14 Best Space Games for Android and iOS

I have always been a casual gamer and enjoy laid back games but I can always get behind a high intense game if it has an interesting story and decent graphics. Growing up playing Space Invaders, Galaga, and Asteroids, I enjoy most of the space-themed games on mobile and I have made a list of best space games in every category. Let’s begin.

Gaming on smartphones has come a long way but it’s nowhere near Console or PC gaming yet. You do get decent graphics and interesting storyline every once in a while but I mostly play the games which are easy to control on a touch screen and bring a fresh idea to the gameplay.

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Best Space Games

1. Jump Drive

Category: Arcade

The first space game on the list is a free app, Jump Drive. You drive a spaceship through hurdles which open at a specific interval. You tap once to charge the ship for the route, it sounds easy but you have to time your taps as it takes a few milliseconds to charge the ship before moving forward. The hurdles are intentionally designed to confuse you which makes the game more fun to play. The background score matches the gameplay and compliments the neon theme.

best space games- jump drive

Install Jump Drive (Android | iOS)

2. Captain Tom Galactic Traveler

Category: Adventure

Next, we have Captain Tom Galactic Traveler, a space explorer on a mission to explore outer stars, asteroids, and planets. This low poly black and white, indie game really took me by surprise with its minimal graphics and simple controls. Although I don’t really like the misplaced control button, I did enjoy the gameplay. You discover different asteroids in the space and you can plant flowers on the surface just by walking. You have to collect bubbles and starts to get ahead. There are secret tunnels which you can uncover to find hidden stars and use the space shuttle to move to other asteroids. The game is free on the Play Store and I recommend you check it out.

best space games- captain tom

Install Captain Tom (Android)

3. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Category: Arcade

Remember Space Invaders? Galaxy Attack is the overpowered relative on steroids. This arcade game is intense with vibrant graphics. You start as a recruit on an attack ship and your aim is to eliminate an army of aliens. The level-based game starts slow with low firing guns and as you destroy enemy ships you get upgrades which increase the intensity and quantity of firepower. As you progress the alien ships get more offensive and hard to kill. Make sure you dodge the incoming missiles when firing your artillery weapons because unlike the ships the missiles are immune to your attacks and would destroy your ship instantly. You can play multiplayer online with your friends by logging in with your facebook. The game is free and you can purchase a lot of powerups and ships as in-app purchases.

best space games- galaxy attack

Install Galaxy Attack (Android | iOS)

4. Space Snake

Category: Arcade

I’ve played countless variations of the classic Nokia Snake game and I haven’t found a game this difficult. For starters, This game has a Third person view instead of the usual bird’s eye view which offers completely different gameplay. Second, It has walls and pits as obstacles which makes it more challenging. Third, the game is controlled using a slider type control which is very sensitive and a slight flick of the thumb and your snake is down the platform. The game is fun to play and I thoroughly enjoy it even though my best score is in single digits. Space Snake is free and you can get it on the Play Store and the App Store.

best space games- Space snake

Install Space Snake (Android | iOS)

5. Space Corgi

Category: Arcade

Space Corgi is a mild adaptation of the infamous Flappy Bird. You play as the Corgi floating in the space. You have to go through pipes dodging the edges and collecting bonecoins. It is a lot easier than Flappy Bird and actually fun to play. There are some additional elements added like the space background and a cute space helmet. Space Corgi is free.

best space games- space corgi

Install Space Corgi (Android | iOS)

6. Auralux: Constellations

Category: RTS

Although there is no separate category for real-time strategy games on the Play Store there are plenty of games which can be distinguished from Strategy games. Auralux is a real-time strategy game where you have to spontaneously come up with a strategy to win the game. You play has a Planet which is constantly spitting out particles and you have to take over a constellation system by defeating other stars. The minimalistic graphics and a relaxing music pair perfectly in the game creating a different experience than other strategy games.

Auralux has 150 different levels and you can play against the computer, another player or online. It is free on the Play Store and the App Store.

best space games- auralux

Install Auralux (Android | iOS)

7. Lunar Mission

Category: Simulation

This next game reminds me of the old Flash game Starship Eleven. Lunar mission adds a lot more Physics and graphics to make it more realistic. Lunar Mission is set on the moon and you have to take your lunar module to other parts of the Base and avoiding damage to the vessel. You can choose from three different types of modules which set the difficulty in traversing the game. You have to be careful while landing the module so that you don’t damage the landing gear. The game is a time kill once you get the controls right and understand the basic laws of physics. Lunar Mission is free to play.

best space games- lunar mission

Install Lunar Mission (Android | iOS)

8. Lintrix

Category: Puzzle

Next, we have a puzzler, Lintrix is a minimal design puzzle game where you defend your tower from the enemies. Your tower has protective cubes which can create an impenetrable shield against the enemy arsenal but a cube can connect with one other cube to create a barrier. To effectively protect your castle you have to be quick on your feet by creating and breaking barriers to win the round. Lintrix has decent graphics and a mild background score. If you’re looking for a space puzzle game, Lintrix is a good one.

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best space games- lintrix

Install Lintrix (Android | iOS)

9. Breakneck

Category: Racing

Breakneck is a fast-paced game and when coupled with high definition graphics and strong background music gives you a natural adrenaline rush. You play as the rider of a hover ship which runs on incredibly high speed and your aim is to collect all the coins and run for as far as possible without dying. The game controls are simple, you can tap either side of the screen to steer the vehicle. Your vehicle gets supercharged when you glide through obstacles and walls which you can use it by tapping with both your thumbs on the screen at the same time. Breakneck gives you an immersive experience and if you like fast paced games, you’ll love it.

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best space games- breakneck

Install Breakneck (Android | iOS)

10. Fractal Space

Category: Adventure

If you remove the portal gun from the game Portal and add deadly lasers and saws, you get Fractal Space. A sarcastic AI program wakes you up in a space lab where you have no memory of the past. You have to escape the different test chambers which have deadly obstacles. You play with the First person view, control the motion with the left side of the screen and viewing angles from the right. The game is fun and interactions with the snarky AI are quirky. If you want something like Portal on your smartphone Fractal Space is the closest option.

best space games- Fractal space

Install Fractal Space (Android | iOS)

11. Star Trek: Fleet Command

Category: Strategy

For a Star Trek fanboy, this official game is nothing less than a Christmas present. Star Trek is a strategy game where you lead the charge of a ship where you destroy enemies and liberate alien colonies. You can interact with all the key staff of the Fleet Command like Scotty, Captain Kirk, Spock, Captain Picard, etc. You have to devise a strategy to combat different forces like the Romulan, Klingon, and the Federation. The game is open world and ready to be explored, are you?

best space games- Star Trek

Install Star Trek: Fleet Command (Android | iOS)

13. Subdivision Infinity

Category: Action

Subdivision is an immersive action game where your objective is to drive a combat ship and destroy enemy spacecraft. The graphics are incredible and you can almost feel yourself in outer space. Paired with a pounding background score, Subdivision takes you on an interstellar journey where you can mine rare minerals, create new vessels, and destroy hostile drones. There are a lot of side quests which you can complete to gain experience. The first map is free and you can purchase others as in-app purchases.

best space games- subdivision

Install Subdivision Infinity (Android | iOS)

14. Musiverse

Category: Music

The next game musiverse is a music game where your aim is to create a high score by completing a track. Headphones are must for this game. When you play this game, the race track changes color in sync to the beats, the bumps and curves add a visual music experience. The game is very stimulating and you should definitely try this one. It is free on the Play Store and the App Store.

best space games- musiverse

Install Musiverse (Android | iOS)

The Best Space Games in Every Category

These were some of the best games that I enjoy playing on my smartphone. Auralux and Musiverse are my go-to games. Space Corgi is fun to play when bored and Lunar Mission brings backs the nostalgia of Flash-based games. Tell us which Space game do you enjoy the most in the comments below.

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