it your email along with the GPS location.

Its premium version has more advance option like detecting sim card change, automatically sending email after device is powered on, recording sounds etc.

However if you’re willing to pay for this service (which your should), then I strongly recommend Cerberus. It’s the best security app, ever.

Personally, I am not a big fan of paid apps. But Cerberus worth every single penny. I learnt it the hard way by losing two smartphone.

Cerberus has all the premium features of LockWatch (or any security app) like remotely tracking, wipe data, take discreet picture.

But what make it unique, is the ability to completely hide itself from launcher and can even survive factory reset. So the only way to remove this app, is by flashing ROM, which most thieves don’t do. Thus it increase your chances of getting your phone back.

Download [LockWatch] [free]

Download [Cerberus] [trial]


So we have some security apps for Android. However do remember these apps are no substitution for common sense. So here are some obvious things that you must do :

Unlike a popular belief, you don’t really need an antivirus. They are useless and hogs up your device’s resources for no reason. Google Play already scans apps for malware. However if you often sideload .apk then make sure you only install only from trusted source.

Keep USB debugging and bluetooth OFF when not in use. If this is not done, then anyone can bypass the lockscreen and access your data.

If you store highly personal data on your phone, then encrypt it. This is build-in option for Android. Once done, your phone will ask you for PIN every time it’s powered ON. And only way to turn OFF encryption is by factory reset.


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