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26 Best Sticker Apps for WhatsApp (2020)

by Kaushal
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WhatsApp Stickers are all the rage right now, my chat threads are filled with all sorts of stickers ranging from cartoon characters to dank memes and even custom stickers of my friends, considering WhatsApp users have been eagerly waiting for them to arrive on WhatsApp. The number of apps to install stickers on WhatsApp is overwhelming and confusing at first. We’ll take a look at all the Best Sticker apps for WhatsApp and what it has to offer? Let’s get started.

1. StickerMaker for WhatsApp

Number of Stickers: 0, unlimited
Category: All

best stickers for whatsapp with faces of different people.This app does not cater to one specific type of sticker but offers something even better, the ability to create custom stickers with your own images. Make your friends’ weird pictures into stickers and annoy them in the group chats. You can get even more creative and use Face-Swap apps to take your stickers game to the next level.

Install StickerMaker

2. K-Pop Stickers

Number of Stickers: 150
Category: emoji

Screenshot of various K-pop actors with different expressions

K-Pop has taken the world with the storm and has a huge fan following around the world. If you’re a fan of K-Pop, you’re going to love this sticker pack. The icon pack features popular stars like BTS, Black Pink, Psy, BoA, Yura, etc.

Install K-Pop Stickers

3. Mr. Bean Stickers

Number of Stickers: 24
Category: Pop Culture

Screenshot of Mr Bean making different faces ranging from happy to plain goofy.,

I grew up watching Mr. Bean and I just love how much he could express just with his face. It is only justified there must be a sticker pack of Mr. Bean’s stickers. You get all the Mr. Bean in all his glory with his grey suit and red tie ready to take over your WhatsApp chats.

Install Mr. Bean Stickers

4. Sticker.ly

Number of Stickers: multiple sticker packs
Category: custom stickers

stickerly stickers

Sticker.ly offers both existing sticker packs and lets you create your own stickers from your own images. The pack ranges from cartoon characters to pop-cultural references, and everything in between. Get Sticker.ly if you want to explore a plethora of stickers and create your own.

Install Sticker.ly

5. New Meme Sticker Pack

Number of Stickers: 30
Category: emoji

pop culture memes with Screenshot of Peter Parker, Picard, Sarg. Jeffords

Memes are the emojis of this decade and a huge part of online culture and communication. Be it, Picard, Confused pink jacket girl, or Raimi’s Peter Parker, every character is now immortal in memes and a regular part of the conversation. You get all the latest memes in ten different packs and I’m sure you’ll use every single of them.

Install New Meme Sticker Pack

6. Cat Stickers

Number of Stickers: 100+
Category: Internet, Pop

The most beloved cats on the internet in Screenshot of this app

The internet can’t have enough of Cats and I am one of them. Cats are an integral part of our social structure online so much that most of us were grief-struck when Grumpy Cat passed away.  This sticker pack is an ode to all the cats who are goofy, mischievous, chirpy, or even complete chaos because we all love all the cats.

Install Cat Stickers 

7. Celebrity Sticker Pack

Number of Stickers: 200+
Category: emoji

Screenshot of baby groot in various poses

Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans, ScarJo, Groot, The Rock, Jim Carrey, Kevin Hart, Chris Pratt, Leo DiCaprio, etc are all part of this sticker pack, and trust me when I say this, you can’t have enough of these stickers because those are just awesome. Check those out.

Install Celebrity Stickers

8. Deadpool Stickers

Number of Stickers: 15
Category: Pop, Internet, Comics

Screenshot of Telegram Deadpool Stickers

Do I really have to say more than this, It’s a sticker pack of Deadpool quotes that include his crude sense of humor, sarcasm, and general dismemberment. ‘Nuff Said.

Install Deadpool Stickers   

9. Dank Meme Stickers

Number of Stickers: 100+
Category: emoji, memes

Screenshot of Collections of Dank Memes

Let’s go back to classics with this meme pack. It includes the original memes which started it all, the rage faces. Apart from that, you get the Doge pack, Pepe, Salt bae, Facepalm, and hide the pain Harold in this sticker pack. Just install it already.

Install Dank Memes Stickers Pack

10. Dabbing Stickers

Number of Stickers: 50+
Category: Pop Culture

Screenshot of Dabbing Characters such as Thanos, Squidward, Squirtle, etc.

Dabbing is kind of like a meme but in real life. Kids are often seen doing that and now you can even do it in your WhatsApp conversations. You get more than 50 different pop culture characters such as Thanos, Squidward, Mario, Monalisa, Santa, etc, all dabbing.

Install Dabbing Stickers

11. Falala Stickers

Number of Stickers: 90
Category: Cartoon

Screenshot of FalalaThree packs, 90 stickers, 100% wholesome.

Install Falala

12. Marshmallow Stickers

Number of Stickers: 24
Category: Cartoon

Screenshot of marshmallowThese cute little marshmallows would certainly make your chats sweeter.

Install Marshmallow Stickers

13. Meep WAStickers

Number of Stickers: 30
Category: Facebook Stickers

Screenshot of Meep Characters from FacebookOne thing I like about Facebook messenger is its stickers, it has a unique collection of stickers, and Meep stickers look like the fluffier version of emojis. You can now use the Meep sticker on WhatsApp with this pack.

Install Meep WAStickers

14. Earthy for WhatsApp

Number of Stickers: 18
Category: Cartoon, emoji

Screenshot of earthy in various emotional expressions

Unlike the Moon stickers, this sticker pack does not have high-quality Earth stickers but it does have the cartoon version which is works surprisingly well.

Install Earthy

15. Meme Stickers for WhatsApp

Number of Stickers:~120
Category: Memes

Screenshot of The OG of Meme worldTake the internet, blend it in a jar, and put it in a sticker pack, that’s what you get in this sticker pack, a set of stickers both old and new, ranging from dank to classic. Those crudely drawn rage memes which at one point ruled the internet? Yup included in this Pack.

Install Meme Stickers

16. Stickers for WhatsApp

Number of Stickers: ~900
Category: Pop culture

Screenshot of Gollum from Lord of the RingsThis Sticker app has all the Stickers from Telegram, including the pop-cultural ones. You get Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Elon Musk, Mario, Gollum, etc stickers in one app.

Install Stickers

17. 3D Stickers

Number of Stickers: 400+
Category: Memoji

3d stickers

The iOS stickers are pretty fun but are only limited to iPhone users. However, you can still get those stickers for WhatsApp with this sticker pack. Every pack contains one avatar and you can install multiple packs of different characters.

Install 3D Stickers

18. Stickotext Stickers

Number of Stickers: 400+
Category: emoji

Screenshot of Stickotext appStickotext has a huge collection of stickers for every emotion, there are entire packs for each emotion which adds so much variation to conversations. It also has an editor that allows you to create custom photos.

Install Stickotext

19. Halloween Stickers

Number of Stickers: ~300
Category: Telegram Stickers

Screenshot of telegram stickersThis sticker pack is a subtle nudge from the Telegram developers to drive users to their platform. Nevertheless, the stickers do work great and come from a credible source.

Install Halloween Stickers

20. Clippy Stickers

Number of Stickers: 23
Category: Microsoft Clippy, Mascot

Screenshot of Beloved Clippy in its various formsOh, the nostalgia! If you don’t remember the good ol’ Clippy the Office Companion then you’re too young for this sticker pack. Clippy is famous for its helping nature and metamorphosis, sadly the stickers aren’t GIF yet but I’d still use Clippy stickers.

Install Clippy Stickers

21. WASticker Apps

Number of Stickers: 70+
Category: emoji

Screenshot of randomConsider this Sticker pack as emojis on Acid and offer more expressive stickers and emojis. The stickers are categorized into different categories and you can choose from fruit smiley, food meme, sticker talk, etc.

Install StickerMaker

22. Meme Pack

Number of Stickers:200+
Category: memes

Screenshot of hide the pain haroldThere is no such thing as too many memes. You get 10 different sticker packs in this app with grumpy cat stickers, Hide the Pain Harold, mischievous raccoon, etc.

Install Meme Pack

23. CS: GO Sticker Pack

Number of Stickers: 90+
Category: Gaming

Screenshot of some crazy stickersAll the CS: GO PinUps, Team logos, entry kills are offered as stickers in this pack. Make your WhatsApp group chats more fun with these stickers.

Install CS: GO

24. Stickify Store

Number of Stickers: 1000+
Category: all

Screenshot of memes in Stickers appThis app not only offers a tremendous amount of categories for stickers but also allows you to create your own stickers in a jiffy. There are several categories for emojis, love stickers, texting, games, movies& tv shows, food, animals, anime, Korean, and random.

Install Stickify Store

25. Stickers from Telegram

Number of Stickers: 300
Category: Telegram stickers
Screenshot of unicorn stickersApparently, Telegram has an insane amount of high-quality stickers and you can’t get all the stickers in one app. This has 10 packs that offer stickers of Mr. Penguin, Polar Bear, Ms. Rosy, and the fabulous rainbow unicorn.

Install Stickers from Telegram

26. ZeroHart Stickers

Number of Stickers: 250+
Category: Cartoons

Screenshot of adventure time charactersI miss the golden days of Cartoons on TV. Shinchan, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Digimon, and The Amazing World of Gumball are some of the best cartoons of all time. You get all these sticker packs in this app.

Install ZeroHart Stickers

Best Sticker Apps for WhatsApp?

I showed you 29 different apps with different categories of Stickers, you can choose any or all of the Stickers and add it to your Whatsapp. My favorites are the Telegram stickers due to the fact that it has a more consistent size and feels. Tell us your favorite stickers for WhatsApp in the comments below.

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