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Best Story Board Apps and Websites for all platforms

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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The sole purpose of the StoryBoard apps is to get a visual representation with drawings or photos of the film or any video you are going to create. The basic feature of these apps is to draw or upload the photo with description, sound, action, camera angle, and movements. Some professional-level apps even provide features like tracking, 3d animation support, timeline, etc.

Similarly, there are multiple StoryBoard apps that are available on different platforms and offer unique features to stand out from one another. I will be mentioning the best apps available for different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and even Linux.

1. StudioBinder

StudioBinder is a web-based StoryBoard app making it the app available on all the platforms. This app offers an all-round package of services for story writers including scriptwriting, shoot locations, call sheets, workflow planning, story breakdowns, and StoryBoards. In short, you can control your entire project in one place.

You can add your team members into the project and everyone can work on a single place. Coming to the StoryBoard part, it offers all the basic features needed for a StoryBoard app like the description for the scene, music, etc and also has the ability to add shot type and shot size, VFX shots, lens, camera, etc which provides a pre-planned control not only on the story but also on the shot design you wanted to implement. This app also offers the print option that arranges all your StoryBoard details in a clean layout according to dates and locations you planned.


  • Easy to use the app and offers all the features required for pre-production.
  • One of the cleanest looking interface.
  • As it is a web app, you can use it on your devices and continue your project.


  • You can just add images, but you cannot draw your StoryBoard right inside the app. You must depend on other services like Photoshop for it.
  • Few features like adding team members, script breakdown are only available on monthly subscription plans which starts at $29/month

Open Studio Binder (Web App)

Studio Binder app showing the storyboard

2. Ray Story Board

Ray Story Board is undoubtedly the best StoryBoard app available for Android. It is a simple storyboard app that offers the ability to add images, music, and a small description. You can also draw with the pencil feature right inside the app. You can also set the duration of each shot and play a slideshow which gives even more control over the shot you are making.

Though there is no print option, you can export the project as a PDF or even a JPG image format. It has ads which aren’t really distracting, but you can go to the pro mode which costs $4 to stop ads and you also get free cloud storage to store your projects online


  • Easy to use the app
  • Ability to export the project as a PDF or JPG
  • Can play Slideshow with your StoryBoard


  • Pen options are extremely limited to changing color and size.
  • Not the cleanest looking UI.
  • The free version only supports six projects
  • supports only on Android

Download Ray Story Board (Android)

Ray Story Board app showing the menu options


3. Shot Pro

Shot Pro is a visualization software and also used as a StoryBoard app by a large group of people. It used to be only available on Mac and iOS, now you can also install on Android and Windows too. But still, the app is not available on the play store, but you can download the APK file from their website.

The app has few nifty features like augmented reality, character design, face mocap to apply expressions and voice to your character, etc.


  • Features like augmented reality, character design, face mocap to apply expressions and voice to your character, etc.
  • Can add even small things like lens flare, fog, and smoke, etc
  • Ability to create animation visuals with ease.
  • Pro Cam feature to set the camera to mimic popular real-world cameras


  • Not available on the Play Store
  • Not many storyboard layouts to choose from.

Download Shot Pro (iOS, Mac, Windows, Android)

setting camera position on shot pro

4. Boords

Boords is a web app like Studio Binder, but the only difference is its main focus is only Story Boards. You can add images, sounds, descriptions, etc. You also have the ability to draw on the website directly instead of depending on third-party services like Photoshop.

But unlike Studio Binder, there are no other options like camera setup descriptions, etc. If your main focus is drawing, then you can go with Boords or if your main focus is giving details to the shot, then you can go with Studio Binder. The major advantage for Boords over Studio Binder is the integration with After Effects by adding a small plug-in.


  • Clean Interface and offering all the basic needed features
  • Ability to draw inside the app itself.
  • Integration with After Effects
  • Offers even more features in the premium like Password protection, team accounts, etc


  • Few basic features like slideshow are also available only on pro mode.
  • Slow interface, that takes a lot of time to save a single board.
  • Not many Storyboard layouts to choose from.

Open Boords (Web App)

Boords app showing storyboard

5. Make Storyboard

Make Storyboard is also a web app. But it has an option to add multiple descriptions for a single board that no other app offers even on pro versions. Along with that, it offers all the basic features you need to draw images right inside the app, sound details, exporting to PDF format, etc.

If adding more of your own description to a board is what you are searching for, then Make StoryBoard can be the perfect app. But the free version only supports 1 board and 10 scenes which can be considered too less for any kind of project you take. If you are going with Make StoryBoard, you most probably have to go with the Pro version.


  • Option to add multiple descriptions for a single board
  • All the basic features including export options.
  • The free version supports features like team collaboration, commenting which are only available on the pro version on many apps


  • The free version only supports 10 scenes.

Open Make Storyboard (Web App)

Make Storyboard app showing storyboard created in it

6. Frame Forge

Frame Forge is the most professional StoryBoard app in the list which is even used by Marvel, Netflix, BBC, etc. With that, you must have already understood that this doesn’t leave any features. Unlike other apps, you can create 3d models and move the camera angle with-in minutes and get the perfect angle right from the software.

It is obviously the most complex app as you are dealing with 3d models here. Anyhow, the app itself offers basic models like people, props, etc. You can even customize the default models easily with few settings.


  • Ability to create storyBoard in 3d
  • Precise control on even things like focal length, camera height, exposure, etc.
  • Option to even record a video instead of slideshows.
  • 14 days free trial period before paying for the product.


  • Bit Costly that the annual subscription starts at $12/month for a basic version.

Download Frame Forge (Windows, Mac)

Frame Forge showing the editing options in it

7. Prolost Boardo

Prolost Boardo is not an app of its own but a plugin of After Effects. If you are already a user an After Effects, then its better to choose Prolost Boardo as it just comes for $29 instead of subscription plans and offers all the features you expect from a professional StoryBoard app.

Though you don’t deal with 3d models and animations like Frame Forge, you have a lot better control over the 2d drawing. And if you are already an After Effects user, it doesn’t take much time to understand this tool.


  • Better 2d editing control for a lot cheaper price compared to other alternatives
  • Takes advantage of After Features like timeline, tracking, etc
  • Easy to get into if you are already an After Effects user.


  •  It can only use as editing software, to create a Story Board you need to rely on another software.

Download Prolost Boardo (After Effects Plugin)

changing the oscillation type to regural in Prolost boardo

8. Storyboard Fountain

Storyboard Fountain is a new software which just released recently and still on the beta stage. But the app works absolutely fine with the modern and easy to use interface.

This is a profession grade sketching app but it is free as it is being developed as an open-source project. As it is a professional sketching app, you can expect all the features you expect from a sketching app. As it is a new app, there are many updates adding new features like pressure levels, etc.


  • Professional grade sketching app available for free
  • Many updates are planned to come.
  • Can upload your entire script and start drawing for the scenes right away


  • Supports only on Mac
  • As most Mac or Macbook don’t support pen functionality, you need something like Wacom tablet to properly use it.

Download Storyboard Fountain (Mac)

drawing a dog image on storyboard fountain

9. Storyboard That

Storyboard That is an app that concentrates on designing the image yet you don’t need to draw anything. It has a lot of backgrounds of cities, landscapes, interiors, exteriors, public places, etc. And you can also find a lot of characters, animals, things, shapes, etc which you can use and create a storyboard.

If you could not find the background or property, you can also upload photos on your own. So if you have taken any photo of a location, you can upload it to use that as a background.


  • Many backgrounds, characters, and props to choose from.
  • Easy drag and drop editing.
  • Can even choose the expressions and pose of the characters.


  • Not the cleanest UI.
  • Annual Subscription starts from $7.99 / month.

Open Storyboard That (Web App)

Displaying charactors on the Storyboard That app

10. StoryBoarder

StoryBoarder is an app specially made for drawing and offers a lot of features like different kinds of brushes, grid layouts, layers, colors and even has support for timeline. If you want to have more editing options, you can switch the scene to photoshop on the go and continue your editing from where you have left. As StoryBoarder is synced with Photoshop, you can just edit and the changes will be applied to StoryBoarder.

Apart from that, StoryBoarder is not a great app to create a list of your scenes. You can create scenes in the timeline and play them in a slideshow format.

You can use apps like Studio Binder for it. The best part is, this app is entirely free.


  • Better Editing Options
  • Timeline support
  • Integration with Photoshop


  • Not a great Story Board that you can totally rely on

Download Storyboarder (Mac, Windows, Linux)

drawing on the Storyboarder app

11. Shot Designer

Shot Designer is a lot more than just a normal StoryBoard app. Apart from adding images, music, and description, you can also design the shot with characters, cameras, lights, movements, props, etc.

This is a bit complicated app that requires a bit of learning curve if you are just starting out. Anyhow, the app offers a clean design that you can easily pick up all the features within a few minutes. It also provides you tutorials in case you need it. And it is one of the few apps which supports both mobile and desktop operating systems.


  • Has support on major platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • The Mobile version also supports all the features supported on the desktop versions.
  • Has better shot designing features comparing to any app on the list


  • Hard to keep track of shorts
  • No print or export features available. Need to depend on the app all the time.

Download Shot Designer (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac) 

designing a camera moment shot on Shot Designer

12. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

This is a perfect mix of features from almost all the apps mentioned above. It has drawing options, animating tools, built-in camera, story flow options, many storyboard layouts, collaborating options, timeline, etc.

Best Animation studios like Universal, Ubisoft, Lucasfilm, Fox, and Cartoon Network use Toon Boom StoryBoard Pro not only for the storyboarding but also for animation purposes. Another app from Toom Boom called Harmony gives you even more control over the Animation part.


  • Perfect all in one style of app
  • Professional grade animation and storyboard software
  • Many Storyboard layouts and printing options
  • 21-days free trial option


  • Registering for a license is a bit long task.
  • Cannot even use the trial version without going to the process of registering a license.

Download Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 

creating a storyboard on Toon Boom Storyboard

Best Storyboard Apps on all platforms

You can find basic storyboard apps on all the platforms like Ray Storyboard on Android, Shot designer on Android and iOS, Web Apps like Studio Binder and Boords, etc. But if you are looking for a professional editor with a lot of drawing potential, you can choose a storyboard fountain and storyboarder. If you are an After Effects user, you can go with Prolost Boardo.

But if you want to choose an all-round feature-rich app, I can highly recommend you Toon Boom Storyboard Pro or Frame Forge. Both the apps offer you a free train, you can check them on your own and check out which works great for you and your project.

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